Crafts from polymer clay do it yourself

Hand-made pottery is becoming more and more popular every day. Crafts made from polymer clay can even make a beginner. Original materials, figurines, caskets, accessories are made from this material. In our article you will find a lot of useful information on this topic.

Tips experienced masters

If you seriously decide to do this kind of applied art, then first of all you should learn the features of working with polymer clay, as well as purchase all the necessary materials. To date, polymer clay crafts with their own hands are very much appreciated. Depending on the degree of your skill, you can create real works of art from this material.

Polymer clay crafts

Novice needlewomen need to purchase special tools and accessories for modeling polymer clay crafts, in particular:

  • The material itself, as well as multi-colored paint. Ordinary white clay, you can give the desired color by adding paint.
  • Plate for sculpting. Surfaces made of organic glass, tile or plastic are best suited.
  • Office knife with replaceable edges. With this tool you can cut even the smallest details.
  • Rolling pin. It is necessary to purchase a rolling pin made of acrylic to roll polymer clay into layers of the desired thickness.
  • Syringe or so-called extruder. In the set, as a rule, there are replaceable nozzles, using which you can extrude elongated rollers of various shapes and thicknesses from polymer clay.
  • Forms for the manufacture of individual elements of crafts. In everyday life needlewomen such molds are called cutters.
  • Stacks for drawing drawings on the individual elements of clay crafts.
  • Blanks and stamps for modeling a specific product.

After you have acquired all the necessary tools and the source material, you can begin to design crafts from polymer clay. Before we look at several detailed workshops, let's review some of the rules for working with this material:

  • Before we start modeling crafts, we thoroughly wash our hands and clean the work surface, since the clay absorbs dirt very quickly.
  • At the time of work you need to wear a headscarf on your head, clothes should not be fleecy, otherwise small hairs may stick to the clay.
  • Painted clay is stored less than white, so try to use it immediately.
  • If you opened the package but did not use up all the clay, wrap the remaining piece with a damp cloth and seal the bag tightly.
  • To soften the dried clay, you can use any hand cream.
  • To avoid sticking debris and dirt on clay, sprinkle the material with talcum powder before modeling the crafts.

Piggy needlewoman: learn to model crafts from polymer clay

Today we will tell you how to make polymer clay crafts for beginners. Beginners in this business should choose simple models, such as flowers, and as one masters art, one can complicate the task and design more complex objects and accessories.

So, let's imagine that we need to design a craft made of polymer clay on March 8. The best gift for the representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be jewelry.

Polymer clay earrings

Necessary materials:

  • polymer clay in two colors;
  • a toothpick or skewer;
  • latex gloves;
  • beads;
  • earrings

Step-by-step description of the creative process:

  1. We take two pieces of polymer clay of the same size.
  2. We will model the earrings in the form of flowers.
  3. To achieve the effect of marble, roll out two rollers of gray and blue clay.
  4. Then we twist a piece of clay of one color around another.Polymer clay crafts
  5. Hands roll ball of clay.
  6. Then several times we cut it into pieces, carefully crush it and roll it again into a ball.
  7. Using a stationery knife, we cut the ball into two equivalent parts.Polymer clay crafts
  8. Next, proceed to the modeling of the flower. From the half of the ball roll out the layer, which is slightly lengthened.
  9. Fingers gently flatten oblong edge.Polymer clay crafts
  10. Holding one edge, we begin to wrap the petal, simulating a cone.

    Polymer clay crafts
  11. The upper edge of the flower slightly straighten your fingers, and inside with a toothpick making a hole.Polymer clay crafts
  12. Decorate earrings with beads or beads and pass them through the hole.
  13. These are the original earrings in the style of hand-made we have turned out.

Clay roses: sophisticated sophistication

Perhaps the roses - the most popular flowers that are made from polymer clay. Experienced needlewomen make from this material such masterpieces that are visually difficult to distinguish from real colors. We suggest you to study a master class on modeling polymer clay crafts for beginners.

Polymer clay roses

Necessary materials:

  • plate for modeling;
  • pink or red polymer clay;
  • latex gloves;
  • stationery knife.

Step-by-step description of the creative process:

  1. Take the clay of pink or any other color and roll it in the form of a roller.
  2. Further from the made clay sausage we cut off several pieces which will correspond to the number of petals.Polymer clay crafts
  3. With your fingers or with the help of a coin we make round petals of various sizes, as shown in the photo.Polymer clay crafts
  4. We begin to wrap each petal-shaped blank.
  5. The basis of the flower will be the smallest petal. Polymer clay crafts
  6. That is the pipe you should get. Fingers bend the edge of the petals.Polymer clay crafts
  7. Then we begin to fasten the petals together. We wrap them in size, ranging from smaller to larger.Polymer clay crafts
  8. This is the original and simple rosette you get. You can string it on a floral stick and collect a bouquet or fix it on the fasteners.Polymer clay crafts

We make polymer material independently

Today, in specialized stores you can find a wide range of polymer clay. Basically it differs manufacturer and some characteristics. In order to save money for modeling crafts made of polymer clay consumables can be prepared independently. So, we have already reviewed the master-class on the design of handicrafts, now let's try to make clay at home.


  • 1 tsp sifted flour;
  • baby oil;
  • 1 part edible corn starch;
  • white stationery glue - 1 hour


  1. In a glass bowl lay out the glue. It is best to give preference to universal glue, which is suitable for fixing various materials.
  2. Add sifted flour and table starch.
  3. Please note that all proportions are in parts, and they must be the same.
  4. Mix the above components until the mass becomes viscous.
  5. Add a few drops of baby non-flavored oil and stir mass.
  6. Oil is added portionwise, the clay should not be sticky.
  7. To prepare a colored polymer material, add the right amount of acrylic paint to the white mass.

Ceramic floristics is becoming increasingly popular every day. Recently, bouquets, brooches, hair accessories, etc., are modeled from polymer clay. If you are new to this business, start with the simplest elements. You can involve your children in the modeling process. It will be very useful and fascinating. Do not forget to follow the rules of storage of polymer clay. You need to work with this material very quickly, because it hardens within 10 minutes. For full drying crafts will take 24 hours. Successes you in creative affairs!

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