Choosing interior doors

Interior doors are the face of your apartment and affect your guests a lot of attention. Making a decent choice is very difficult, much more difficult than installing a door. In order to make it easier to determine the color, design and style, you can contact the designer. But, of course, no one better than the owners will also react enthusiastically to the design of their cloister..

Therefore, it is worth learning, to evaluate yourself and make a good, self-justifying choice. The door, as a rule, must satisfy two basic requirements: to be reliable and functional, to be well combined with other elements of the interior.

It is worth noting that when choosing many things for interior decoration, the buyer, first of all, looks at the appearance, and only then at its functionality and quality of materials. Also when choosing interior doors. Not everyone will be able to find out details about the production technology, the quality of the material and all the systems installed on the door.

What are interior doors?

According to the method of manufacturing interior doors are divided into two types: panel (smooth) and framed.

Production shield doors firms such as: Silvia, Cabinetmaker, Bersoni, Dera, Optim, Arboleda, D.Kraft, Olovi, JITE, Formo. Paneled doors make: Cabinetmaker, Maestro, Belvuddors, Mebel-Massiv, Arboleda, Matti-Ovi, Volkhovets, Bersoni.

Panel doors better and more reliable shield. Naturally and the price matches. They are made from solid hardwoods such as oak, walnut, hornbeam, and others. Panel doors are made from softer species, such as, for example, pine. They are cheaper than filenchatykh, but have not a bad appearance. In terms of quality and durability, paneled doors are preferable. Very good door brand Olovi. Elegant unique design in combination with quality and durability. Just a good brand Bersoni, Dera.

Good wooden doors are made of solid wood entirely.. But there are doors that are not made from natural wood pulp, but from wood-like materials. Such doors are certainly cheaper than pure wood doors, but some models are not inferior in quality and long-term service. The advantages are that wood-like materials, due to the special technology of their production, have good moisture resistance and increased density.

Glazing interior doors

Glazing doors can be ordered, but you can choose a ready-made glazed door. Glass should not be thinner than 5 mm. It may be a regular rectangular, and may have various elegant shapes. It can be transparent, and can be opaque, with all sorts of patterns or just smoke-filled. Here you can give vent to fantasy. It is important to remember about security. It is best to install glass that is sealed with a special film so that in case of an occasional glass fight, the fragments do not fly around the room, but remain on the film. Glass should not fidget or rattle at the door. The seams in which the edges are set are carefully coated with glue.

How to choose the color of the door?

When choosing the color of interior doors is to start from the overall design of the apartment. Furniture, wallpaper, and mostly floor. If it is a parquet floor, then first of all it plays a huge role. The floor and the door should complement each other. Here you can show imagination.

Looks very good bright doors on a dark background parquet. They give ease to the room. Make it more spacious. Good looking doors of different species of mahogany, as well as oak, bamboo. Bright red wood shades are perfectly combined with the interior in country style. They will fill your home with comfort and warmth. With a lighter interior, dark wood colors blend well.

Sliding doors

Some prefer the usual interior doors on hinges, sliding. These doors are one or more canvases, which, thanks to a special roller mechanism installed in the upper part of the canvases and guides mounted on the upper part of the doorway. What are the advantages of sliding doors? Firstly, this is a matter of taste and elegance, really sliding interior doors look quite stylish and neat. Many people like that the door does not take up space in the room when it is opened. Of course, we can not do without the drawbacks of interior doors, the main drawback is poor tightness and sound insulation.

Now you know a lot about what doors are, and what features of their installation you have to deal with. The choice is yours!

Especially - Andrey Smirnykh

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