Crafts for the new year in kindergarten. master from scrap

The New Year is a long-awaited and beloved holiday of all. Every child is especially waiting for this winter fairy tale. An important role in the preparation for the New Year is played by a variety of crafts, mastered by themselves. Children at home and in kindergarten have the opportunity to contribute to the preparation for the holiday.

Crafts for the New Year in kindergarten

Crafts for the New Year in kindergarten

Hand-made crafts create a feeling of home comfort. Making them is very entertaining, especially if everything you need is at hand. The main thing - to try to do something original and unique.

Christmas crafts create a festive mood. Independently creating Christmas toys, cards and gifts, children develop. This is manifested in the improvement of hand motility, accelerating the formation of artistic taste. If at the same time professional teachers also help the child, then a flight of fancy develops, as well as the ability to perform step-by-step tasks. Manual labor allows children to plunge into creativity and have fun and have fun. All this is an important advantage of crafts made from natural materials. Mastering them, children feel like little wizards who create their own fairy tale. Of course, sometimes it does not do without creative disorder. That glue will spill, then paint can be stained. Do not despair and scold your children! Let them be the creators! Moreover, work together, because co-operation brings together and strengthens family relationships. All will be satisfied and get great pleasure!

Crafts for the New Year in kindergarten can be both simple and complex. There are a huge number of options due to which the kids get the original stuff. Most are lightweight and perfect for children of all ages. This includes snowmen made of foam balls, various cardboard pendants on the Christmas tree, hearts, and decorative figures made of puzzles, and handicrafts made of yarn, plasticine and cones.

Today we will look more closely at crafts made of plasticine, because modeling is one of the favorite activities of children.

Crafts for the New Year in kindergarten

Baby nplasticine artwork

Crafts made from clay can be flat. In this case, they are usually attached to a thick cardboard or paper. You can make and voluminous things in the form of different figures (flowers, animals, little men, and many others).

So that the hand-made article does not fall and does not lose balance, something can be inserted into it. This is not always required. Any frame is needed only if it is the paws of animals or the legs of men, or, for example, the stems of flowers. Those. when it is necessary to hold the weight of the figure.

To get started is to buy a set of clay. Choose a material that is as harmless as possible by chemical composition. It is better to buy something more expensive and pokachestvenny. You will need a special tile for modeling or any comfortable hard surface on which the child will be engaged in creativity. Also, if he is already an adult, you can purchase additional tools and stacks for making handicrafts from clay. They are sold in all stationery stores. Made mainly of plastic. Such devices are needed in order to apply various patterns or sculpt small parts (leaves, beads, eyes, and much more).

Sometimes it's easier to use tools that are sure to be found in any home. To this end, you can use toothpicks, a small knife or other household items.

Make a beautiful girl

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the New Year is, of course, the Christmas tree! Green beauty is very easy to sculpt from plasticine. It will consist of branches, which must be pre-cut from a single blank. After we blind the base of the Christmas tree, it is necessary to decorate it. Decorations can make a variety of: balls, stars, candles, crackers, and many others.

Crafts for the New Year in kindergarten

You will need:

  • plasticine,
  • colored cardboard
  • stack,
  • the board
  • glue
  • cotton wool.


  1. Carefully knead brown plasticine and form a long thin sausage out of it.
  2. Then we take green clay, knead it and divide it into several equal parts.
  3. Roll out each flagella, they will be used as branches of our tree.
  4. Next, connect the finished parts of crafts.
  5. We attach all our elements to the blue cardboard.
  6. Take the yellow clay and divide it into several identical parts.
  7. From the yellow need to form balls, and from the red - an asterisk.
  8. We attach the finished balls to the blue cardboard.
  9. We glue pieces of cotton wool onto cardboard with glue.
  10. We decorate our Christmas tree with balloons and stars, and the work is ready!

Crafts from natural material

Crafts from natural material

Particularly interesting are crafts from natural materials. Cones, twigs, pebbles to find everywhere, you just need to take a closer look around. Natural materials inspire young artists to create unique masterpieces. The form and purpose of such crafts depends on imagination and creative ideas.

Natural material can be taken primarily from the environment. It can be plants, shells, pebbles, branches and leaves of trees, shells, sand, etc. In general, anything can be used! As a result, from the fact that you take as a basis for your future crafts, you can get very original decorative items. It is only necessary to turn on the imagination and surrender to creativity!

  • Natural materials should be combined with something else. In this case, obtained crafts for the New Year complex. For example, you can make a wonderful Christmas tree from seeds and plasticine.
  • First you need to make a cone-shaped green trunk.
  • Further, we fasten ash seeds to the trunk along the circumference.
  • When you reach about the middle, you will need smaller parts, which we also continue to mount in a circle. So we reach the top.
  • Next, paint it with gouache green paint.
  • Herringbone ready.

Crafts for the New Year in kindergarten. Master from scrap materials

There are a huge number of ideas of Christmas crafts that you can create with your children. It can be festive garlands, paper lanterns, elegant toys for the Christmas tree from nuts or colored cardboard, and various applications, openwork snowflakes or Christmas trees, New Year's masks and much, much more. You just have to choose the appropriate kind of crafts and show a little fantasy! Create, create new unique decorative crafts and develop with your child!

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