Coffee beans crafts

Recall childhood: how wonderful we spent our time at the lessons of applied art and labor training. We were taught skills of needlework, we mastered various directions of origami and other art forms. You must admit that many of us liked to make something, and then give it to loved ones. And for some, the creation of handicrafts has become a real and favorite activity. Alas, having matured, many left their hobbies in the past due to the emergence of new worries and lack of time. If you have at least a few minutes of free time, plunge into childhood and try to build an crafts with your household.

In this article we will talk about how to make crafts from coffee beans.

Hand-made coffee beans

What crafts can you make from your own coffee beans?

What only do not come up with experienced needlewomen. This kind of art will be especially interesting for coffee lovers: now you can not only enjoy a cup of aromatic drink, but also create a real hand-made coffee masterpiece.

You can decorate different surfaces with whole coffee beans, for example:

What crafts of coffee beans can be made?

  • clock;
  • frames for pictures;
  • shelves;
  • flower pots;
  • vases and more.

Beautiful coffee beans

If you like to create masterpieces, you can make unusual crafts out of coffee beans:

  • paintings;
  • cups with saucers;
  • hearts on a stand;
  • souvenir cars;
  • clock;
  • coffee trees;
  • flowers;
  • Christmas trees;
  • globes;
  • candles;
  • decorative bracelets;
  • horseshoes;
  • football balls;
  • hedgehogs.

Crafts from coffee beans: master classes

You can independently create and create your own unique, vintage or original craftwork in the style of hi-tech.

Master classes from the best needlewomen

Your favorite hobby was the modeling of coffee beans or, on the contrary, are you just trying to join this kind of handicraft? Then check out our master classes. All crafts are very easy to make, and you only need the necessary materials, a little imagination and a bit of patience.

How to decorate a mug of coffee beans?

In fact, only at first glance it seems that it is very difficult to make such an article. However, it is this masterpiece of coffee beans can be attributed to the simple crafts.

How to decorate a mug of coffee beans?

Necessary materials:

  • coffee beans;
  • a mug of any size (preferably a coffee cup);
  • dark brown paint;
  • cotton pads;
  • strong threads;
  • glue gun or very strong glue.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take the selected mug and wrap it outside with cotton pads. Be sure to wrap and handle.Mug pasted with cotton pads outside
  2. Next, take a thick and durable thread and wrap it with cotton pads. You do not need to completely wrap the mug, just enough to fix the discs.Fix cotton pads on the circle
  3. Now paint any brown paint with a sponge or a brush. After staining there should be no gaps.How to paint a mug?
  4. When the paint dries out well, start modeling the cup with coffee beans. It is best to stick the grain in two layers, so that there are no flashes.How to glue the coffee beans to the craft?
  5. After you have finished decorating, decorate the mug with ribbons or flowers, for example, from guipure.

Making a cup with a saucer

The floating circles look very beautiful and mysterious. Such a masterpiece of coffee beans creates a feeling of weightlessness and mystery. A mug hovers over a saucer, and coffee pours out of it in a magical cascade.

Necessary materials:

  • coffee beans;
  • glue gun;
  • saucer;
  • Cup;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • strong rope (best twine).

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To begin, coat the outside of the cup and saucer with glue. It is best to use quick-drying glue or pencils for glue guns.
  2. Then completely paste over the mug and the saucer with twine thread so that there are no gaps left.Crafts with coffee beans: a cup and saucer
  3. Now take a strong wire or a hard cable and bend it in the form of an inverted Z letter. Glue one edge to the saucer.Coffee Bean Crafts: Process Description
  4. Glue the second edge of the wire to the inside of the cup at an angle.Coffee Bean Crafts
  5. Now proceed to modeling the coffee waterfall. Glue the coffee beans so that they expand downwards. You can apply grains in several layers to make the cascade more powerful.How to make a coffee waterfall?
  6. About this is the result you should get.DIY coffee
  7. If desired, you can decorate the top of the mug with coffee beans. For example, the seeds can be laid out in the form of a flower. Use glue for this.How to decorate a mug with coffee beans?
  8. Cinnamon sticks, candy models or chocolate can be glued to the saucer.What to make from coffee beans?

Crafts made from twine and coffee beans

If you want to make a beautiful amulet and decorated object for your home, then be sure to try to build a coffee mill. This handicraft looks very beautiful and unusual. Believe me, many guests will like your product, and they will ask you to give a master class or donate a craft.

Necessary materials:

  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • twine thread;
  • thick cardboard;
  • coffee beans;
  • toothpicks or skewers;
  • empty capacity (can).

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take the prepared jar (any other container) and coat it thoroughly with glue, and then wrap it with a twine thread.
  2. From thick cardboard, best of all in dark color, cut a circle and twist a cone-shaped roof from it. Such a roof should extend beyond the edges of the can.Crafts made from twine and coffee beans
  3. If you took a light cardboard, then paint the roof brown or black paint. Then, using glue, attach the roof to the main building of the mill and proceed to modeling the craft with coffee beans.Coffee Bean Modeling
  4. You can paste the roof completely with coffee beans or do it along straight or curved lines. It all depends entirely on your imagination and preferences.
  5. Must be in the mill should be the blades. Cut a small letter X out of cardboard.Twine and Coffee Bean Mill
  6. Cut the same lengths out of toothpicks or wooden skewers and attach them to the edges of the cardboard blades.Twine and Coffee Bean Mill: Production
  7. Next, wind the blades with twine thread, leaving a small segment at the very top, so that the skewers are visible.Twine Crafts
  8. Glue the coffee beans to the center of the resulting blades. They can be laid out simply in a circle or to portray a flower.Twine and Coffee Bean Mill: Manufacture Description
  9. Take the glue and attach the blades to the roof of the coffee mill. Here is such an unusual talisman you should get.How to make a mill of twine and coffee beans?

Crafts of coffee beans can not only give a loved one or friend. Such masterpieces decorate various surfaces in the house. A great element of the decor in the kitchen is a coffee clock, scales or picture frame. Try it, because this art form can be mastered quite easily. Experiment, invent new crafts and share your master classes with friends.

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