Crafts from sweets. manufacturing features and interesting

There are not so many universal gifts: the same flowers, ideally suited to any celebration, can most often be given only to the fair sex. And what about children or men, especially if it is a colleague who does not present an expensive item? The output is a variety of crafts from sweets: baskets, bouquets and other compositions.

Candy compositions: the best ideas

Crafts from sweets

  • How many different ideas can be realized by putting sweet chocolate products in their base? The greatest demand is for bouquets and baskets of sweets, which are often interspersed with fresh or artificial flowers, complemented by a collection of alcoholic drink or other interesting gift. Such a composition looks more representative than a simple box of chocolates or a bottle of brandy or rum. In addition, it brings warmth and sincerity to the gift, which will undoubtedly be appreciated. Romantics can even build an Eiffel Tower or a fairytale castle from candies by placing a box with a ring in it for their chosen one.
  • Such a small piece will be pleased with the small child, if it is executed, focusing on any book or cartoon characters, or to link the idea of ​​the hand-made candy to the type of activity of the child: singing, dancing, etc. And there is a high probability that a delighted child will not even eat sweets for fear of destroying the “sculpture”.
  • A composition of sweets can be made absolutely for any holiday: New Year, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween and many others. Christmas trees, pumpkins, hearts, even "coniferous" wreaths, eggs and rabbits, as well as "bouquets of flowers": all this with easily created from scrap materials and candy.
  • It is important to remember that most of the ideas have to have a frame made of durable material: it is cardboard (2 layers), a lot of newspapers, foam plastic, plastic, in some cases glass is used, branches woven together and other things that keep their shape. For a basket of sweets, respectively, a basket is purchased, which will be filled with various parts.

DIY handicrafts for children

Ladybug candy

Whether it will be a car, a charming character "Smesharikov", a ladybug or a seven-flower flower, more often the handicraft of sweets assumes the presence of a base. Most often in its role serves foam or a pile of newspapers. The latter are processed using the papier-mâché technique, when they are glued in several dense layers and are waiting for complete drying. It is enough to cut out the necessary base form from foam plastic, for which the outlines are outlined first. You may need to make a few individual parts, which are subsequently glued together.

Crafts from sweets

For example, if a candy machine is created, it is recommended to first draw and cut a dense trapezoid - in front, a larger and with sloping wide sidewalls - the central part, and a small rectangle - the rear compartment. Wheels do not need: they will serve candy coins: round in solid foil. The main thing - to choose the right diameter of sweetness. In addition to them, you can use and flat round candy, removing them from the sticks.

Additional elements - foil or corrugated paper with a metallic coating in golden or silver shade, glue, oval candies with tails on the sides, a long chocolate slice 15-20 g of batch chocolate ("Alenka", "Kinder"), 4 round with a curved center and candy filler, with a diameter smaller than those on the "wheel".

At the starting stage, foam or newspaper parts are glued together to form a full-fledged car body, but without parts - windows, wheels, etc. Windows (more precisely, glass) will be cut out of foil or corrugated paper and placed on foam plastic with glue, after which it is recommended to thin paper or foil strips of the same color as the future candy box of the car, mark the side windows, dividing them into back and front door.

Now you need to start putting gum candies on the glue, and they are prepared beforehand: the tails bend under the candy and are sealed with tape, the best for the two-sided, since the usual one can start to slip off the body treated with glue. If this is not the case, you should use a glue gun: its composition is more tenacious than that of a conventional PVA and others like it. The last ones include bulging round candy-lights and flat wide circles-wheels. A strip of chocolate becomes a transverse detail above the back of the machine.

Candy baskets: a universal gift

A basket of sweets is the most appropriate gift in the office, when you need to express your respect not from the whole department, where they are often made up for large presents, but personally from themselves. Financially, this is not too costly, but it looks presentable, solid, pleasant to persons of both sexes.

Candy ship

The simplest version: fill a wicker basket with artificial flowers made of corrugated paper, in the core of which are glued in the shape of hemispheres, bind the handle in half with the same colors, attach to it on the basis of cardboard, and give the product as a gift. But you can use a more original scheme. For example, create a whole sailing frigatiz baskets with candy. For this purpose, an oval basket stretched in length with low sides and without a handle is purchased, as well as foam plastic, thin bamboo skewers, glue material (usually scotch), colored non-woven (scarlet), tonal ribbon, wooden sticks and candies.

Candy Basket

The foam is laid in the basket, pre-cut according to the shape of its bottom. Each candy (better to take in the form of hemispheres with tails at the top) is fixed on a thin bamboo stick, fixed as much as possible with scotch tape. Its wide part looks up, a tail is put on the wand. All candies strung on sticks are inserted randomly into the foam.

Wide ribbons are cut out of non-woven fabric, folding in 3 or 4 tiered sails, fixed on bamboo skewers covered with brown fabric. The base of the "mast" is also inserted into the foam. In the final, all that remains is to supplement the composition with paper or artificial flowers, or simply to cover the edges of the “ship” with flizelin of the same color as the sail.

Crafts from sweets: photos and tips

Candy Cake

Candy Flowers

Candy grapes

Crafts from sweets

  1. In the early 2000s, cakes were popular at children's parties, in which a plastic or rubber doll was inserted. The upper part of her body was covered with confectionery cream, and the lower part was the cake itself, as a result of which talented culinary specialists obtained a luxurious edible dress. True, washing the toy from the sweet mass was not too pleasant. Today, such a way to congratulate a girl on her birthday does not have a high demand, but you can resort to her analogue and “dress” the doll in candy outfit.
  2. To this end, you will need a Barbie standard height and parameters, a plastic bottle, organza, a satin ribbon 2-3 cm wide, glue and thread, as well as small round candies, crepe paper and satin.
  3. A plastic bottle cuts off the upper part, equal to the height from the waist to the tips of the toes of the doll. Then it is advisable to eliminate the very narrow neck, because in most cases Barbie does not go into this hole. The plastic case should fit on her waist, ensuring the stability of the doll in an upright position. It is recommended to fasten it on it with scotch tape.
  4. Now a circle is cut out of the atlas, whose radius is equal to the height of the cut-out of the bottle, to which 3 cm was added. Its edge is cut with a zigzag stitch, and a slit is made in the center, with the help of which a simple sun skirt is put on the doll and placed on the bottle frame. It is advisable to glue the fabric to the plastic, so as not to cause distortions.
  5. The next step is putting the candy on the fabric, which is more convenient to do using an adhesive gun. It is not necessary to completely cover the skirt with candies: you can do more original, cut out several circles of different diameters from corrugated paper, combine them in pairs and insert candies in the form of hemispheres into their center. Through the easy lifting of the edges of the paper, flowers are obtained, which decorate the doll's skirt. The final step around the chest fit organza, falling on the skirt with a train and tied at the waist with a satin ribbon. A gift for the girl is ready.

Crafts from sweets: ideas

Handicrafts made of sweets - goldfish

Crafts from sweets - castle

Crafts from sweets - hedgehog

Crafts from sweets - apples

Crafts from sweets - lilies

Crafts made from candy - bump

Crafts from sweets - gun

Crafts from sweets - watches

Crafts from sweets - Christmas toy

Crafts from sweets - a wreath

Crafts from sweets - carrots

Crafts from sweets - chess

Crafts from sweets - a bouquet

The above ideas of handicrafts made of sweets are not the only thing that you can think of. But understanding the specifics of making such designs, varying the components, you can easily create more complex and unusual things. The main thing is that now in your arsenal there is always a universal and at the same time an individual gift.

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