Cool russian nicknames for cats boys

You got a cute kitten, but you can not find a suitable name for him? Do all the nicknames seem trite and boring to you? Perhaps you and your pet will like Russian nicknames for cats boys. Cool, funny and original - they are in no way inferior to overseas nicknames. And you will have plenty to choose from - now you will see for yourself!

Successful name: happy cat, the owners are happy - how not to be mistaken with the nickname?

Russian funny nicknames for cats boys

Of course, cats are so smart animals that they can remember any nickname their master will give them. But there are still a few rules that will facilitate the process of habituation of purrs to their name and make its use convenient for the hosts.

If you want to please your cat, then follow these principles of choosing a nickname:

  • Researchers of feline abilities have established that the cat memorizes the words of three sounds the fastest. Therefore, it is better that in his nickname there should be no more than 2-3 syllables;
  • the pet will easily assimilate his nickname and will begin to respond to it willingly if there are such sounds in it: "s", "s", "c", "m", "k", "sh" and the sound combination "mr";
  • these animals are well aware of the nicknames that end in a vowel sound;
  • Remember that the kitten will soon turn into an adult imposing cat. Therefore, it will be somewhat strange if you have to call him Baby, Sugar or Fluff.

Now for the owners. Choose a pet nickname on the general family council. It should please everyone. Do not forget that the name of the kitten will have to be repeated many times, so it should not be very difficult and annoying.

Another important point: cool does not mean offensive or abusive! If you use any word from the category of indecent as a nickname, it will seem ridiculous in a narrow circle of your friends. But, as soon as you go out for a walk, you will feel embarrassed, since the “obscene” name of your pet, which will have to be repeated publicly, may cause bewilderment and even condemnation among others.

These, of course, are not strict regulations, which all must necessarily follow. In fact, cats are distinguished by amazing intelligence and high intelligence, so they will learn any name, no matter how complex and pretentious it is.

In ethno style: to call a cat in Russian, but cool

Cool Russian nicknames for cats boys

Providing a comfortable life for your pet: buy a tray, house, scraper, tasty food - a simple matter. But to come up with a Russian name for a cat-boy is a responsible and difficult mission.

If you are bored with Archibalda, Walter, Apollo and Hermes and, moreover, you are not a Briton, but an animal of the national breed, then pay attention to the funny Russian nicknames for cats boys. Of course, it does not have to be Vaska, Murchik, Timokha or Barsik: it will be too primitive a choice for such a wonderful and unusual cat as yours.

So, what non-standard name can a cat acquire? Drop stereotypes, fantasize. No ideas? Observe the character of the cat-boy and use these options:

  • Kotofey Ivanovich (suitable for a leisurely and important cat);
  • Dobrynya;
  • Buyan;
  • Quiet;
  • Boss;
  • Major;
  • Bubble;
  • Pelmen (loves to eat);
  • Susanin (climbs into the most incredible places);
  • Svintus (there is no need to explain anything here);
  • Mummy (not in the sense of "not capable of anything", but in honor of his musicality);
  • Grumbling (always displeased with all);
  • Hamster (hides food in all corners or just in appearance similar to this rodent);
  • Rogue;
  • Ninja (sneaks up unnoticed, attacks suddenly, disappears instantly).

If you decide to make the main emphasis not on the cat's temper, but on its color, in this case it is also easy to come up with a funny nickname. White cat can give the name Blond, Kefir, Coconut, Biscuit; Black - Coal, Beetle, Raven, Dusk; ginger - Orange, Yantar, Pumpkin, Peach. Well, gray is Wolf, Alcohol, Smog, Ashes.

Fun and no complaints!

cool nicknames of cats

Coming up with a cat's name (especially if you want it to be funny and funny), you do not need to be guided by the color of the fur and the disposition of the pet. You can just creatively approach this issue and call the mustache purr so that your friends appreciate your matchless sense of humor. For example, use these cool nicknames:

  • Student;
  • Eggplant;
  • Belyashik;
  • Glitch;
  • Brick;
  • Baton;
  • Baguette;
  • Point;
  • Rarity;
  • Sharper;
  • Beard (Bearded);
  • The Viskar;
  • Tank;
  • Broom;
  • Colonel;
  • Shortbread;
  • Marshmallow;
  • Bear;
  • Gin.

These names need no explanation. They simply give a good mood to the owner and others and shape the character of the cat. He becomes an inventor and often the star of the Internet.

Home interpretation of the "nenashi" nicknames: cat-patriot!

Russian nickname does not mean that you should give the cat the name of a relative or friend. So you can get into an awkward position, because not everyone will appreciate your ingenuity. Therefore, select rare names (Elizar, Epifan, Kondrat, Nikifor) or use the secret of some kotomans: they interpret common foreign names in their own way. Then Berthold turns into Bertie, Benjamin becomes Benei, and Marselius becomes Marsyk.

Cote mascot: to name the original and with benefit!

How in Russian is cool to call a cat

The name affects not only the person - it determines the fate of the four-legged pets (and perhaps, to some extent, ours). Therefore, in pursuit of originality, you should not give the cat such nicknames: Shaman, Killer, Vampire, Fire, Flood, Bastard (although for those who are deprived of prejudice, this is also a good option).

Well, if you want to bring money and happiness along with a fluffy meowing miracle in your house, then try to call it cool, but with a meaning. For example:

  • Lucky;
  • Evrik;
  • Baksik;
  • Ruble;
  • Lyubchik;
  • Purse;
  • Safe;
  • Treasure

If you adore unformat and come to everything creatively and outside the box, then your cat must have a special name. And it, of course, can be of Russian origin. Imagine, but do not lose common sense. Remember that the nickname should not only sound cool, but also bear a positive - then you and your cat will always have absolute harmony.

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