Crafts from cold porcelain do it yourself

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Porcelain products have always been admired. Now you can simulate cold porcelain crafts yourself at home. And for the preparation of the material, we will need quite affordable components: glue, food starch, liquid glycerin and an oil base.

Products from cold porcelain: manufacturing features

Products from cold porcelain

Recently, this kind of applied art is gaining great popularity. You can at your leisure to model a variety of cold porcelain crafts with your own hands. The main thing is to properly prepare consumables and observe some features of the design of crafts:

  • for the preparation of cold porcelain, use PVA glue (2/3 tbsp.), table starch (1 tbsp.), liquid glycerin (1 tsp.) and water (1/2 tbsp.);
  • all components in these proportions are mixed in the tank and heated until the mass thickens;
  • The heated mass must first be spread on a towel or cloth moistened with ice water;
  • knead cold porcelain should be hands, sprinkled with table starch;
  • To make the mixture elastic, before kneading the hand, you need to grease it with a fat cream;
  • cold porcelain remains elastic for two days;
  • to give it the desired shade, you can use any dye for food;
  • for the formation of blanks need to use templates;
  • every detail should be thoroughly dried so that the craft keeps its shape;
  • if you paint separately any elements of crafts, be sure to hold them over the steam so that the coloring matter is evenly distributed over the surface.

Crafts for beginners

If you are only interested in this direction of needlework and want to make real masterpieces of art from cold porcelain, start with simple handicrafts. For example, make a gift in the style of hand-made for a loved one. As you master all aspects of sculpting from cold porcelain, you will be able to complicate the task and design refined models of various shapes.

Learning to make porcelain peonies

Let's first try to make the original peony. By the way, you can make one volumetric flower or show your imagination and create a beautiful bouquet. To do this, you need to purchase a number of floristic attributes, in particular, tape tape, bases for boutonnieres, colorful ribbons.

Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners

Necessary materials:

  • cold china pink and green;
  • scissors;
  • sticks for flower legs;
  • template forms.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. If you don't have pink porcelain on hand, you can mix white and red.Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  2. Now we divide the cold pink porcelain into 20 small pieces and 12 large ones.Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  3. Fingers or using a teaspoon begin to simulate the petals.Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  4. Be sure to press them to make a bulge. We should have 20 small and 12 large petals.
  5. All small petals glue together with each other in pairs in a row. In total, we should have 10 paired petals.Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  6. Next, we place all the blanks with the curved side toward us and begin to form a fan.
  7. All paired petals are connected to each other, fixing them slightly overlap.Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  8. Spiral spin the resulting billet into a flower, lightly pressing cold porcelain.Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  9. Large petals also overlap glue around the circumference of the flower. The convex side must be outside.

    Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  10. Put our flower aside for the moment and proceed to the modeling of the leaves.
  11. On a special pattern we lay out cold porcelain in green or light green color and press it so that scars are formed.Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  12. The leaf is gently bent with your fingers so that it acquires a slightly pointed shape.Cold porcelain do it yourself: crafts for beginners
  13. Next, the preparation of the flower strung on a floral stick. In this form, leave the flower to dry for a day.Cold porcelain do-it-yourself: a rose
  14. When the porcelain properly hardens, add leaves to our flower, decorate the stem with ribbons and form a bunch.
  15. Here is the original peony bouquet you can get.

Fine poppies: master class

As you already understood, you need to cook porcelain by heat treatment. But you can choose a simpler option and make cold porcelain with your own hands without heat treatment. Crafts without cooking from such a material do not differ in their texture and elasticity.

All you need is to take food starch and Vaseline and grind them until a homogeneous mixture is formed. Then, in the resulting mass, you must add oil glycerin and spread PVA glue in small portions, kneading cold porcelain. Let's try to prepare such material and make an original poppy flower out of it.

Crafts from cold porcelain: master class

Necessary materials:

  • cold red china, black and green;
  • scissors;
  • foil;
  • toothpick;
  • rolling pin.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Modeling poppy begin with the blanks of the petals.
  2. From red porcelain we sculpt a petal with a triangular shape.Crafts from cold porcelain: poppy
  3. We form by analogy three more petals.
  4. We put each petal on the foil and carefully press it with a rolling pin.Crafts from cold porcelain: poppy
  5. Then, using a toothpick, make neat folds on the petals in any order.Crafts from cold porcelain: poppy
  6. After making all the petals, we set them aside.
  7. We make a circle from green porcelain and string it on a floral stick.Crafts from cold porcelain: poppy
  8. Using scissors, we model the middle of a poppy flower.Crafts from cold porcelain: poppy
  9. From black porcelain, roll out the strip and cut the edge with scissors. It should be such a fringe.Crafts from cold porcelain: poppy
  10. We attach the black porcelain billet to the green center of the flower, and then in a circle fix the red petals.Crafts from cold porcelain: poppy
  11. The poppy flower can be fixed on a long stem and decorated with finishing tape and leaves.

Recently, the modeling of hand-made porcelain cold-made articles is gaining popularity. You can make any volumetric figure, flower bouquet, basket, etc. Choose a convenient way to prepare porcelain, and to dye it, buy acrylic or gouache paints, food dye.