Crochet booties for girls

Every woman on maternity leave gets a lot of free time. Why not hold it to good use and crochet booties for a girl? Especially since they are simply necessary for a little princess.

How to knit booties for a newborn girl crochet?

Crochet booties for girls: schemes

Crocheting booties for a newborn girl is quite simple. They will be especially beautiful if you consider some subtleties in your work:

  • For girls it is better to choose bright and saturated colors, for example, coral or pale pink. But it will look good and neutral shades - beige, white, golden.
  • Booties should be light and pleasant to the touch, and not constrain the movement of the baby. That is why the sock is better to knit more freely, and the main parts should be seamless.
  • The yarn should be made of natural hypoallergenic fabrics, so that you do not have to treat skin inflammation.
  • Before starting work, make measurements of the legs, calculate the required number of loops. And to understand how the selected yarn will look, knit a small sample.

Booties for girls are usually decorated with ribbons, beads, sequins and small buttons. For decoration, you can tie small bows or flowers, and then sew them to the finished product. And if you like to embroider, then it is quite possible to apply this hobby when knitting bootees.

Knit booties for discharge from the hospital: a scheme with a description

Gentle and laced booties for a girl, crocheted according to these schemes, are perfect for discharge and baptism. And the air motifs will give them a special charm.

Crochet booties for girls

Necessary materials:

  • cotton thread for knitting;
  • hook 1.5-2 mm;
  • satin ribbon;
  • small white beads.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. As always, knitting bootees for a newborn girl should start with wedges. It will be quite simple to do this if you strictly follow the proposed scheme.Crochet booties for girls
  2. After you finish knitting the base, you need to go to the formation of the rise. For this, 2 rows are tightly knitted with double crochets behind the front wall.Crochet booties for girls
  3. The third and subsequent rows need to be associated with decreasing columns to form a rounding sock. For this purpose it will be convenient to use such a schematic description.Crochet booties for girls
  4. At the end of the knitting sock you need to continue knitting based on the same number of loops, only now with crochets without crochets.
  5. Having knitted in the same way 1 row, it is necessary to proceed to the formation of the heel. To do this, knit 18 non-crochet posts, then 15 air loops and then another 18 non-crocheted posts on the other side of the heel.

    Crochet booties for girls
  6. In principle, the booties are ready, and further knitting is just a decoration for little "shoes".
  7. In order to make a side, we knit all the odd rows with single crochets, and even rows with crochets.
  8. Reaching the desired height, it is necessary to make the rim. On the booties for the girl, the loops made according to this scheme will look beautiful.Crochet booties for girls
  9. After this, we proceed to creating a frill, stepping back from the top of 6 rows, knitting the columns according to the scheme.Crochet booties for girls
  10. At the end we pass a satin ribbon through the holes and sew on the frill of the bead.

Master class with schemes: original booties, bunnies

Options knitting bootees just a lot. There are openwork booties, with beads, ribbons, in the form of half boots. But we suggest you try to crochet unusual booties-bunnies for a girl. Believe me, your child will definitely like them.

Master class with diagrams

Necessary materials:

  • wool blend yarn;
  • embroidery thread;
  • Crochet hook.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. First you need to take measurements of the legs: the length and height of the heel. In a four-year-old girl, the length should be about 17 cm, and the height - 3.5-4 cm.Master class with diagrams
  2. Next, you need to link the standard booties, starting with wedges. Eases the process you simple and clear knitting pattern.Master class with diagrams
  3. A circle in the diagram denotes an air loop, a cross a column without a nakida, and a stick with a dash - a column with a crochet.
  4. When the basis for bootees is ready, you can start knitting ears. To do this, dial 9 air loops, and then follow the scheme.Master class with diagrams
  5. We carefully sew the ears to the ready-made booties using embroidery threads.
  6. Embroider the little hare face with black and pink threads: eyes and mouth. For decoration on the ears, you can tie beautiful bows.
  7. In conclusion, we make the tail of the usual pom-pom. To do this, cut out of cardboard two identical circles with a hole in the middle.
  8. In the center we stretch the thread, and tightly wrap the yarn on the mugs.
  9. Then cut the yarn with sharp scissors on the edge and tighten the thread in the center.Master class with diagrams
  10. Pomponch stitching to the heel, and booties, bunnies ready.

On the knitted booties always remains warmly my mother's hands, love and tenderness. They completely warm the baby's legs in a special way and bring a lot of pleasant emotions to the mother in the process. If you decide to do knitting, be sure to use our master classes.

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