Crafts from candy wrappers from sweets. what can be made of

Probably, everyone in the house can find a number of bright candy wrappers from sweets, especially if there are children in the family. You can simply throw out this mountain of colored paper or use it to create interesting decorations and crafts. This exciting process is sure to interest your child.

What can be made of candy wrappers?

Crafts from candy wrappers from candy

Golden butterfly

For work, it is desirable to use golden candy wrappers (any other color will do) to create a beautiful butterfly. You will also need scissors, a clip and a small piece of clay.

  • The body of the future butterfly is formed from plasticine. First, it is necessary to roll a small ball out of it, then gradually form a not very thick sausage. With the help of 2 small balls of plasticine of a different color, eyes are made, and clamp is used to create antennae.
  • Further butterfly wings are made of candy wrappers. With the help of scissors, all the sharp corners of the wrappers are cut, after which one edge is neatly twisted.
  • According to the same scheme, the second large wing is made, as well as 2 more wings, but already smaller. Now wings are assembled with a butterfly body from plasticine - the body is placed on top of the wrapper and fixed on the bottom with a small piece of clay.

Decorations for the Christmas tree

From candy wrappers you can make an angel to decorate the Christmas tree. In this case, you need a big bead, 2 bright candy wrappers, glue, thin wire.

  • It is necessary to take 2 candy wrappers and fold them along (long side), like an accordion. Further preparations are bent in the middle. The 2nd one is superimposed on one accordion (the smaller one should be on top) and intercepted by a small piece of thin wire, which is twisted several times to prevent the craft from breaking up.
  • Now a bead is threaded into the ends of the wire. A small loop is made from the edges of the wire. Then the harmonica is straightened out, and the most part is bent to the lower part, after which 2 of its parts are fixed with glue.

Handicrafts from do-it-yourselfers: original options

You can make beautiful snowflakes from candy wrappers; it is enough to put a little patience and imagination.


It is advisable to use only those candy wrappers that are square in shape, since they make more even snowflakes, they can be easily cut. Also for work it is necessary to prepare a stapler and threads to match the used wrappers.

  • The wrapper must be carefully smoothed and folded diagonally. Further, an accordion is formed from 2 sides, and the width of each strip should be approximately 1 cm.
  • It will be necessary to make 3 such blanks, and then fold them parallel to each other. Then they are overtightened (to match the candy wrapper) and the result is a figure that looks like a butterfly.
  • With the help of a stapler, the rays of the future snowflake are fixed. This should be done evenly, and at the very end an eyelet is attached and the finished decoration can be hung on the Christmas tree.

The dress

Crafts from candy wrappers from candy

Very interesting will be the next hand-made piece of candy wrappers, the creation of which will surely please the girls.

In this case, you need to take double-sided tape, scissors, 4-5 chocolate candy molds and golden candy wrappers for work (you can take chocolate foil).

  • With the help of scissors in the molds of chocolate candies is cut the bottom. Golden candy wrappers fold in half, the outline of the future dress is neatly cut out.
  • Double-sided tape is attached to the bottom of the dress, and ruffles are attached at the bottom. The bottom layer of scotch tape is removed, the first layer of ruffles is attached to it, and they should be lightly assembled in advance. According to this scheme, the entire length of the dress is processed.
  • A strip is cut in dimensions of 12x10 cm and a belt is made, which neatly folds along the entire long edge. Both edges bend towards the middle of the strip. As a result, the preparation of an oblique bei is carried out in order to carry out sewing edge finishing. With the help of a tape to the edge of the dress fastened belt.


crafts made from candy wrappers

Such decoration can be hung on a mobile phone, a school backpack, a handbag, because it looks very interesting and unusual.

To create crafts you will need the following materials - a stationery knife, candy wrappers, glue or heat gun, wooden skewer, ruler, pen or pencil.

  • First, it is necessary to cut and properly align all the wrappers and mark stripes on them (the width of each should be no more than 1.5 cm). Scissors on the lines are cut candy wrappers, then each strip is folded in half.
  • Paper strips are wound on a wooden skewer, glue is applied to it (it is not necessary to lubricate all its surface with glue, periodically it will be enough to drip it). According to this scheme all remaining strips are fastened until the desired size of the circle is obtained.
  • Then it is carefully removed from the skewer and the edge of the last part is fixed with glue. The finished product can be an original and unusual pendant - special fittings or decorative lace pass through the central hole.

Jewelry from candy wrappers from candies: master class

Crafts from candy wrappers from candy

From the most simple candy wrappers you can make original jewelry. To create such a product, you will need the following materials - multicolored candy wrappers from candies (you can use not only paper but also foil), a simple clothespin.

  • First you need to align and properly smooth all the candy wrappers, then fold along four times along (you need to make sure that the width of the bands is about 1 cm). All elements should have approximately the same width.
  • The resulting strip is bent in half - from all the wrappers are made such blanks. Further the 2nd is inserted into one of the parts, the result should be a figure resembling the letter "T".
  • At the right angle, the edge of the upper part bends and goes down. It is important that the bends are completely aligned with the bottom of the part. The resulting product is inverted and fixed with a clothespin.
  • The result is a small eyelet into which another candy wrapper is inserted, which must be woven in the same way as the first one. It should turn out curly strip. As soon as the desired length is reached, the tips of the 1st part will have to be pulled through the last loop, then bend them out. To ensure that the product does not fall apart, you can use glue or a stapler to secure the mount.
  • By creating several such crafts, you can make an interesting ensemble - earrings, beads and a bracelet. But for earrings you will need to purchase more and special accessories.

Crafts from candy wrappers: photo

Crafts from candy wrappers from candyCrafts from candy wrappers from candy

Crafts from candy wrappers from candy

Crafts from candy wrappers from candy

From ordinary candy wrappers you can make a lot of original handicrafts. Decorations for a room or a Christmas tree, toys, bijouterie. The work will require the most simple materials. Despite this, the finished product will look attractive and stylish.

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