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Choosing a pet

Every girl at least once in their life wanted to have a pet. Sometimes you want so much when you come home to see that you are met by a faithful, tender creature, a positive charge will immediately be provided. But a pet is not only a joy, but also a responsibility, because you will have to care for it, and if you have little free time, then it is better not to rush into choosing a pet. So when choosing a little friend, rely not only on your desires, but also on the practical side of the issue.

Dog against loneliness

The dog is a great and devoted friend, but it requires a lot of attention. Large breed dogs require a large area. If you have your own house or cottage, then you can easily start a large dog, and if you are huddled in a modest apartment, then you will need a decorative dog or a medium-sized dog. The dog should be walked several times a day, playing with it is an excellent remedy for loneliness and lack of communication. When choosing a dog, also take into account the peculiarities of your character, it is believed that the dog should be similar to the owner, for example, cheerful sociable individuals are better to stop the choice on a movable friendly dog. Carefully study the breed of the dog, especially care for her and then make a decision. If you are determined to start a dog and are ready to give it your care and attention, then you will not regret choosing: dogs are very attached to their owners and always reciprocate love.

Proud cat

Cats are considered independent and independent animals, they love cleanliness, but they also have their disadvantages. They can cause inconvenience with their sharp claws - to spoil the furniture, tear off the wallpaper, sometimes it is difficult to accustom them to the tray. But still, if you wish, you can train a cat on a tray and take it to a special corner where she can sharpen her claws. Cats often molt, so be prepared for the fact that you have to constantly clean the house from the wool. And if you are allergic to cat fur, then you can only exist peacefully with hairless cats, such as sphinxes. Cats usually love the place where they live and there is always a big stress for them. Therefore, if you are often away and expect to leave the cat with friends, this is not the best solution.

Who is the cat for? Unequivocally cat - for self-sufficient, self-confident individuals. Cats never cuddle and are not always affectionate, but they are always sincere in their feelings. Unlike the dog, the cat will not run to you at the first call, and will come only when she wants it. But this has its advantages, the cat does not require you to pay yourself a lot of attention and time.

Hamster, rat, rabbit or guinea pig?

They considered the most unpretentious animals, all you have to do is buy a cage for them, regularly tidy up their dwelling and provide food. You will also need a filler that removes unpleasant odors, toys in an animal cage and hard chopsticks for sharpening your teeth. All this can be purchased at any pet store. Yes, of course from such animals you will not wait, the manifestation of special feelings, but they require to themselves a minimum of time. Such animals will perfectly fit into a family with children - animals will not be able to cause babies any discomfort, and children will be able to watch them with interest.

Budgie and Canary

Birds also do not require much attention, but they will delight your chirping, and in cloudy winter weather you can admire their bright colors. Sometimes they can be let fly around the house, just close all the windows and air vents, otherwise your birds may fly away and never return.


One time, seeing this cute little animal, you will be subjugated by them for life. They have almost no drawbacks, but how many pleasant moments: unusually pleasant and silky fur, there is no smell from animals, they do not fade, do not bite and do not scratch, live long enough - from 30 to 35 years, and to feed them is enough once in a day. Chinchilla always active, playful and curious animals, so that you don't get bored with them. They can often be let out of the cage to jump around the house. The only time is that chinchillas are relatively expensive animals, but the money spent will be worth it.


Turtles adapt quite well to home conditions and the first few decades rarely get sick. Daily communication with the turtle brings their owners harmony, tranquility and peace of mind. There are land and aquatic turtles: they contain water in an aquarium, and land can be maintained without a cage. In the diet, turtles are rather unassuming - meat and vegetable food will suit them.

Lovers of exotic

If you like to stand out from the crowd and be original, then you need representatives from the exotic animal world. Crocodiles, monkeys and snakes will be quite problematic to keep at home, exotic aquarium fish, Madagascar cockroaches or bird spiders will be more unpretentious. You can always safely watch them lying on the couch or shock guests with their unusual pets. If you wish, you can have an iguana, for it you will need a spacious heated terrarium, and its diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A pet can be your good friend, so make sure that he was comfortable living in your home, and he will answer you with sincere affection.

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