Crochet crochet patterns. this bouquet will never fade

Crochet flowers knit pretty simple. With their help, you can create exclusive accessories - brooches, headbands, earrings, decorate clothes.

Crochet flowers: video

  • Volume roses are easy to crochet. From yarn of medium thickness crochet No. 3, knit 40 air loops. Knit 4 air loops in the new row. To knit a column with 2 nakida in the first loop of the new row. Dial the air loop. Skip the loop. In the next knit column with 2 nakida, air loop and another column with 2 nakida in the same lower loop. Repeat until end of row.
  • In the new row to knit 3 air loops. To knit a column with 2 nakida in the first loop of the new row. Dial the air loop. To knit 2 more columns without nakida in the lower loop. Knit 2 posts without crochet into the middle loop, between 2 columns of the previous row. Dial the air loop. To knit 2 more posts without nakida in the same lower loop. Knit this way to the end of the row.
  • In the 4th row, dial 4 air loops. In the middle between 4 columns of 3 rows, knit 5 columns with 2 naquids. Knit polubolbik in the first column of 2 rows. Repeat the knitting of 5 columns with 2 nakida in the middle air loop and knitting of the semi-column to the end of the row.
  • The rose has rounded petals. From the resulting long ribbon to form a flower, twisting it like a spiral. Sew in the middle to fix the tape. The resulting rose can be pinned to clothes or to the headwear.

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Decorative crochet violets

Crochet knitting patterns

Violet cotton threads, hook No. 2, artificial stems with stamens, decorative pot are needed for decorative violets.

  • Crochet 6 air loops. Connect into a ring with a semi-column. Each new row starts with 1 air loop and ends with a semi-column in the same loop.
  • In the next row, knit 15 crochets without single crochets straight into the ring. In the 3rd row, knit in the first column: 1 semi-column, 1 double crochet; 1 double crochet, 3 double crochets and 1 double crochet; 1 tbsp. double crochet, 1 semi-column and 1 tbsp. without nakida in 1 p. base. It turned out 2 petals.
  • We repeat 3 times the following: 1 column without nakida, 1 semi-column and 1 column with double crochet in 1 base loop, 1 double crochet column, 3 column with 2 nakida and 1 double crochet column in 1 base loop, 1 double crochet column, 1 semi-column and 1 column without crochet in 1 loop of the base. It turned out 5 petals. Crochet violet starch and dry. Thread the stamens in the middle of each flower and attach the stems. Form a bouquet.

Crochet surround flower crochet pattern

For a crochet-sized flower, you need a bright multi-colored yarn of medium thickness. It can be either cotton or any other in composition.

Crochet knitting patterns

  • Using hook number 4, dial 4 air loops. Connect them in a circle with a double crochet. Dial 1 air loop. Knit in each of the 4 loops in 3 columns without crochet. It turned out a ring of 12 loops. Knit yarn with a different color crochet into the first loop. Dial 3 air loops. Make a nakid, enter the hook in the first and pull the thread to a height of 3 air loops. Repeat 3 times pulling the thread in the same loop. Thread the hook, thread it into the next loop. Stretch the thread. Repeat nakid and broach in the same loop 2 times. Form a petal: pull the thread through all the stretched loops. Dial 2 air loops. Knit crochet into the next loop. Knit according to the scheme 5 more times. It turned out 6 petals.
  • Link double crochet to the last remaining loop. Trim and hide the thread. The flower is ready. You can sew it on clothes, decorate it with a hair band or a hairpin. It looks very nice stand for hot, made from several floral motifs. Also from several of these colors you can make a decorative seat on a stool and tie a rug.
  • A crochet pattern for crocheting a volumetric flower can be other. The carnations are especially knitted. In the 1st row we collect 5 air loops and join them into a ring with a semi-column. In the 2nd row we knit 2 loops in each loop with a single crochet. It turns out 10 columns. B3 row: knit in each column in 3 columns with nakida. It turned out 30 columns. In the last row, in each column, we knit another 3 columns without a single crochet. It turned out 90 columns. Finished knitting and cut the thread.
  • Elegantly and beautifully, you can beat buttons with clothes on the flower. To do this, you need to link the chains of such a number of air loops, which will be slightly smaller than the button, in diameter. Note that the threads are usually stretched. Air loops loop into a semi-column. In the 2nd row in each loop, knit 2 columns without crochet. Knit them in a circle. Connect the first and last loop of the row with a semi-column. In the 1st loop of the new row we knit 1 column, 3 double crochets, 1 single crochet column. To knit the 2nd loop of the row with a semi-column. We formed a petal. Repeat this way until the end of the row. The result was a flower with 5 petals and a loose core. For decoration, it is put on a button. It turns out that it is located in the middle.

Almost all crochet flowers are obtained with an empty core. If you want it to be convex, then it is better to link it in the form of a circle with curved edges separately. The core is stuffed with padding polyester and sewn to the flower.

Crochet knitting patterns

For decorating, crochet flowers knit from cotton. In order for them not to lose shape, their starch. For this you need to make starch milk. At 100 ml of water take 5 grams. starch. You can mix potato starch with rice or corn. Mix the water with the starch, put the flower there and let it get wet. Take out, straighten the petals and allow to dry. There are several types of starching: soft, hard and medium. The method described above is hard. If there is no starch at home, you can replace it with sugar.

Decorative flowers for a vase can be fixed with a sugar solution. It is done simply. In 500 ml of water dissolve 4 tbsp. l Sahara. Mix thoroughly. It should be homogeneous. Associated flowers should be placed in the solution. Let them get wet. Leave for 15 minutes. Take out and put to dry in the shade. It is not recommended to dry the flowers in the sun. White scurf and spots may form.

Crochet crochet patterns are simple. Usually, this needlework begins with the closure of air loops in the ring. Further petals are knitted. Crocheted flowers can become not only a decor, but also an independent accessory. They look great on children's headbands for hair, summer bright dresses. You can decorate with a flower brooch and a warm jacket.

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