Citric acid for washing machine. removal and prevention of

A washing machine is a necessary attribute of any apartment. For it to serve you for many years, you need to take care of it, regularly carry out cleaning from scale and fungus. Scale is a standard and almost inherent problem of any such technique, which ordinary citric acid will help to get rid of.

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid?

When using a washing machine on the heating element (and other parts of the machine) begins to appear scum. This happens due to the fact that alkali metal salts present in the water are deposited inside the mechanism. To eliminate the problem, you can use modern tools or regular citric acid.

Before you start cleaning the washing machine, make sure that there are no things in it. Otherwise, the acid can ruin your clothes. When you make sure that the drum is empty, pour 200 g of citric acid into it or the powder compartment. After running the machine for the longest mode, set the maximum temperature (90-100 degrees). Citric acid, entering into a chemical reaction with scale, dissolves salt, resulting in a heating element is cleaned.

Citric acid for washing machine

When you start the machine, do not leave it for a long time: pieces of scale will go to the drain and they need to be cleaned in a timely manner. When the washing machine turns off, open it and check the rubber elements. If pieces of scale have gathered under them, remove them with a soft cloth and wipe dry. Do not forget to look into the drain: there may also be remnants of scale. If you didn’t find it, it means that you didn’t get enough of citric acid and you’ll have to do it again.

To clean the machine from scaling more efficiently, add 200 g of whiteness or bleach to the acid. With this cleaning, it is recommended to constantly air the room. In the process, chlorine vapors will be released from the machine, which can irritate the mucous membrane and respiratory tract. Lemonic acid is excellent not only for processing the washing machine machine, but also for other models.

Professional masters recommend cleaning the machine every 2 months. The only minus of using citric acid - with frequent use, it destroys not only limescale, but also rubber parts of the machine.

Removal and prevention of scale washing machine citric acid

Citric acid not only helps to combat scale, but also eliminates mold. You can remove its unpleasant smell by pouring citric acid into the drum and pouring a little bleach. Turn on the washing machine without clothes for a long time at the maximum temperature. After the end of the washing, wipe the device and sealing gum dry inside. In addition, it is worth cleaning the powder tray in whiteness, after washing it under a strong stream of running water.

Citric acid for washing machine

If you do not like descaling with citric acid, you can use other methods and means. One of them is softeners: under the action of special magnets included in them, the salts are split into molecules. This method is not budget, but you will forget about any problems associated with hard water.

Another, more cost-effective way to clean a washing machine from scale is to install a mechanical cleaning filter. It is also called sedimentary, as it purifies tap water from rust, sand and other impurities.

Another good way to protect the machine from scale is washing clothes at a temperature of 40 - 50 degrees. This is explained as follows: the higher the temperature, the more scale is formed on the heating element. This method is the simplest and most economical.

It is important to know that the more often you wash out dilapidated, woolen things, as well as clothes with a long nap, the more scale will be on the heating element. When washing, these things are showered with small particles that stick to the heating element and stick to it along with the scale.

Citric acid for washing machine

Give preference to high-quality laundry detergents, as well as wash clothes in those modes that imply the minimum water heating. Do not forget to care for the machine outside: periodically wash it with soap and a soft cloth. Abrasives and powders are not recommended for this purpose.

Cleaning the outside of the machine is easy: you can wipe the dirt on the case and the door with a soft sponge soaked in warm soapy water. Sealing gum can be cleaned with an old toothbrush. A filter preventing the drain hose from clogging should be periodically pulled out of the machine and also cleaned. It is also necessary to periodically process the place where the filter is inserted.

The washing machine is a great modern assistant for washing laundry. Do not forget that you need to carefully care for it, clean from scale and mold, to extend the life of a household appliance. This can be done with the help of special tools or regular citric acid.

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