Crafts from the discs with their own hands

If, when cleaning the room, you have found the old disks, you should not rush to send them to the trash can. Put them aside, wipe off the dust and choose what kind of crafts you would like to do.

If you like to create things with your own hands and give them a new life, then ignore CD-drives are definitely not worth it. In addition to its main purpose, the disks can be used to create a variety of beautiful things, not just beautiful, but also functional. Special CDs will be a great tool for creating holiday crafts, But first things first.

Crafts from the discs with their own hands Crafts from old drives

Thanks to their glittering surface, reflecting the rays of light, You can make wonderful New Year decorations from old CDs., which will reflect the bright light of the garlands and festive tinsel.

If you show a little imagination and glue the discs with each other, making a circular base of them, then you can make a high-tech New Year tree from old discs, in which minimalism and simplicity is welcomed.

Crafts from the discs with their own hands

But not only old disks are used as material for the New Year's decorations;. Old disc can be used as a refractory stand for hot tea or coffee. And for such crafts, do not even have to do something. You can make and from discs napkin holder, just gluing them in the shape of a triangle.

Crafts from the discs with their own hands

If you put the discs in a high pile and hold a light bulb there or place a large number of diodes, you will get unusual lamp for working at a computer at night. You can connect it via usb-connector laptop or computer.

Crafts from the discs with their own hands

To make lamp, 6 old CD-disks need to be glued along the edges, placing garlands inside them, and light bulbs to get out of the holes in the center. All this is best placed on the disk, which will play the role of the stand. For greater effect, it is better if the garland will have several modes of operation.

Crafts from the discs with their own hands

From the old disk you get the original postcard. To do this, on paper you need to circle the disc and cut the resulting circle. After that, stick the paper on the matte part of the disc. And immediately there will be a large field for creativity. On paper, you can draw a beautiful picture, patterns, create a collage, paste pictures, decorate it with ribbons and rhinestones, write good words.

Crafts from the discs with their own hands

You can make and from discs bicycle reflectors. To do this, they need to be glued with adhesive tape to the bicycle wheels with a matte side in order to use the shiny surface as reflectors.

An excellent option would be and use of disks for placing photos on them. Cut out the photos to fit the disc and stick it to the matte side. Such crafts with photos can be hung on a Christmas tree or wall.

Crafts from the discs with their own hands

From the old CD you get even boomerang, just cut it. So that the disk is not cracked, it must be dipped in boiling water.

Old discs can be stuck to the wall., creating a decor of them.

Balloon from CDs with their own hands

From CD and get unusual disco ball. To do this, you will need several old discs, PVA glue, a foam ball, kitchen scissors, a sturdy thread, fishing line or string. The discs need to be cut into small pieces. They can be made square, but in different sizes. To make them softer, put them in boiling water, but they should not touch the bottom of the pan, and also use gloves and strong scissors.

DIY hand-made discs: disco ball

Make a hole in the ball with a toothpick, and then tie a fishing line to it. Circle the line around the ball and tie it to the toothpick again. Build a loop for which you can hang the ball. After that, glue squares to it, starting from the center of the ball. Begin to stick the squares from bottom to top. On the ball, be sure to leave room for the loop. Where there are glazing on the ball, glue small pieces of discs that remain after cutting.

Crafts from CD: calendar

  • You can also make a unique calendar or book from CDs. To do this, prepare 2 old discs, colored cardboard, split rings, a tool for drilling small holes, glue (superglue can be used) and small decorations.
  • Now it's time to decide how many pages will be on your calendar. If there are 12 of them, then you need to circle 5 circles on the cardboard. Then cut them out and put them together.

Crafts from the discs with their own handsCrafts from self-made disks: calendar

  • On both sides of the disc, you can glue the paper and decorate the main cover of the future calendar. Put the prepared circles from cardboard or paper between the disks and fasten with a usual elastic band.
  • Where the top of the calendar is, make a hole. Through the hole, thread the split ring and remove the gum that holds the discs together. The resulting calendar or book, decorate as you want. You can paste pictures, photos, stickers, rhinestones or other beautiful jewelry.

Ladybird from old disks

  • Of CDCDs you can create and interesting children's crafts - ladybug. Glue a red circle cut out of fabric onto the disk, and on the top - a half black circle, which will be the head of a ladybug.
  • In place of the eye, glue 2 white buttons and use the marker to draw 2 black circles on them.
  • Then, on the remaining red fabric, glue on several black circles, and in the middle - a thin black strip, which will become the wings of a ladybug.

Crafts from self-made disks: ladybugCrafts from the discs with their own hands

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Any hand-made crafts develop a creative imagination and a sense of beauty. Hand-made CDs can become not only true exclusive jewelry, but also useful household items, toIt can be used as a hot drink stand or desk lamp.

Great idea - use old ones CDCDs for making children's crafts. They make great fish, Christmas decorations, snowmen, watches and other interesting things. Most importantly, such a joint process of creating crafts with your own hands will become a real holiday for you and your child.

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