Cost of hedge

So, let's decide with you how much a hedge planting will cost us. Of course, it is impossible to accurately calculate the cost of what you need to a penny. Why? Because the land plots of all different sizes, how many landings you need, it will only show the counting that is done on the ground, so to speak. The cost will also affect the price difference by varietal basis and the age of the plants you select, since specimens will be more expensive at price than young plants.

However, now, knowing the prices for seedlings and seeds, as well as having an idea of ​​the size of the plots for sowing, you can estimate the approximate cost of a hedge. And if you make the necessary measurements and distribute your design ideas in the form of a plan, it is quite realistic to determine the exact cost.

How much is a hedge?

Cost of hedge

Passing in front of the counters of specialized stores that sell planting stock or in front of market rows, if you are going to buy goods with it, we see the price for one bush or tree. She may seem pretty attractive. But do not rush to conclusions, because you and I will not plant a group planting and not a single plant, but a whole row of hedges. Consequently, taking into account the factor that in the row the distance between the bushes will be about forty to fifty centimeters, we can easily imagine that a full-fledged green fence will require a lot of plants. Accordingly, the cost of one copy should be multiplied by the required quantity.

The price of planting material will be formed due to many factors, but above all it will affect:

  1. age of purchased products;
  2. its species classification.

So if you suddenly decide that it is best to plant a pleasant all year round green planting of spruce or fir in your garden plot, then you should take into account that the cost of planting material of coniferous species exceeds the cost for the same number of deciduous plants.

So one copy of spruce, reaching a height of one meter, can be purchased for a thousand rubles. To save money, you should buy young low plants that are characterized by rapid growth.

Planting material should be:

  • quality and healthy;
  • well-known breeds, since many questions will arise with exclusive plants, and without knowing whether your innovative idea will take root on your site and what conditions it needs, it is quite difficult to provide proper care, even if you have instructions for planting and growing, because it’s better experienced There is nothing to check. Where is the guarantee that nobody knows the plants will not die for the first time after the transplantation? There is no guarantee.

Shrubs for hedge

  • Ornamental shrubs of medium height with a well-developed root system and a strong trunk can be purchased at a price of two hundred and fifty rubles for one unit. Multiply this cost by the amount you need, taking into account that the planting of bush plants of medium height will be made at a distance of forty to fifty centimeters, and get the approximate cost of your hedge.
  • Conifers no more than a meter in height will cost no less than a thousand, and the distance between conifers in one planting line should be no less than seventy centimeters.
  • Hardwood trees can be purchased at a price of six hundred rubles for one copy. The distance between plants in the series of sixty - seventy centimeters.

But do not forget that this is the cost of the vegetation itself. But after her need proper care, otherwise it will not take root.

Very many ornamental forms of plants, which are actively used by designers to create landscape masterpieces, require quite fertile soil for themselves. Not all of us can boast of having such on their summer cottages. And so begins the search for soil and fertilizer. But the fertilizers used to prepare the land for planting, and all sorts of supplements in the process of plant growth and development, are also worth a lot.

So if you do not change the soil, and do only digging and fertilizing in the soil that you have, then the hedge (again, taking into account the size of the site for planting) can go into the cost, up to fifteen thousand rubles. This we did not take into account the price for the plants themselves.

Cost of hedge

If you are going to change the soil for your whimsical, but very nice pets, then you will be billed for an even larger amount, which can be approximately thirty thousand rubles. This is all plus or minus of course.

When a team of specialists is working on your site, the cost will not change significantly from reducing the number of landings themselves, however, if you put your own efforts into the landing process, the latter will cost you much less.

For example, planting fifty units of deciduous shrubs with fertilizer will cost you about fifteen thousand Russian rubles.

The cost of a hedge consists of the elements of care for it. If you will produce the care yourself, then of course, spend a lot less money. And if you decide to resort to the help of specialists every time, look at the quotes for their work.

And these rates are approximately as follows (for work on a plot of one hundred square meters):

  • periodic mowing of lawns and bushes, weeding, feeding, cleaning fallen leaves and damaged branches, pest control and treatment, depending on the condition of your plantings, will cost you up to one thousand eight hundred rubles;
  • one-time care of planting in spring or autumn in the form of a haircut, dressing, aeration will cost up to one thousand eight hundred rubles;
  • one-time care for plantings in the summer will cost you a half thousand rubles;
  • for cutting the lawn, you will give up to six hundred rubles;
  • molding haircut or pruning shrubs will cost at least three hundred and fifty rubles per bush;
  • giving shape to trees will come in the amount of eight hundred rubles for one tree
  • the cost of planting treatment is usually negotiable;
  • the cover of planting before the winter cold will reach three hundred rubles (this is only for one plant);
  • anti-aging pruning will cost up to seven hundred rubles for one unit of landing.

Of course, you should weigh and count everything. And planting, and care and the necessary pest control must be included in your calculations.

The more fertile the soil layer, the less problems you have with plant nutrition. So one-time application of mineral fertilizers is much cheaper than replacing the soil or using a large amount of fertilizers during the autumn digging.

To make it less and cost less, think about what types of plants will get along well with each other and will perfectly transfer our climate and soil characteristics.

Moreover, the qualified specialists of the shops will help you to find the plants that will embody your ideas, your design thought, so to speak, but with all this they will get accustomed to the soil that is typical for you.

Cost of hedge

It is not necessary to chase fashionable novelties, about which nothing else is really known. You do not know how to properly care for them and what feedings to use. Tips tips, and practice is still better.

If you really want some innovation, which is not typical for our country, get a couple of copies, plant with all the requirements and provide proper care. After a while, you yourself will see if you should make a hedge of new, as a rule, expensive species groups of plants, or not.

It so happens that some more expensive in cost, and in the care of not cheap plants look very nice in a hedge. You would like to have them on your site so as to hit your friends and acquaintances with beautiful fragrant buds or variegated foliage, but price is the main stopping factor. Nothing wrong. Think, you do not need to make the whole landing of one expensive type. Combine it with cheaper planting and the case, as they say, with a hat.

Also, do not forget about the cost of a special summer inventory for tillage, watering and feeding your favorite hedge.

In general, within one site, the cost of a hedge may be cheaper than building a fence for their strong and durable building materials, and during flowering periods you certainly do not want to change your luxuriantly growing and fragrant bushes to an artificial fence.

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