Christmas candlesticks with their own hands. creating

New Year is a time of miracles and magic. Before him, I want so much to decorate the house in a special way, to make something unusual, original. Such that would help to create a cozy atmosphere and bring the holiday closer. To do this, you can use New Year's candles with original homemade candlesticks. Everyone knows about the sign, when the candles in a flame must have time to burn all the adversities and bad weather that occurred in the old year.

And after the New Year comes, on the contrary all the wishes and dreams come true. So, such a decoration is not only a decoration, but also a symbol of good that conquers evil.

How to make a candlestick with your own hands?

Christmas candlesticks with their own hands

The choice of candles should be approached carefully and preferably in advance. A candlestick is best to do it yourself. This will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of creativity, to distract from hard everyday life. You can also feel your involvement in creating a festive atmosphere in your home. In addition, the handmade candlestick will always be original and one of a kind. You can decorate it with beads, cotton, figures cut out of colored paper and many others.

For the manufacture of homemade Christmas candlesticks, there are a large number of interesting and simple ideas. Materials can serve as improvised things and household items. Most often they use what they have at hand: various banks, old dishes, beads, yarn, shells, and many others. Even from ordinary wood, you can create an original beautiful candlestick from an ordinary piece of wood. It is only necessary to drill small holes in it in order to place candles there. The basis for the candlesticks can take such material as polymer clay. It is light and practical. You can use it for sculpting jewelry for future candlesticks.

Ideas for homemade candlesticks

One of the most common New Year's crafts, made by hand, are candlesticks with the use of applications. Even a child can make it! It is necessary to cut out colored paper figures of different sizes. This may be small Christmas trees, snowmen, angels, snowflakes, gifts. For convenience, you can use the stencil. Then all this is glued to the outside of the glass or glass. Further inwards candles are placed on the bottom of the glass.

Christmas candlesticks, made by hand, look even more original, if you combine them in the composition. You only need to decide what you want to get in the end. This may be a candlestick, decorated with Christmas decorations, and some kind of composition with floating candles, and a forest glade. They can be decorated with serpentine, multi-colored ribbons, beads, and then put everything on a flat hard surface (plate, tray). Around the resulting composition, you can beautifully expand the fir branches or cotton wool, which will serve as an imitation of snow.

If you are on New Year's Eve in the country, you should use brushwood, dry sprigs from trees or shrubs. All this will serve as the basis for your future decorative candlesticks. Build a bundle and insert candles there. And it is better to use small ones. They will be more sustainable. The most important thing is to achieve stability so that the structure does not fall apart. You can decorate it with colorful ribbons, toys, bright fruit, etc.

Christmas candlesticks with their own hands

Light, but elegant, are glass candle holders.. This option is ideal for those who are very busy and do not have a lot of free time. To build such a candlestick, you must take any glassware (vase, glasses, glasses) and beautifully put together. Then we put candles in the container, after dropping a little wax on the bottom in order to keep it tight. Our candlestick is ready! You just have to arrange the candles. The simplest option is, of course, a festive table on which such home-made crafts will be most welcome.

An important point in the manufacture of candlesticks is their stability. It is necessary to take care in advance that your composition does not fall apart, and the candles are tightly kept in containers. If there is a possibility that they can fall, you need to come up with additional support. You can put them close to each other or tie a bright ribbon. This will give them even greater stability.

In the case when your candles are very high and unstable, it is worth taking large vessels as a base - vases or glasses stretched upwards. If you, for example, decided to organize a New Year's Eve in the style of "Alice in Wonderland", you can build candlesticks from cups. To do this, place in them small decorative pebbles, hazelnuts, almonds, nuts and put candles. The advantage of such candlesticks is that after all the holidays you can easily turn everything back into cups.

In order for you to more fully understand the technology of decorative candlesticks, we present to your attention 2 simple master class.

Christmas candle holders from glasses

What is needed to make candlesticks:

Bulk glasses

Volumetric glasses - candlesticks

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Color paper
  • Big needle (preferably gypsy)
  • Glass glue or special gun
  • Cotton wool, foam plastic, sugar or salt (to simulate snow)
  • Various figures for filling glasses (Christmas trees, stars, snowflakes, animal figures, etc.)


  1. To begin, take a cardboard. You can use the usual color or pattern. We place on it the turned upside down glass. Next, draw a pencil outline on the cardboard. This place will be the bottom for our candlestick. Use scissors to cut the workpiece. In the same way, we make a circle out of colored paper and glue it tightly onto cardboard.
  2. To the cardboard blank, carefully glue all the selected ingredients for the glasses. Next, we place our figures on them and mark the crosses. We take a little foam and with the help of scissors we give it the appearance of snowdrifts, in which our figures will later be located. We put in a glass of cotton wool or fine salt. Need to pour about half. Fine glitter or beads can be added to cotton wool or fine salt. This will create a twinkle and shine effect.
  3. Further, with a gypsy needle we pierce wide holes in the snowdrift to strengthen the figures. Pour some glue and put them inside. Firmly hold down and leave to dry. It remains to glue the rest of the design to the cardboard.
  4. Lubricate the workpiece at the edges with glue. It is better to use the "moment". It is great for glass surfaces. We glue and leave for a few minutes so that the billet is grabbed and dried. After the glue grabs, you need to turn the glass, gently shake the artificial snow and put the glass on the table. Our wonderful candlestick is left to add a candle! It is best to take thick white bulk. This will give the candlestick a New Year's look. We put the candles on the legs of the glasses, first dropping wax on them so that they better attach. Unusual Christmas candlestick is ready! It remains only to light the candles.

A filling for your candlesticks can be any decorative item of the New Year theme: Santa Claus, snowflakes and much more. According to the same scheme, you can make a candlestick, reminiscent of a vacation. These can be shells, sand, and much more.

Cones candlestick

Cones candlestick

Consider another version of the unusual and simple in the performance of candlesticks made from cones.

  1. We take cardboard, cut out a small circle from it
  2. We find a small glass, in which we will place a candle. Outline the contours of a pencil on cardboard.
  3. Now you need to take a lump of medium size and separate the scales from it.
  4. We spread the resulting scales in a circle cardboard blanks.
  5. All subsequent circles are laid out in a staggered manner.
  6. We reach the desired height, insert a glass with a candle into the hole and light it.

From candlesticks, made with their own hands, and blows the warmth and magic. It is hard to imagine a New Year's Eve without such decor. Candles in candlesticks help create a special cozy atmosphere. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money and time for production of the last. In addition, they can not only decorate your home, but also serve as an excellent gift to friends and family. Agree, there is nothing more pleasant than to get something done on your own for the holiday!

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