Chrysanthemums and their large number of species delight with the abundance and richness of the color of every lover of beauty. An exhibition of blooming chrysanthemums is held annually in the botanical gardens. But such beauty can be grown at home.

The uniqueness of chrysanthemums lies in the fact that when winter approaches and nature stops, they begin to bloom, delighting with the bright colors of the passing summer.. That is why many flower growers are happy to get small chrysanthemums in pots for cultivation at home, especially since the flower is not so whimsical in care. If you want the beauty of these flowers to delight you, then choose your favorite variety and learn all rules care for chrysanthemum at home.

Diseases of chrysanthemum at home

When buying, choosing a chrysanthemum, inspect the flower from all sides, in time to notice the signs of the disease or pests.The flower must be completely healthy, otherwise, it will require close attention and may infect other flowers. Anyway having bought a chrysanthemum, arrange her a kind of quarantine, Put it for a month apart from other colors.

Chrysanthemum: home care

  • If a disease appears, treat the flower with the desired fungicide.
  • When insect pests: aphids, thrips, soil flies, all chrysanthemum leaves and the soil layer need to be treated with insecticide. From insecticides can come topaz, karbofos, actellik, decis. You can add a little laundry detergent to the diluted insecticide. Spray the entire chrysanthemum from a spray bottle.
  • You can cope with spider mites and aphids with soap and water and pyrethrum. To prepare its solution, dilute 20 g of pyrethrum powder in 1 liter of water, leave for 12 hours. Then take 50 ml of the infusion, dilute in 1 liter of water and add 50 g of soap.

When quarantine is over, transplant the chrysanthemum and transfer it to the rest of the flowers. To prolong the flowering period and preserve its decorative appearance, remove yellowed and faded leaves in a timely manner. If a chrysanthemum at home does not branch, pinch the top of the flower so that the side plants can sprout.

Home Chrysanthemum: 10 rules of care

  1. Chrysanthemum is quite unpretentious in the care. It can be put on the balcony, because the flower likes cool and fresh air, but not frost. In the cold season, chrysanthemum should be brought into the room. Optimum temperature for a flower +150WITH.
  2. The chrysanthemum suffers from heat badly, begins to wither and turn yellow.
  3. For correct development of chrysanthemum at home need to air the room more often.
  4. The flower needs good lighting, but not direct sunlight.
  5. Chrysanthemum needs to be watered 2 p. per week, and periodically spray in the morning and evening.
  6. For a flower pot is best to choose a large, it will simplify the process of transplanting.
  7. After transplantation after 2 weeks, the chrysanthemum must be fed with liquid fertilizers for flowers.
  8. To get large flowers from chrysanthemum at home, you need to form a plant, simply by plucking the first bud.
  9. When the flower grows its shoots, it is desirable to tie it in advance to the wings.
  10. To cook ground for chrysanthemum can be from sand, turf and humus land in a ratio of 1 to 2 to 2. If you add bird droppings to the soil, the chrysanthemum will bloom better.

Chrysanthemum. 10 rules of care

Chrysanthemum at home - features of care

  • Chrysanthemum refers to flowers that prefer a short day of light and a cool temperature. As soon as the light day becomes 8 hours, it begins to bloom.. The temperature in the room where the flower is located should not be above +180C therefore cool and bright window - the best place for chrysanthemum at home. As soon as she finishes blooming, she needs to be cut and removed to a place where the temperature is about +30WITH.
  • In early March, chrysanthemum transplanted into fresh soil. In a growing flower, shoots can be cut to form a beautiful bush, and the remaining cuttings can be used for propagation. So that the chrysanthemum does not turn into a bare plant, it is advisable to cut it off during active growth.
  • As soon as the spring frosts end, the chrysanthemum is carried out into the garden or on the balcony, until the autumn cold weather comes, or it starts to bloom. Best of all, chrysanthemum at home grows in a loose and fertile substrate.
  • Young chrysanthemums, rooted cuttings, chrysanthemums in the period of flowering and active growth need feeding every week. For fertilizing is well suited full complex fertilizer for flowers. Chrysanthemum does not tolerate dry land, so it is desirable to maintain a light soil moisture, watering it moderately.
  • If a lot of buds appear on a chrysanthemum, but it is necessary that it bloom faster, you can remove several ovaries.

Breeding chrysanthemums at home

Now there are many varieties of chrysanthemum that can be grown in pots all year round. For planting cutting pick up a small pot.

Breeding chrysanthemums at home

If you want to plant several grown bushes in one container at once, pick up pots with a diameter of 35 cm. In this case, plant the chrysanthemums around the circle, at an equal distance from the edge and each other. If you pick up different types of chrysanthemums for one container, then they will look great when flowering.

When breeding chrysanthemums at home, it is very important to remember that cuttings without pinching the side shoots will grow much higher than the mother flower. Therefore, pinch the top shoot, so that the growth would be lateral, forming a flower crown. For chrysanthemums with small flowers, 3 pinching is enough.

On what types of indoor chrysanthemums are, how to choose a plant when buying and many more interesting things in the article House chrysanthemum: growing and care.

With careful attention to chrysanthemums, they grow and bloom beautifully in winter and late autumn at home. Having bought a flower, do not put it directly to other plants, watch it for a month. If the chrysanthemum is healthy or you can cure it, then safely transfer it to other colors. Observing all the rules of care for chrysanthemums at home, you can enjoy them, their blooming and beauty for many years.

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