Cherry tomatoes

Small cherry tomatoes are very similar to cherries. They are used as an appetizer, added to various salads, used for canning. They differ from ordinary tomatoes by a long fresh taste. Grow such tomatoes in greenhouses, open ground and even at home.

How to grow cherry tomatoes?

A reliable method to plant a cherry, will be growing through seedlings. The term of sowing seeds is calculated from the time of transfer of plants to a permanent place. Tomatoes under the film or greenhouse are seated at 2 months, in the open ground much later. Cherry is desirable to grow the classic version with a dive. Plant roots zaschipyvayut 1/3 length. Thus, a powerful root system forks well. Tomatoes are well grown in a neutral or slightly acidic soil environment. Prefer nutrient land rich in fertilizers and minerals, with an established drainage system. Such soil can be bought in a garden or hardware store or prepared in the fall. Before planting tomatoes in the ground, the soil should be poured 70C solution of potassium permanganate. This is done to disinfect the land cover. After 3 days you can plant seeds. In some varieties, they sprout in 3 weeks, in others - in 7 days. Therefore, each cherry tomato variety is planted in its own separate box. For germination of seeds need a high temperature - 30 C. For this planting container is placed closer to the heating devices. The upper part is covered with glass or plastic to keep it moist. When seedlings emerge, they are rearranged to a sunny place. It is necessary to water and break the soil, feed every 10 days. The length of the day should be 14 hours. A pick will lead to the appearance of 4-6 leaves. Previously, this should not be done so that the plant does not get sick. After watered with sodium humate (2 liters of water 1 g. Of the drug). These tomatoes, when planted in the ground, require moderate but daily watering, garter and mulching of the ground to avoid contamination.

Cherry tomatoes: cultivated in the soil and flat. The best varieties of tomatoes

  • Sweet Cherry Sweet Cherry Tomatoes - as big as a pea. The smallest tomatoes in the world. Suitable for all weather conditions. They are planted on the fence, as a hedge. From the bush it is possible to collect up to 3 kg. Unusually sweet. Fruiting until frost. Increased resistance to all diseases of tomatoes. Such a rare and wild variety of cherry will never let you down in growing. Good for fees and fresh, canning, and drying for the winter.
  • Cherry tomatoes Yellow miracle - fruits until frost. High yields and good taste make this variety suitable for film greenhouses. Medium ripeness, tall, tomatoes are fragrant.
  • White cherry - tastes more like sweet grapes of raisins than tomatoes. Fruiting until the frost, very resistant to disease, give impressive yields. Mature in medium terms. Suitable for greenhouses and open ground.
  • Cherry Tomato Orange Grapes - Tomatoes contain a large amount of carotene. In one brush is up to 1000 flowers. The taste is sour, but interesting. Tomato is distinguished by good disease resistance, long shelf life. Shrubs tall, fruiting until late autumn.
  • Large Cherry Tomatoes Amber - early, rich orange color. They give high yields, are fragrant and sweet to taste. Early ripening, therefore, can be grown in the soil in the middle lane. Used in salting and marinating.
  • Cherry Tomatoes Green grapes are a popular snack in restaurants around the world. Prolific and early variety of tomatoes. Having tried once such cherry fruit, you will love it forever.

We grow tomato on the windowsill

  • To grow such tomatoes on the windowsill you will need to find a cylinder-shaped container.
  • Then you should choose the sunniest window sill.
  • Add extra lighting.
  • Plant the seeds in trays, cover with foil, keep in a dark and warm place. After the appearance of 2 true leaves, the plant dives and prepares for planting in a permanent place.
  • After planting in the container, the seedlings are taken care of in the same way as in the ground method. He needs moderate watering every day, feeding, fighting diseases, garter.

Cherry tomatoes are distinguished by an unusual fresh taste and interesting appearance. They are grown as well as ordinary tomatoes. The main thing - to choose the right grade. If you decide to grow cherry at home, then you need to take care of the warmth and good lighting.

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