Crafts from fruits and vegetables do-it-yourself

Vegetables and fruits can not only regale, but also make interesting crafts out of them.. This is a great way to relax with children, and it is very economical. Why spend a lot of money on educational toys, when nature already has all the necessary materials for this?

Creating fruits and vegetables with your child, you teach them to think creatively and creatively, develop imagination and attentiveness. It is especially good to do such cute little things in the fall, when there are so many fruits and vegetables around that they just run around. Such crafts can be made by some adults, because it is very interesting and exciting.

Crafts from apples in the form of men

Such funny guys are pretty easy to do, all you need is large apples, seeds from apples, regular toothpicks and a knife.

Crafts from apples in the form of men

  • Take 2 apples, one should be bigger than the other and put a small one on a large one. You can fix them with a toothpick. Two such apples will be the basis for our little man. Then from the other apple should be cut four pieces. Two pieces will go to their feet, fasten them at the bottom of the torso. And two more pieces will become the handles of a person and they need to be fixed from the sides.
  • Then take a medium sized apple and cut it into two equal parts. Both pieces are meant for a man's hat. You will need pumpkin seeds for the eyes and, accordingly, for the little man's nose. You can gently cut the mouth with a knife directly on the fruit, or else you can use it by cutting a separate piece from the apple and attaching it with the same toothpicks.

DIY cup and teapot of fruit do it yourself

For the manufacture of thisnatural tea composition You will need: 1 yellow apple, half a lemon, 1 slice of kiwi, 1 slice of green apple, 1 slice of orange (this is per cup). For the teapot, prepare 2 red apples, half a lemon, 1 slice of green apple, 1 blackberry and 1 orange.

DIY cup and teapot of fruit do it yourself

  • Apple put the handle down. Remove its top. Its lower part will be a cup. Notch mark the top of the cup. Use a knife to cut the apple core along the marked line, this is how the cup will turn out. Dampen the surface of the apple cup with lemon juice.
  • Now make a place in the cup for the future pen. Insert the slice of kiwi into the received slice - this will be the handle. Take a slice of orange and place a cup on it. Well, the cup is ready, it remains to make a kettle!
  • Put the apple cutting down. Again, cut off the top of the apple, it will be the lid of the kettle. Carefully remove the pulp from the apple. Squeeze juice from a half of a lemon and paint a slice on an apple with a cooking brush. Then from the apple you need to cut out the cylinder from the apple. He will be the tip of the kettle. Dampen it with lemon juice. Insert the spout into the hole.
  • On the reverse side make a place for the handle. With a knife make a cut on the orange without removing the peel. Cut orange into slices.
  • Insert an orange slice into the hole - the handle of the kettle is ready. Place another orange slice in an apple slice.
  • Put a cap on top. In the recess on the top of the apple, put the blackberry berry. Kettle can be put on a stand in the form of a circle of green apple.

Pear Handicraft - Mouse

How to make an unusual and cute mouse? It is quite simple, and most importantly - children will surely enjoy it, because it's not just a mouse, but a super modern mouse. To make it you need: a pear, pumpkin seeds, a small piece of wire with a plug and a knife.

Pear Handicraft - Mouse

  1. First, we make our mouse ears. With a knife, make cuts in the places where the ears themselves will be located. After which they should be bent slightly so that they stick back.
  2. Now on the pear, we make eyes for a mouse. Take pumpkin seeds and draw pupils on them with a felt-tip pen or a black marker. After that, you need to make cuts in the places where the eyes will be, and insert pumpkin seeds there. There is no particular difficulty.
  3. The final stage is the mouse tail. For this you need a wire. Plug it on the other side of the eyes so that the plug sticks out. Your pear mouse is ready!

DIY Naughty Lemon DIY

This craft is distinguished by its extraordinary simplicity. The main role will be played by Mr. Lemon, who will delight children with his mischievous appearance.

To make such a craft, you will need: lemon, colored cardboard, white paper, scissors, paste, felt-tip pens that are washed away with water.

DIY Naughty Lemon DIYDIY Naughty Lemon DIY

Take a medium-sized lemon and draw on it a friendly nose and mouth. Cut the lemon legs out of colored cardboard, and his eyes out of white paper. Pupils draw black felt-tip pen. Now gently glue the eyes and legs to the fruit. To do this, you should prepare a homemade paste from starch or flour. The result is a very cute and funny lemon with which you can play, well, and then eat it along with a delicious tea.

Festive hand-made fruit in tropical style

If your child is celebrating his birthday, then you can make a very beautiful crafts with your own hands, which creates a feeling of tropical exotic. Such palm tree can be painted fruit salad, or put it in a separate dish on the table.

For crafts you need: a banana, an apple, a grapefruit, a flat plate and a cutting board.

Festive hand-made fruit in tropical style

Take a banana and cut it lengthwise exactly in the middle, then place it on a plate. Then clean the grapefruit from the peel and lay it in the form of a path on which palm trees grow. Now slice the apple and form palm leaves out of it. Grapes act as coconuts, which usually grow on a palm tree. Put a few grapes under the palm leaves. Our exotic tasty product is ready!

Making such unusual crafts, it is worth considering that they are short-lived and quickly deteriorate. Therefore, for long-term storage, they are not suitable, it is best to do them on the holiday table, then to eat with gusto! In the manufacture of such crafts usually use a sharp knife, so if you do this with children, do not leave them unattended.

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