Chalet style in the interior. features of the kitchen and

Once a chalet was a simple shepherd's house in the Alps, which was built to wait out bad weather. Today it is a place of rest in the mountainous regions of Europe, no less prestigious than a villa on the coast. The only thing that has passed through time is comfort, warmth and a special, alpine and hunting atmosphere, which distinguish the style of the chalet from the country.

Chalet style in the interior: photos and key features

Chalet style in the interior

Chalet style in the interior

Chalet style in the interior

Chalet style in the interior

Since the chalets were the shepherds 'huts, and after that they became the hunters' shelter, the key feature of this style in the interior is the work with natural material. The closer to nature the house will look, the better. However, this does not mean that you need to completely abandon the metal and glass, especially in the kitchen in relation to household appliances. But should prevail products made of wood, fabric, stone. It is desirable to introduce glass as little as possible into the interior, replacing it with more “lively” and warm materials.

The general atmosphere that should be born when looking at such a house is the hand-made production of every detail: from carpet to the fireplace. The latter, by the way, is not the last place in the room. If possible, it is best to place it in the living room or bedroom, and also give preference to a live fire, rather than its imitation. But this option is definitely suitable only for a country or private house. But the chalet style can be recreated in the apartment. Here, behind the chimney facade, the classic heating system will hide, but from an aesthetic point of view, such a “snag” will be just as good.

As for the furnishing of the rooms, it is recommended to choose massive products, spacious and soft. This is especially true of the bedroom and living room, where it is allowed and the abundance of a variety of chairs and sofas, couches, and even pillows scattered on the floor, located on animal skins. The latter add a special flavor to the chalet-style interior, as they bring the house closer to its original idea, recalling hunting and pastures.

Animal skins can be either a carpet in front of a fireplace, a sofa and a bed, or a cozy blanket or bedspread for any piece of furniture. For example, for a wicker rocking chair, located by the fireplace: how nice it will be to relax in the winter evenings with a cup of hot mulled wine.

For the style of chalet in the preference of furniture with the effect of aged wood. In addition to the fact that it looks as natural as possible, even the most inexpensive product with a similar treatment acquires history and looks more expensive. It is also important that you yourself can age any item of furniture yourself no worse than you do in the store: this process does not require special skills. Moreover, it is recommended to carry out a similar procedure not only for your favorite dressers and chairs, but also for ceiling beams, partitions: in a word, any wooden parts in your home.

It is possible to lay the foundation for a chalet style even in a city apartment at the starting stage when the premises are being renovated. Redevelopment for such an idea is not needed, it will be enough just to pay attention to the design of the ceiling and the wall covering. Instead of wallpaper, it is better to use wooden panels that can be placed only on the top or bottom of the wall, letting textured paint on the open areas.

A similar scheme works with the ceiling. The most attractive in relation to the style of the chalet look longitudinal or transverse wooden beams of rectangular shape that cross the ceiling. Small lamps with additional light often attach to them or between them. Windows and access to the balcony for the interior in the chalet style is also desirable to be made of wood, instead of the usual plastic city apartments, or to order a wood-styled floor.

Chalet-style kitchen: designer tips

Chalet style in the interior

Chalet style in the interior

Maintaining the interior of the kitchen in the style of a chalet is most difficult, since in addition to convenience and comfort, the functionality of all available furniture and household appliances is appreciated here. Some details will still discord with a common idea, so it is important to beat them correctly. For example, where the hob will be located, it is recommended to replace the usual tiles on the wall with masonry.

The same must be done with regard to gender. Perhaps cleaning the stone is somewhat more difficult than getting rid of tile and grease, but this solution will fit much more naturally into the chosen style. In addition, as far as is permissible, some parts of household appliances are hidden behind wooden panels: oven, microwave, etc.

Since metal and steel will definitely be present in the kitchen interior, its amount is minimized. In particular, the refrigerator can be styled as a wooden cabinet due to its special coating, as well as the hood, decorated with stone and wood. Small details like coffee makers, etc. can also be selected in the required frame.

But it is necessary to occupy a large area with natural materials, therefore wooden chairs and a table are necessarily purchased, and even if a bar counter is planned, it is also carried out in wood. In addition, attention is paid to decorative and functional elements. In the kitchen, the interior of which is made in the style of a chalet, there should be curtains. If you value blinds, think over the French curtains. This is a peculiar hybrid of classic fabric curtains and easily curtailed by raising the blinds.

Designers recommend to forget about kitchen cabinets and pay attention to the open wall shelves: for the kitchen in the style of a chalet, they are a better option. If there is enough space in the room, these shelves can be occupied with decorative dishes made of clay: various cups, cups, and pots. And the rest is hiding in the lower kitchen pedestals. If there is not as much space as we would like, you can cover the shelves with bright short curtains to protect the dishes placed on them from dust.

Among the small details for a chalet-style kitchen, there are also cushions or overlays for chairs made of colorful fabrics, a lamp with a carved shade or an interesting ornament, but always made of wood.

We make a living room in the style of a chalet

Chalet style in the interior

Chalet style in the interior

Chalet style in the interior

Chalet style in the interior

In the Alpine chalet living room - the most comfortable area. Therefore, often when trying to embody this style in a city apartment, the living room becomes the center of everything, while the rest of the rooms are more modern. As already mentioned, a fireplace is important in such a living room, or at least its imitation. If it is not possible to place it in the living room, furnishings, as well as decorative trifles will become accents.

Sofas and chairs, selected for this room should be soft and spacious, and also have a fabric upholstery instead of leather. Knitted plaids, as well as embroidered tightly stuffed pillows will look good on them. The latter can be scattered on the floor, which is necessarily covered with either a fluffy carpet, or animal skins. In addition, the fabric should appear on the windows: loose and short curtains of plain material - the best choice for the living room in the style of a chalet.

It is desirable to select a coffee table without a glass table top, or on a stone base. A table simulating a tree trunk also looks interesting: a wooden tabletop lies on a thick log house, and below it “roots” diverge, which increases the surface area that ensures the balance of the product.

In addition, a lot of attention in the chalet style is given to lighting: lamps are necessary carved, with mandatory wooden elements, and lamps - imitating a flame. This nuance refers not so much to the form as to the specifics of the light: warm, yellow, muffled. Ideal if your living room will be candles for evening evening lighting.

Since the chalet style is in some way a subtype of classic country, it has its key features that are most clearly seen in the living room. This is a floral pattern on textiles, the presence of coniferous trees in interior landscaping, watercolor or pencil paintings depicting mountains, "hunting trophies", which are the heads of animals, a massive board as a floor covering. Dried flowers are often not only placed in clay vases, but also hung from the ceiling and doors in the form of wreaths.

The embodiment of the chalet style in the interior - the opportunity to touch the Alpine mountains and enjoy the comfort. To him romantic, peaceful natures, which are attracted by the atmosphere of country houses. If you decide to make the interior of a city apartment in a similar style, make sure that there is enough free space in the room, otherwise there is a risk of creating a feeling of general cluttering at the expense of massive furniture and wall decoration.

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