Coffee topiary

Under such an unusual and mysterious word "topiary" hides a unique style of trees and shrubs in the parks. Now this name has become relevant to beautifully created crafts in the form of trees and shrubs, decorated with a variety of materials..

The fashion for topiary made of coffee and other materials is winning more and more fans. Such trees not only look very beautiful, but also become a wonderful gift and decoration for any room, while emitting a wonderful and fragrant coffee smell.

How to make topiary of coffee?

Coffee Topiary

  • Before you start making topiary, prepare an ordinary plastic table tennis ball and coffee beans as a basis for it. To decorate a tree, it is best to use beautiful grains, and leave defective ones to decorate the bottom or trunk of the tree. Usually, to create a coffee tree, there is enough half a packet of coffee beans.
  • Make a hole in the ball for the future of the trunk, using a sharp knife. Then paint it in your favorite color with car paint. In the same color that you chose, you can paint the future pot of trees. When the ball dries, use a glue gun and coat it with hot glue. After that, start laying coffee beans, preferably in a chaotic manner in two layers. Position the kernels as close to each other as possible.
  • When the first layer of grains will be laid, start filling in the empty spaces. Now, with a twine, twisted cord or ribbon, decorate the topiary trunk. Then insert the barrel into the ball. The ball should not stagger at the same time, so fasten it, if necessary, with cotton wool or clay to make it sit tight.
  • Put the ready coffee topiary in the pot. For potty filler, you can take earth, sand, plaster or a piece of foam. In the filler, the main thing is that it gives stability to the tree. Sprinkle the selected filler on top with coffee beans. Now you can put the finished topiary close to the computer, so that the smell of coffee beans would stir you up just as well as a cup of strong coffee.

How to make the original topiary of coffee beans?

Topiary can be made from coffee beans not only in the form of a tree, but also in the form of a globe. To make it, you will need 80 grams of coffee beans, twine, hot glue, 3 wooden skewers, brown paint, cinnamon sticks, threads, foam or newspaper and wire.

Globe Coffee TopiaryCoffee Topiary

  • Form a ball of paper, wind it as tightly as possible threads. You can make a ball out of papier-mâché or take a regular plastic tennis ball.
  • After that, the ball must be painted with ordinary paint. So that the paper does not shine through, it should be painted brown. The finished billet must then be dried. Do this by placing the bulb on or near the battery.
  • After that, in the center of the paper blank, thread 3 wooden skewers. If you chose a plastic ball as a blank, then you should carefully cut a hole in it with scissors, and then attach sticks to it with glue.
  • Speakers need to be decorated using a string. Then stick coffee beans on their tips. After that, proceed to pasting the ball. To paste the globe itself, you only need beautiful grains of the same size. Glue the grains with flat halves up, sticking them tightly together so that there is as little free space as possible.
  • Grains should be glued in one row. After this globe is ready, start making meridians on it. You can make them with the help of a string, fixing it at the base with hot glue.
  • The globe also needs support. Therefore, you can make a rack of wire. Then wrap it with string, gluing it with glue. Place the globe on the base. As a base for it you can use an empty deep lid or an old cup. It must be wrapped with twine.
  • Now knead the plaster, place it in a cup, install the globe, and then fill it with plaster. When the plaster hardens, add hot glue to the bottom and cover it with coffee beans. Tie a thread to the base of the globe, and a fragrant cinnamon stick to it and put the topiary made of coffee in the shape of a globe where you can not only admire it, but also feel the aroma of coffee with cinnamon.

How to make coffee topiary quickly?

To make a beautiful coffee topiary quickly, Prepare food film, newspaper, Chinese sticks or skewers for kebab, thread, glue gun, coffee beans, gypsum or clay, beads, ribbons or ribbons, a pot and rhinestones.

Coffee topiary: how to make?

  • Mind the newspaper in a ball. To make it easier to do, crush the newspaper on one sheet, wrapping it with the second and third sheets, until you reach the desired volume of the future crown. After that, wrap the ball from the newspaper with food film. Then fix all this with ordinary threads, forming an even ball. Wrap the film also sticks or skewers, they will become the trunk of the future tree.
  • Make a cut in the food film and insert the future barrel into the crown.
  • In order to secure the tree, use clay, salt dough or gypsum.
  • After that, glue the tree with coffee beans, trying to keep as few openings as possible. When all pasted, go to the creation of the crown and the decoration of the pot. Wrap the barrel with coffee color, decorate the crown with bows, and decorate the pot with green velvet.
  • If there are empty spaces between the grains, paste rhinestones on them. Topiary coffee is ready, you can put it in a prominent place.

Coffee Topitar: video

Any decorative thing made with your own hands will be a wonderful decoration and a gift that will be able to please relatives and friends. Coffee topiary is not only able to create coziness in the house, but also to become an excellent final accent in any gift that you decide to present yourself or friends. How to make a beautiful topiary from other materials, read the article Topiary do it yourself.

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