Christmas crafts from cones do it yourself

Co-creation, like nothing else, helps a person’s self-expression. In the park or forest you can find cones of different shapes and sizes. Of these, you can make a treat for the birds, which will be very useful in the winter, and will even more delight children. Spread the peanut butter on the cone, then dip in the bird food. After that, decorate the tree in the yard, which you see from the window, with cones. Bullfinch, titmouses and sparrows will soon find a delicacy prepared by you.

If you show imagination and desire, you can make beautiful New Year collages, original gifts or stylish home decorations out of the cones. Children can also be attracted to making crafts from cones.

How to make a tree from cones?

Crafts from cones do it yourself

From the cones you can make the original Christmas tree. To do this, they can be used in their natural form or painted with silver or gold paint.

Take plain white paper, roll into a narrow cone. Grease the bottoms of the cones with glue and attach to the cone. Stick them tightly so that there are no gaps. Between them stick 3 acorns. Make the top of the elongated cones. Decorate the Christmas tree with small toys, tinsel, jewelry, chains. You can decorate with round candy in bright wrappers or wrap them in foil. Apply glue to the wrapper and press candy to the bump. The original Christmas tree is ready. You can put it on a table and even put gifts under it.

To decorate your house it is not necessary to buy expensive designer jewelry. You can use cones of various shapes and colors. To make an original fake, they can be painted in different colors or leave a natural color, decorated with green sprigs. And if you invite children to help make a fake of the cones, the evening will turn into a real creative process with smiles and laughter.

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