Constipation in a cat

Constipation is one of the most common and serious pet health problems. There are many reasons for this painful condition. If there is constipation in a cat, home treatment should be carried out very carefully and after consulting a veterinarian. What can we do for our pets?

Alarming symptoms

symptom of constipation - the cat does not go to the toilet for 3 days

The main symptom of constipation - the cat does not go to the toilet for 3 days or more. When visiting the tray, the faeces are small, drained, even cracked. They can scratch the rectum and the anus, so with such a problem, cats often meekly and loudly complain, behave restlessly.

Veterinarians say that constipation in a cat can be 2 types. Their symptoms are:

  • feces are displayed in the form of dried small lumps. But a large amount of feces at the same time does not come out of the intestine;
  • the cat cannot be emptied on its own. Fecal matter hardens so much that it cannot come out in a natural way.

Hazard factors

Constipation in cats occurs due to various factors. The most common cause of the problem is improper nutrition. A small amount of liquid, lack of succulent feed badly affect digestion. The pet's health does not deteriorate immediately, but gradually: first, the appetite disappears, then you can notice the cat's anxiety when using the toilet.

Causes of gastric fastening in pets can be:

  • significant amount of swallowed wool;
  • getting into the intestines of foreign objects, food particles that the cat can not digest (fish or bird pits);
  • inflammatory diseases, intestinal ulcers, as well as disorders of blood circulation in the digestive system;
  • tumors in the intestines or tumors in the anal sphincter;
  • obstruction caused by parasites;
  • infectious diseases;
  • nerve strain;
  • the impact of drugs, anesthesia during operations. Quite a common phenomenon - constipation in cats after sterilization. Drugs that are administered for anesthesia, can slow down the activity of the intestine, lead to the formation of adhesions, disrupt metabolism.

Effective treatment

Doctors advise if a cat is constipated.

If there is a suspicion of constipation in a cat, home treatment should be carried out after being examined by a veterinarian. The specialist establishes the diagnosis and determines how to help the animal. Independent actions are dangerous to the health of pets, because to solve a problem you need to find out exactly its cause. To get rid of parasites, infections or viruses, separate drugs are used. And with spikes in the intestine, surgery is necessary.

This is what doctors usually advise if a cat is constipated:

  • introduction to the diet of foods with fiber content (milk, vegetables, cereals);
  • adding a small amount of vegetable oil to food;
  • taking laxative drugs in conjunction with drugs that help maintain the intestinal microflora;
  • enemas. This method of intestinal cleansing should be trusted only to a specialist. After all, the volume of liquid and its temperature must be calculated correctly. In addition, a certain practice is required in order not to be the cause of injury to the rectum of the animal;
  • Vaseline oil is a proven remedy for constipation in cats. The dosage is determined by the doctor individually. As a rule, it is prescribed from 10 ml for the first time, and then 5 ml is given up to 5 times a day. The oil has a softening effect on the fecal masses, it helps the pet to go to the tray painlessly.

The best solution is a warning.

To avoid constipation in cats and not have to quickly learn how to treat a pet, it is better to prevent the occurrence of a problem. Pet foods must contain fiber. This requirement applies to natural food and dry food. It is useful to give dairy products to cats.

Long-haired cats, it is desirable to help comb out. You can consult with a veterinarian about drugs that promote the regurgitation of hair, so that she did not get into the intestines. And in general, periodic check-ups at the veterinary clinic and vaccination will help keep the pet healthy.

Constipation in a cat is a problem that needs to be addressed without delay, especially since its symptoms can not be overlooked. The causes of this condition can be very different, so the diagnosis and treatment should be trusted by specialists. And so that the problem situation does not happen again, you need to provide your pets with proper nutrition and care.

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