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Crafts from seashells do-it-yourself. ideas and master

Memories of rest take the form of not only a pile of photo cards, video sequences and tanning, but also a variety of souvenirs. And the best memory of the sea are self-made shells. They can simply be placed on the shelf, but it is much more interesting to make an unpretentious craftwork from seashells with your own hands.

Seashells Crafts: Ideas and Tips

What can be turned into the countless seashells and stars that were collected in a few days at sea? In fact, they can make an additional decorative element in the design of individual parts of the interior, or an independent material for crafts, made only from seashells. Therefore, you should only decide what you want to get.

Crafts made from shells with their own hands

Crafts from shells do it yourself

For example, you can decorate a glass or ceramic candlestick with small shell-halves by firmly covering the base with them and discharging the layer as it rises up. It is recommended to put seashells on a candlestick with Moment glue, starting with large shells and ending with the smallest ones. If gleams have formed somewhere, they can be filled with shrapnel or starfish, as well as colored sand. And a candlestick made of a large twisted shell, to which smaller halves are attached with glue as a scabbard, will look much more unusual, and a flat candle is placed inside.

The same candlestick can be constructed from a glass cup and seashells, as well as some sand. The glass should be chosen so that it includes a thick low candle, and there is free space on the sides: the glass should not be heated by the flame. On ¼ the capacity is filled with sand, after which a candle is placed in it. Then you can begin to decorate the walls of the glass: shells and starfishes sit on the glue and form a dense outer layer.

Crafts made from shells with their own hands

More simple crafts from shells can be considered a variety of bottles, vases and aquariums filled with colored sand, glass and sea shells of various sizes. Depending on their size and shape, they become good assistants in adding a raisin to the interior: a few tall glass vessels arranged on top of each other and located on the floor will play the role of columns filled with sea shells. A bottle, in which besides sand, shells and a summer photo are stored, will take pride of place on the desktop in the office or a shelf above the fireplace in the living room, reminding you of the wonderful warm days spent at sea.

An original gift to a loved one will be a photo frame, decorated with sea shells. To do this, a simple wooden or plastic frame, preferably with a wide frame, is treated with PVA glue or transparent "Moment", on which shells, starfishes, beads, etc., are placed in an arbitrary order. decor related to the general theme. A similar algorithm for decorating is used not only for the purpose of decorating photos, but also when finishing wall clocks, jewelry boxes, mirrors and paintings. Shells can simply have a dense layer, and patterns can be reproduced, up to their full elements: for example, laying out flowers, the petals of which will be long, twisted shells, and the centers are smooth stones.

Crafts made from shells with their own hands

Crafts made from shells with their own hands

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Special mention should be made of such decorative elements made of shells, like balls and trees, otherwise they are called topiarii. These small sculptures of sea shells and stars are made using a glue gun, and may also include ribbons, thin flexible wire, thick cardboard or plastic sheets, purchased as the basis for handicrafts. If you work with a glue gun, be careful, as the temperature of the mixture in the tool reaches 200 degrees. And for the same reason, it is important to remember that the shell glued in this way is no longer subject to movement, which means that you need to try on the future fixing position several times, and only then serve a portion of glue.

Each of these handicrafts is best done on the base, since the shells are attached to each other with varying degrees of strength, so that the product can simply fall apart. The base figure of plastic or cardboard is processed with PVA glue, or with a thin layer of plaster, putty, or even salt dough, on which sea shells are laid out in random order. It is also possible to use a mixture of tile glue and sand, applied by a spatula as a fixative composition: it must be rubbed with a soft cloth cut, and without letting the composition to dry out, put seashells on it. Be sure to follow the order of their gluing: place smaller elements on top, and large and heavy ones place down. On the finished crafts you need to walk with a sponge, pressing the parts to the base to seal them and fix them better.

Crafts made from shells with their own hands

An excellent decorative element would be a plate of shells, which would require plaster, white acrylic paint, small shells (preferably of a uniform shape and size), as well as a sponge. It is also necessary to find a base, in the role of which a wooden or plastic plate can act, which is covered by a transparent thin film or cellophane.

Seashells are placed on its surface in a dense layer, and it is desirable not to leave free space between them. From above, the gypsum diluted in water to the state of thick sour cream is poured, after which the product is given time to harden. When it becomes solid, with the help of an acrylic paint applied to the sponge, the plate is painted with trampling movements. The final step is to remove the wooden or plastic base, as well as complete drying of the product.

Crafts made from shells with their own hands

Crafts made from shells with their own hands

In addition, you can create figures of animals and fairy-tale characters, using only shells, ribbons, acrylic paints and glue. For example, for the manufacture of an angel, 4 halves of flat shells are needed, of which 2 will be smaller and 1 very small and round. They are fastened together with bases, sitting down on glue, after which the angel's face is drawn on the smallest one, and a ribbon is fastened at the back so that the craft can be hung behind it. In the same way bears, turtles, dogs and other figures are made.

Features of crafts from river shells

River shells, possibly with their external appearance, are inferior in beauty to their sea brethren, and, in addition, there is no such variety among them, but crafts from river shells are no less interesting. For example, a stunning large water lily (or lotus) of seashells is much more difficult to assemble, but large river and flat shell halves are ideally suited as its petals. In addition to the shells themselves, you will need acrylic paint, glue gun, glass plate or other plane on which the flower will sit.

Crafts from shells do it yourself

Half of the river shells should be thoroughly washed, then their outer surface is treated with sandpaper with a high degree of abrasiveness: it is important to make it smooth and to clean the brown layer. After that, the outer side of the river shells should be painted in pearl-pink color and give the details time to dry. The next step will be the connection of the “petals”: ​​the bottom row is laid out from the largest flaps, the middle one from the smaller ones, the ends of these petals need to be lifted slightly upwards. The middle of the lotus will be made of the debris of river shells: it is recommended for this to completely grind off their outer side, leaving only the mother-of-pearl inner.

It should be noted that river shells must be especially carefully processed before you begin to work with them. To do this, they are boiled in boiling water for 1-1.5 hours, which helps to remove the unpleasant smell from the remains of mucus that accumulates on the walls and is not washed out completely by river water. For the purpose of disinfection pour salt and soda into the water. After that, the broken edges must be sanded so that they do not cause skin damage, and the outer rough surface of the flap must be cleaned with sandpaper.

And, of course, classic crafts made of shells in the form of earrings, beads and bracelets will always remain relevant, for the creation of which, in addition to sea shells, you only need a fishing line or a thin silicone gum, as well as a drill that will make a hole in the sash. In addition, from the shells you can lay out pictures, perform whole sculptural compositions - in short, the variety of handicrafts from them is limited only by your imagination and desire.

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