Combining wallpaper in the interior

What creates comfort and atmosphere in the apartment? Of course, the overall style and interior. This is beautiful furniture, unusual solutions in the planning of the space, but most importantly - the design of the walls. After all, they occupy a large area in the room. Wallpapers and wall painting should be given the most attention during the repair process.

Combining wallpaper in the interior: design tips

Combining wallpaper in the interior

In a spacious room with high ceilings and good illumination, the wallpaper of any tones will look equally attractive. But to make the room the most advantageous, you can use design tricks, namely the combination of wallpaper in the interior.

This technique will look great in a large, bright room, and in small, so-called problem rooms. It is through the combination of wallpaper, you can hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the home.

For the combination, you can use different materials, colors, textures. For example, in decorating the kitchen, it is recommended to use different finishes for the working and dining areas. In living rooms, they usually single out a wall that has a sofa or is planned to hang a TV system.

In principle, the combination of wallpaper can be used in any room, even in the hallway. Most often, you can get by with just a combination of colors, while maintaining a single texture.

How to combine different wallpaper correctly?

Combining wallpaper in the interior

  • No matter how varied the wallpaper on the palette or texture, the interior for them can be traced several principles that are precisely in the combination. This is a vertical, horizontal division of walls with different variations or just zoning of the room with wallpaper.
  • So, for vertical division it is necessary to use wallpaper of the first width and texture, but of different colors. Strips of material can be alternated through 1 or 2. And colors can be monochrome. With a contrast solution, the wallpaper will be not only the background for the interior, but also its main highlight, which can set the tone for the general mood.
  • You can combine not only colors, but also texture. For example, wallpaper striped and flowered. In the end, get a retro room. You can dock them as is traditional - a joint at the junction, or by wave, zigzag. But the latest options are already work for professionals.
  • Combining wallpaper on the horizontal distribution can be used in almost all styles of interior. In this case, you can combine similar or completely different in color, also with a different texture. For example, the lower part of the wall can be glued vinyl wallpaper, which will look like plaster, but the upper part - textile.
  • In case of horizontal division of the walls, it is necessary to use a decorative barrier for the design of the joints; paper specimens, polyurethane moldings or ceiling plinths can be used. The choice will depend on the style of the interior and the personal taste of the owner of the room. Do not overlook the materials and butt wallpaper. If the thickness is the same, then it is quite possible to use paper molding, but if the wallpaper is different in texture, it will not lie flat, it will not look neat.

When choosing wallpaper, and especially their compatibility, you should not rely only on its color memory, it is best to visualize the final result. Therefore, it is best to buy wallpaper for the combination in the 1st store. If vertical zoning of the room was chosen, they should be of the first thickness, made of the 1st material, for example, non-woven, but different in color.

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