Crafts for children from plasticine do it yourself

Plasticine is ideal for children's creativity. This material is ready to take any form: just a few movements and from the shapeless mass you get a funny snail, a kind shark or a funny spider. Creating crafts for children from clay, you will not only have fun, but also contribute to the development of the artistic skills of the child.

Do-it-yourself plasticine crafts for children

Despite the variety of materials for modeling, classic children's clay never lost its popularity. Affordable price, reusable use, safety for children - these are the main criteria by which parents prefer it. In addition, the clay can be selected based on the age of the child. So, for very young soft synthetic clay is suitable, and older children - ball clay.

What crafts from plasticine can be made with a child? We present to your attention a few simple workshops.

Do-it-yourself plasticine crafts for children

We start with a simple: sculpt snail

Children from three years are still too small to sculpt any figures on their own. The direct task of parents is to teach a child to use clay. Show him how to roll the balls, and make sausages out of them. Let your child sculpt the main details, and you make smaller ones. So the child will feel the importance of the process and its role in it.

What crafts from plasticine suitable for children 3 years? You should not set impracticable tasks in front of a small child and, all the more so, expect perfect results from him. To get started, try performing simple crafts, for example, a snail.

Necessary materials:

  • soft plasticine of different colors;
  • plate for modeling;
  • sticks for sculpting.


  1. First, prepare the main parts. Cut the child a large piece of pink clay and ask to roll it into a tight ball. While the baby is busy, prepare other details: 2 small pink balls for the horns, as many white circles for the eyes and blue ones for the pupils.Crafts for children from plasticine do it yourself
  2. Now show the child how to roll a sausage from a large ball. Repeat the same action with small balls for horns.
  3. After that, tear off a large piece of blue clay and again ask the child to roll it into a ball, and then into a sausage.
  4. While the child is busy, from the big pink sausage form a slightly curved body, attach the horns and eyes. Using a toothpick, pierce the holes for the nose and draw a smile with a wand.Crafts made from clay for children 3 years
  5. Now twist the blue sausage in a circle and attach the "house" to the main body of the snail. Wonderful handicraft is ready.Plasticine snail

Learn to sculpt shark

Most children at 4 years old are quite independent, so they can be allowed to do more work with clay. In addition, it is much more difficult to choose crafts, as it will be more interesting for the child to study. Try to make various animal figures, for example, a shark, together with your baby.

Necessary materials:

  • plasticine blue, white and black;
  • plate for modeling;
  • stick for sculpting.


  1. It is necessary to roll a large oblong ball out of blue plasticine to form a shark's body. At the same time, pull one part of the ball as far as possible, and the other only slightly.Crafts made from clay for children 4 years
  2. Since sharks are usually of two colors, we form the belly of a mammal of white clay, slightly pulling one tip forward.

    Crafts made from clay for children 4 years
  3. Now we make small triangles from two small balls of blue plasticine and join them together - we have a tail.Crafts made from clay for children 4 years
  4. The tail is attached to the sharpest part of the calf.Crafts made from clay for children 4 years
  5. From another small triangle do fin for the back.Plasticine whale
  6. Now it is necessary to add a muzzle with fine details. In parallel to each other, we glue two flattened white circles, in the center we insert the pupil. And so that the shark turned out to be good, we complement the image with eyebrows.Plasticine whale

Develop fine motor skills

Preschool children are often already well in their hands a pencil and pen, freely count to 20 and know all the letters of the alphabet. What crafts will be interesting for children 5 years old? So practically grown-up children can be trusted to complete even the smallest details in handicrafts made from clay. For example, try making a funny spider with your child.

Necessary materials:

  • plasticine black and white;
  • plate for sculpting.


  1. From black plasticine you need to blind two small balls of the same size and one slightly larger than the previous ones. In addition, we prepare in advance 3 pairs of legs.
  2. We roll a little bit of white plasticine into a ball and press it down the center with our finger, insert the pupil into the middle, and form the antennae.Crafts made from clay for children 5 years
  3. Attach the eyes and antennae to one of the small balls and glue all the details together.
  4. Do not forget to make a smile on the face, and a funny spider is ready.Plasticine spider

What can make crafts from ball clay for children?

If all of us are familiar with conventional synthetic clay since childhood, then ball clay has appeared on the market for children's products relatively recently. This material is a set of foam balls, which are attached to each other by thin adhesive threads. A feature of such clay is that crafts from it must dry out in the fresh air within 24 hours.

  • Ball clay is more suitable for children of primary school age. You can make different compositions out of it, as it holds its shape perfectly.What can make crafts from ball clay for children?
  • In addition, ball clay is ideal for various kinds of applications and is perfectly compatible with other natural materials.What can make crafts from ball clay for children?
  • Original ball clay looks and as a decor, for example, on children's cups, frames for photos or other interior details.What can make crafts from ball clay for children?

Plasticine sculpting is a very exciting activity for children and adults. Help your child develop imagination, improve color perception and creative thinking. Creative success and inspiration to you and your children!

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