Crochet dress. schemes and description of knitting dresses

Every girl dreams of a beautiful dress. The choice is great now, but nothing can replace a hand-made thing. Simply crochet the dress. To do this, you can use the simplest schemes and styles. Depending on the chosen threads and patterns, you will have an elegant or casual dress.

Crochet Dresses for Girls

Crochet dress

  • Crochet simply link various models of children's dresses. To do this, choose a good thread. It can be cotton or mixed yarn. The main thing is that it should be soft. You can use viscose. In this case, the dress will be more elegant, with glitter. A coquette for dress can be carved out by yourself. To do this, just take any T-shirt and shoot it on tracing paper. This saves you time. Next is to determine the patterns. Ages look very nice. In this case, you will need to make a lining, otherwise the dress will shine through. More dense patterns do not require pads.
  • The simplest dress can be knitted without a pattern. It will be two rectangles. They need to be connected on the sides, and on top tie the yoke. Baby dress in this case should be wide enough. The sequence of actions is as follows. We decide on the pattern you like. We take measurements, we calculate the width, taking into account the clutter and the length of the dress. There is a little trick. After washing the dress can stretch. Therefore, it would be wise to knit it a few centimeters shorter than the desired length. This is offset by stretching.
  • By the necessary measures, the chosen pattern we knit rectangles. They should be 2, front and back. Next, the side seams are connected in any way. Two parts are connected. Starting from the top of the back we begin to make a yoke. Knit a number of columns without nakida. In the arches of the pattern we knit 5 columns without a nakida or 3 columns without a nakida. The top is picking up. When the yoke has reached the desired length, we collect the air loops for the strap and connect it to the backrest.

Crochet dress: diagrams and description

Crochet dress

Armholes and neck is best to tie. The best thing to do is to use the pitch step: dial the air loop. Then we knit a single crochet through a single loop. Repeat these steps to the end of the series.

We offer you a scheme of knitting children's dresses for 1, 5 years old. It can be redone for any age. To do this, it is enough to link the samples, calculate the number of repeat in 1 cm and adjust it all to the size of the child.

For a crochet dress, you will need iris threads of about 100 grams, a hook number 3 and additional accessories for decoration. It can be buttons. Dress begin to knit from the bottom of the yoke. To do this, dial 95 loops + 3 lifting loops. We knit the posts in the first row with single crochets in each loop. Knit so 5 rows. Then go to the picture. In the first loop we knit 2 double crochets, dial 1 air loop. We continue to knit the posts in every fourth loop and dial the air loop to the end of the yard. A total of 17 repetitions of the pattern. According to this scheme, knit 15 more rows. Next, we form the straps of our dress. To do this, we knit only 5 right extreme and left reports. The straps will "pull" up, and a armhole will be formed between them. They knit them in a drawing of another 7 rows. Go to the skirt. She knits from coquette down. The first 6 rows: 2 double crochets in each loop + 1 air loop. From 7 to 12 row: also 2 columns + already 2 loops. From 13 to 20 row: 2 columns + 3 loops. We tied up the front part of the dress completely. The back fits almost identical peredu. The only difference is that there will be a fastener hole on the back. To do this, knit back to the 11th row, and then do not knit in the middle 1 rapport. The back has 2 halves, which should be completed separately. Crochet dresses for girls are almost complete. We connect parts, we sew side and shoulder seams. It remains to decorate the area of ​​the sleeves with small wings and process the armholes and neck. A pitch or another pattern may be suitable for strapping. As a fastener, use the button. Sew it on the back, make a loop.

Schemes and description of knitting dresses for girls

Crochet: baby dresses

Crochet dress

Another version of the dress consists of 3 parts. For him you need to crochet a skirt, a yoke and straps. Usually start knitting with a yoke. Dial 5 air loops + 1 lift loop. Make a cape. We knit in a lifting loop 3 columns with a crochet. We collect 3 more air loop. In the same lifting loop, we knit again 3 double crochets. Repeat this action again. We are forming a square. We finish it with a set of 3 more loops and already crochet 2 crochets. We got a square motif. Then it can be tied around the edges with single crochets. For the formation of the yoke will need a few squares. The amount depends on the age and shape of the child. Further, the squares are simply interconnected. It turns out a rectangular coquette.

Skirt fit immediately, joining her. For this, along the edge of the coquette, they pull the thread, and then begin to knit with the selected pattern. Great for this fits nakid column. Once the skirt has reached the desired length, straps are knitted. To do this, measure the height of the shoulders. Next, ready-made straps are sewn to the yoke. The dress is ready. It can be tied around the hem and armholes. A crocheted flower can also be a great decoration. Dresses can be knitted not only from plain yarn, but also using contrasting or complementary colors. This will make it more expressive. Do not ignore fittings. Buttons and beads make things look more elegant.

Crocheting dresses for girls is a simple and exciting experience. Crochet for children can be very different. An excellent summer outfit will come out of silky yarns, and a woolen one will turn out to be quite a warm thing, warming in cold weather. Beginner knitters better to focus on simple models. The easiest way is to knit straight dresses or dresses with a flared skirt.

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