Corrugated paper topiary

Topiary known as small trees of happiness. Make such crafts from various scrap materials. Topiary will be a great gift or designer decoration in your home. Let's try to make a corrugated paper topiary. You will see that it is very simple and fascinating.

Piggy needlewoman: useful tips

Corrugated paper topiary: master class

Before you figure out how to make a topiary of corrugated paper, let's look at some of the features of the design of such crafts. As already mentioned, happiness trees can be made from any available materials that will serve as decoration. These can be coffee beans, corrugated paper, cloth, beads, cones, buttons, etc.

The main thing in designing topiary is to make the base correctly, which has a spherical or spherical shape. To do this, you can use a regular newspaper: make it a tight lump and wrap it with a string of twine. You can also make a foam base.

Most often, the needlewoman for the manufacture of topiariya basics use balloons that are wrapped with thread and wallpaper glue. Please note that this base is dried for 2-3 days. If you are in a hurry, then choose another option to design the ball.

As a rule, in order to make a handmade topiary made of corrugated paper, the following materials are required:

  • spherical basis;
  • scissors;
  • corrugated colored paper;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • glue gun with rods;
  • floral sticks;
  • a pot or flower pot;
  • foam base for the pot;
  • twine threads.

For decorating, you can use beads, large glass beads, beads, coffee beans, etc.

Master class for beginners

If this is your first time to make a corrugated paper topiary, then this master class is for you. Today we will make an original tree of happiness, studded with roses. Calculate the required number of colors based on the diameter of the spherical base.

How to make a corrugated paper topiary?

Necessary materials:

  • white and yellow corrugated paper;
  • wallpaper glue;
  • thin and twine threads;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun with rods.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To begin, prepare all the necessary materials. If desired, you can use corrugated paper of other shades.We prepare all the necessary materials
  2. Next, proceed to the simulation of roses.
  3. From a roll of corrugated paper we cut off the tape about half a meter long and about 10 cm wide.From a roll of corrugated paper cut the tape
  4. Fold out the cut paper tape on a horizontal surface and bend the upper right corner.We decompose the cut paper tape
  5. Finger hold the bent corner of the paper.
  6. Apply paper over the finger, making the corresponding bend.Finger hold the bent corner of the paper
  7. Press the curled edge of the paper with your finger.We put paper on top of the finger, making the corresponding bend.
  8. Next, do the bend, modeling the shape of a bow.Next, do the bend, modeling the shape of a bow
  9. The edge of the corrugated tape should look like this.Next, do the bend, modeling the shape of a bow
  10. By analogy, we model the edge of the corrugated tape to the end.

    By analogy we model the edge of the corrugated tape to the end.
  11. Starting from the right edge, we twist a rosette of corrugated tape.Starting from the right edge, we twist a rosette of corrugated tape.
  12. Wrap the flower as tightly as possible.Wrap the flower as close as possible
  13. The base of the roses are fixed with a thin thread.The base of the roses are fixed with a thin thread
  14. Cut off the flower stem almost at the level of the tied thread.Cut off the flower stem almost at the level of the tied thread
  15. Here we have this rosette. By analogy, we model several more flowers of various shades.Here we have this rosette
  16. We proceed to the design of a spherical base.
  17. Inflate a balloon of any color.
  18. Wrap the ball on top with a string of threads and grease abundantly with wallpaper glue.
  19. In this form, leave the ball for 2-3 days for complete drying.
  20. Then we pierce the ball with a needle and remove its remnants.Getting to the design of a spherical base
  21. Using the glue gun, we fix blanks of roses made of corrugated paper on a spherical basis.Using the glue gun, we fix blanks of roses
  22. Rosettes should be tight against each other so that there are no gaps.
  23. Made topiary can be attached to a flowerpot or a floral leg.

A simple topiary for lovers of applied art

For beginner needlewomen this master class on topiary design will be suitable. You can use corrugated paper of various shades. For the base, take a small pot, pot or mug. We will make a spherical basis from usual polyurethane foam.

Foam will need to fill the pot. We will attach the crown of topiary to a wooden skewer or a floral stick. If you use an ordinary wooden stick or tubule, then it should be wound with a satin ribbon of the appropriate color. To fix the tape, it is necessary to carefully glue it over the entire surface of the topiary barrel.

As already mentioned, the pot or pot can be filled with foam or foam. Be sure to hide this foundation. For this you can use artificial moss, beads, beads, coffee beans, glass beads, fabric, paper, etc. Everything depends on your imagination and skills.

Simple topiary

Necessary materials:

  • glue gun with rods;
  • corrugated paper of various shades;
  • wire cut or floral sticks;
  • satin fabric;
  • decor material;
  • Balloon;
  • pot or flower pot.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. We take a balloon, inflate it slightly and fill it with water.
  2. Water is drained.
  3. We take a cylinder of foam with a nozzle. Carefully fill the volume of the balloon with foam.
  4. We leave in this form our base for 10-12 hours. After hardening the foam gently remove the balloon.
  5. This is such a solid and simple basis.
  6. Next, from corrugated paper, cut into equivalent strips, the width of which should be approximately 30 mm.
  7. Bend one edge along the entire length of corrugated paper.
  8. The curved side should overlap about 2/3 of the corrugated tape.
  9. Next, wrap a dense flower.
  10. Fix the free edge with a thread, thin wire or glue.
  11. So that the flowers are natural, after the glue dries, we straighten the edges of the petals.
  12. After we have designed the required number of flowers, we glue them close to each other to our base of foam.
  13. Next, take a wire or wooden base, which will serve as the trunk of the topiary.
  14. We wrap it with a satin ribbon of the corresponding color and fix it firmly with glue.
  15. We glue the tape in several places. It is better to overlap the atlas with overlap, so that the tape does not then slip over the stalk.
  16. Stringing designed crown topiary on the stem.
  17. Next, take the pot and fill it with foam.
  18. In the middle we insert the stem of the topiary.
  19. Foam mask the elements of decor. Artificial moss is best.

We care for topiary correctly

After you have created a beautiful topiary, you can give it to a loved one or leave it in your home. This craft will be an excellent design solution. By the way, topiary harmonizes with almost any interior style.

And in order for a man-made work to delight you and your family with its aesthetic appearance, you need to properly care for an artificial tree of happiness, namely:

  • do not place topiary under direct sunlight, otherwise corrugated paper will quickly lose its color;
  • As you know, paper is incompatible with moisture, therefore it is impossible to spray or wash topiary;
  • over time, between the flowers will dust clog, it must be removed so as not to spoil the appearance of the crafts;
  • You can get rid of dust with a soft brush, dry brush or hair dryer.

Topiary - small trees of happiness. Spend time with benefits and make your happy Topiary. Bring in your life a bit of warmth, joy and happiness. Good luck in all your endeavors and creative success!

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