Clothes for full in boho style

Depending on the characteristics of our figure, we are free to wear clothes of the same style, while the other, unfortunately, is not. Modern women attach particular importance to clothing styles. In addition to the fact that things must be trendy, comfortable and high-quality, often the main task for them is to mask the flaws of the figure.

The boho style in clothes for the full is represented on the photo of the product of free cut, moderately fitted, moderately baggy, midi and maxi hems, wide sleeves, flowing fabrics, bright, sometimes motley colors. Most of the outfits are very elegant, giving the cushion of femininity and chic. At first glance it may seem that the full lady is dressed somehow casually. This is what boho style is all about - bohemian chic is hidden behind deliberate negligence.

Clothes for full in boho styleBohemian boho style for women with a luxurious figure

Designers of women's clothing are developing masses of models in the style of boho: from summer dresses and sundresses to cardigans, tunics, skirts. If you wish, you can easily create a boho style with your own hands. A little effort and your individual image is ready: romantic and feminine, stylish and original, with all the subtleties of taste, suitable for you personally. Boho style in clothes for full: patterns

Some tips

  1. Asymmetry of the hem is welcome.
  2. Pick up natural fabrics that will not stand stake.
  3. Coloring: prints, chaotic geometry color and monophonic fabrics.
  4. Compliance with the parameters of your size - conditional.
  5. Décor is welcome: ruffles, lace, appliqués, stripes, lacing, hanging belts, wide and inside pockets, and so on.
  6. In one product can be combined fabrics of different qualities.
  7. Accessories, hats and boho style jewelry complement the look.

Shoulder product

Sew an original outfit in boho style with your own hands easier than ever. To create a dress pattern you need a traditional base according to your measurements. If a product is planned with a sleeve, then its scheme is drawn up starting from the product scheme. The following cut is assumed:

- shelf - 2 parts;

- back - 2 parts;

- hem - 4 parts;

- sleeve - 2 parts;

- neck opening - 2 (in front) and 2 (back) parts;

- cuff - 2 parts.

Do not forget about seam allowances: at the bottom of the skirt - 20 mm, in the places of stitching - 15 mm.

Boho shoulder productBoho dress

Pattern dress in the style of boho

On the back of the waist measure upwards 50-60 mm and draw a horizontal line. On the shelf do the same. Cut off the excess. Breast groove cut and close. Talevy - shorten by 15 mm and slightly bend on the pattern.

When cutting the top of the dress from the neck, make an allowance of 30 mm. Sleeve expand down to 30 mm from each edge. This is required so that the cuff has a little fit. The length of the sleeve pattern should correspond to the length of the arm from the shoulder to the hand. After attaching the cuff, the bottom edge of the sleeve should hang slightly.

Hem style - bell skirt. Due to the fact that we raised the waist line by 60 mm, we need to increase the front line of the skirt by the same value (fold). The grooves on the skirt should be compared with the grooves on the details of the top.

You can take up cutting fabric. After all the details are cut, they need to be stitched. First grooves and front to top / bottom. After we connect the top and bottom of the product. We stitch the side and humeral edges of the parts.

Secret snake can be sewn on the side or on the back. Next, we treat the neck under the trim. We sew the cuffs to the sleeves, sew the sleeves, leaving the cuff for a fastener a little. Sew sleeves to the top of the product.

All seams are stitched on the machine. The tissue slices must first be overlocked (except for hidden ones). The last machine seam is the hem turn.

The sleeve clasp will look more elegant if the buttons are covered with the same cloth as on the dress. To decorate the shelf next to the same buttons as on the sleeves.

On a similar principle, patterns are built in the boho style in clothes for full for other shoulder products.

And here are some more photos of the boho style in clothes for the full.

Boho ponchoBoho clothesBoho style in clothes for fullFashion for full boho style

Pattern tunic in the style of boho

Pattern short dresses in the style of boho

How to sew a boho tunic?

Wide boho dress

Patterns are very simple. It will take hours in stitching a new outfit.

Boho Cape

Boho-style Cape Pattern

Boho skirt

Boho-style skirts look like a gypsy outfit: wedges, frills, flared sun, drapery, several layers of skirts of different lengths, asymmetry. To build the pattern you need to measure the standard volumes: waist, hips, height of the product. Put them on paper. And then you can fantasize with the design, as you like.

Boho skirt

Boho beach skirt

The skirt can be sewn not from scratch, but to alter one of its old ones, including jeans. The combination of jeans and chiffon in trend today.

Design ideas from boho style apparently invisible. Fat ladies are free to wear such clothes, while remaining elegant and elegantly dressed. The main thing in this style is multi-tiered, multi-layered, high waist, volume forms, asymmetry, a combination of fabrics with different textures.

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