Cossack mozhivelnik

Juniper genus is a representative of a wide range of species. By the most conservative estimates in nature, up to sixty species are considered known. One of them - Cossack juniper.

Cossack juniper is one of the most common ornamental plants that are actively used to decorate our summer cottages. It is a shrub or tree plant, it all depends on the varietal characteristics.

The maximum height can reach ten meters, but smaller varieties are most often used.

The leaves of the juniper Cossack very, very interesting. They are two types. Some with scaly plates, while others are shaped like conifer needles. But both the first and second leaves of the green color do not lose the whole year. Sometimes you can find plants that combine both forms of a leaf plate.

Those leaves that are characterized by a dense arrangement of scales on them, have a pronounced aroma. In sunny or rainy weather, the pleasant smell from the juniper Cossack only intensifies.

The flowering period does not give a lush floral decoration, but after this period Cossack junipers appear on the juniper, having a gray or blue color. Here they are definitely attracting attention.

Cossack juniper is considered a real long-liver and in terms of age it can reach a mark of six hundred or eight hundred years.

Cossack juniper grows very slowly, but it has a well-developed root system and crown. The trunk width reaches three meters.

Use of Cossack Juniper

This is a very good choice for decorative use. Often found in garden plantings. It is used for the formation of hedges, as well as in single and group compositions.

It is necessary to note that junipers in general, as a genus, and Cossack junipers in particular, as the species we are considering, are very useful for our plots. They perfectly hold the soil, which prevents erosion. Accordingly, their landing will be relevant on the slopes and slopes, as well as near groundwater.

The use of a Cossack juniper inhibits its too long growth.

If you grow a hedge of a Cossack juniper in combination with other plant crops, then the best for the neighborhood fit: heather, Erica, wild perennials, ground cover pine, spray roses. With these plants, your juniper will feel great.

Planting Cossack Juniper

First of all, we note that the Cossack juniper adapts very well to new conditions. Loves heat and sunlight. It has a very deep root system.

The plant will tolerate arid dry times and does not make any special demands on the soil composition.

But one factor that, besides shading, the Cossack juniper very much does not like, is the urban pollution of the atmosphere. Accordingly, it is better to plant it in the countryside where the air is.

Planting can be carried out by seeds, and can be taps or cuttings.

If you choose seeds, use those that are not stored for a long time, and it is better that there are no seeds just collected. Even with good storage conditions, juniper seeds will lose their germination in the second year.

You can buy young shrubs, but this planting will cost you more than the one that using planting seeds.

The distance between two plants in the same row should be at least one and a half - two meters.

The average planting depth of about seventy centimeters, however, it is not unambiguous and depends on the size of a particular plant and its root system.

If the soil conserves water well or if the groundwater is close to it, drainage from broken brick or river pebbles should be laid out on the bottom of the planting pit.

Cossack juniper care

Special watering requires only in the dry period, but not often, up to two or three times per season and all on it.

In the evening it is best to spray the plant.

Loosening around the landings is carried out, but not too deep. Be careful with the root system !!!

Haircut juniper Cossack will depend on your preferences, as well as on the conditions of cultivation.

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