Crafts from salt dough do it yourself

Remembering the kindergarten and its "mandatory program", crafts from the dough come to the fore, as well as modeling from clay. We all once participated in this and loved to give our creations to our parents. And now, when many of us have become parents ourselves, we will have to remember the “test skills”, because your children will definitely like this activity, especially since they are encouraged with pleasure today and at school. Your child will be happy to do something beautiful, and most importantly - his own.

What you need for crafts from salt dough?

You will need:

  1. salty dough
  2. knives
  3. brushes
  4. paints
  5. the cloth
  6. cardboard
  7. PVA glue, colorless varnish
  8. wooden sticks of different sizes

How to cook salty dough?

Take 1 cup of salt and flour, mix them. Then pour 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil in the mixture and half a glass of water. All this should be kneaded until smooth. When the dough is ready, go to the molding.

First, think of what you want to sculpt. If you do this in a duet with a child (which is most likely), then ask the child to choose a topic and trust his imagination. As a rule, children choose their plasticine heroes from what surrounds them: animals, people, interior. You can sculpt from dough anything. But before you begin, you need to learn the rule: attach different parts of the test can be moistened with water.

Salt Dough Magnets

For a magnet, you will need a magnetic plate. You can stick it to the dough with glue. Figures from dough that you decide to stick on the refrigerator may be different, but it is better to start with simple. Let it be apples or hearts. And you can make the whole picture: the sun, clouds, fungus and trees. A child can sculpt what surrounds him. For example, you can make a whole street or a zoo.

In order to fashion a still life, you do not need a lot of skill. Just decide how much fruit there will be. First sculpt several shapes. Round - under an apple, tomato, plum or peach. Pear shape for pears. There are many fruits, the basis of which is very easy to sculpt - banana, orange, kiwi, pineapple, grapes, nectarine, watermelon. Such a still life on the fridge will be the first step to more complex dough articles.

To more complex can be attributed to dad and mom, grandparents. Perhaps, after the still life on the fridge, your whole family will show off from salt dough. The child will be able to show off his collection. And you will be pleased that the baby achieves results, because his victories are your victories too.

Christmas decorations from salt dough

Christmas decorations from salt dough are made the same way as magnets. Only at the base of the toy it is necessary to make a good hole for the ribbon, for which you can hang the toy on the Christmas tree.

Christmas toys - a more complex version of modeling. After all, in addition to fruits and vegetables, there are also dwarfs, Santa Claus, Snow Maidens and various animals that a child would want to do. Therefore, such an exercise takes a lot of time. Of light Christmas decorations - a wreath. Such wreaths can more often be seen in supermarkets before the holiday, but they are made not from dough, but from artificial flowers, glass beads and toys.

For a wreath, you only need a fairly large round piece of dough, from which you need to carefully cut out the middle. Let your wreath be thicker. After all, as a rule, it should hang on the door, and it constantly has to open and close. A thin wreath can be fragile and break prematurely.

After cutting the circle, start making leaves, berries and flowers. This American wreath is made of holly. Its leaves are very sharp, and the berries are red. This combination looks very nice and New Year's. If the leaves turn out to be sharp - great. If not - do not worry, do the usual. Well, for the berries it will not. You can add bows, ribbons, flowers - anything your child wants. All this needs to be pasted on a circle, previously painted with acrylic paints. And most importantly - do not forget to make a small hole in the base, through which you will hang your wreath on the door, above the fireplace or on the Christmas tree. Great decoration!

Salt Dough Photo Frames

Photoframe from salt dough is similar in execution to a wreath. You can circle around this frame and define the contours of the test. It is best to take a piece of cardboard a little more than a test frame - this is in order to accommodate the rim. After that, cut the border for the frame and stick it on the cardboard.

And now decorate the frame, as your heart desires. Flowers, pearl threads, glass beads and beads. You can use cans of paint, cloth, bows, your imagination should not be limited. Do not forget to attach a small eyelet so that you can hang your new photo frame. And finally - choose a photo that is worthy of such a bright frame!

And get ready! If your child likes such an activity, each time you will have to help him implement the most daring ideas. Therefore, it is better to make huge reserves of salt and flour!

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