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Chair bag do it yourself

Recently, frameless bean bags and pears have become quite popular. This is a great solution for small rooms where there is little free space. Such chairs are made of various materials and can be designed in different styles. In stores, they are cheaper than the usual frame, but everything can be significantly saved, if you sew this piece of furniture yourself.

How to choose materials and filler for a pear chair?

Since frameless chairs are also furniture, fabrics for them must be chosen strong, but pleasant to the body and soft. They should retain their appearance with long-term use and not be overwritten. The chair bag ideally has an inner cover in which there is a filler and an outer one that is put on over the inner one. If necessary, it can be washed or dry-cleaned.

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

The most suitable materials for seats without frames:

  • Velor convenient in processing and beautiful velvety fabric. It is somewhat similar to faux fur.
  • Flock looks like velor, the choice of shades of such a fabric is very large. If you have children, stop your choice on this matter. It does not fade in the sunlight, is easy to clean and has a repellent moisture and water effect.
  • Chenille consists of artificial and natural fibers. It does not roll, has durability and practicality. To care for such furniture is very simple, and it will serve you for a long time.
  • Jacquard also contains synthetic fibers, it does not form puffs. This fabric is easy to wash and clean, it is very durable.
  • Faux suede - a great material for the chair. It is resistant to wear and burnout. Caring for her is easy.
  • The imitation leather looks beautiful, the chair bag from the pressed material will originally look.
  • Tapestry has visible interlacing of fibers, from which beautiful patterns are created. In addition, it has antistatic properties.

All these fabrics need to be used for the outer cover. The inner can be sewn from simple matter, as long as it is durable. Filler for the chair bag - polystyrene granules. They are white balls of different diameters.

Armchair pear do it yourself: what do you need?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

The standard size of the frameless chair is 120 by 90 cm. For its tailoring, you will need the following materials:

  1. Fabric for the cover of the inner 2.5 m with a width of 1.4-1.5 m and the same amount of fabric for the outer cover.
  2. Zippers - 2, the length of the zipper for the outer cover is 1 m, and for the inner cover it is 40-50 cm.
  3. 0.4 cubic meters of polystyrene balls for filling.
  4. For leather and substitute grommets.
  5. Velcro size of 10 to 5 cm, it is used for a more tight attachment of the outer and inner covers to each other.
  6. Reinforced strong threads.
  7. If you want to sew a large chair, you will need a little more fabric - 3.6 by 1.4 m for the outer and inner cover.

Chair bag do it yourself: patterns

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

The pattern should be increased and transferred to parchment paper or tracing paper, and then carefully cut with sharp scissors. It is very important to economically decompose patterns on the fabric so that it is enough for all the details.

The figure shows the favorable location of the pattern on the fabric. Before the patterns are placed on the fabric, it must be folded face down, aligned and smoothed. Circle patterns and cut. Then start the assembly of the product.

First, you need to sew 2 wedges, leaving an allowance of at least 1 cm. Also, sew all other wedges and sew a zipper. From the front side, it is recommended to stitch off the seams, while seizing the allowance. Sew the lower and upper parts of the chair to the wedges. According to this principle, both covers are sewn, both internal and external.

The next step is to fill the inner bag with polystyrene. To do this, you will need a sheet of paper to be rolled up and a small hole left at its end. Insert the paper bags into the hole of the inner cover and gradually fill up the polystyrene. Fill the bag with balls and zip up to the stop. Make sure that filler for the chair-pear Do not get into the nose and mouth, it can cause unpleasant consequences and even injury.

Beautiful chair with decor "dog": manufacturing

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

To sew the same chair as in the photo you need:

  1. 3-3,5 m satin fabric or coarse.
  2. 3-3.5 m simple but durable fabric for sewing the inner cover.
  3. 1 lightning not less than 80 cm in length.
  4. A set of fabrics for the application of appropriate colors.
  5. Chain for decor.
  6. Filler polystyrene.
  7. Durable synthetic thread.

The patterns, which are given in the article should be increased to the desired size, transferred to tracing paper or graph paper and cut. Fold the fabric for both covers in half so that the front side is inside.

Put the piece on the fabric and circle, leave the seam allowances of 1-1.5 cm. Then carefully cut the details. As a result, you should have 6 wedges from each piece of fabric, 1 upper - small and large lower bottom.

The next step is stitching the details of the covers. First wedge the wedges, leaving a non-sewn area for the zipper. And then sew the top and bottom of the product. Sew a zipper at the very end.

Next, proceed to finishing the chair. Applications also need to be cut out of paper and transfer patterns to pieces of fabrics of suitable colors. Circle them and cut them out.

Attach the finished elements to the front side of the outer cover. Arrange them as shown in the photo.

Fill the inner cover with polystyrene beads. The filling method is the same as described above. Filling should be 2/3 of the bag volume. Sew up the untouched area. Decorate the chair with a chain on the appliqués and put the upper case on the inner one. For beauty on the outer cover, you can stitch off the seams, as recommended in the previous workshop.

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Rectangular bag chair comfortable and sewn even easier than a pear. Prepare in advance such materials:

  1. 2 different fabrics for external and internal covers of 3 m each, each with a width of 140-150 cm.
  2. Lightning 100 cm long.
  3. Filler polystyrene.
  4. Durable synthetic thread.

Pattern also increase and transfer to the fabric, and then cut. Fold both pieces of fabric with the front face inward and circle around them. Make a stock on the allowances of 1 cm on each side, and then cut out the details of the fabric.

Sew together the lower part of the chair and the back, sew a zipper into the seam. Then connect the side parts with the back and sew the upper part to them. Turn both covers on the face.

To keep the product in shape and keep the corners sharp, otstrochite seams, outside retreating from the seam by 0.7 cm. Make a stitching at each seam. Fill the inner cover with 2/3 polystyrene balls and stitch it. Put the outer cover on the chair.

Originally looks like a chair bag in the form of a soccer ball. It can be an excellent gift option for both adults and children. Only for such a chair, the outer cover is sewn with 2 colors of fabric and according to a special pattern.

It is important to draw the correct polyhedra of the five- and hexagons, or to enlarge the finished pattern. For 1 chair you need 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. The collection is identical to what is described for other bag chairs, but will require more attention and patience from you. Stitching a large number of parts and time will take a lot.

The size of child seats is somewhat smaller than adults. If chairs for adults are in height from 100 to 120 cm, the lower part has a diameter of 30 cm and the upper one is 15 cm, then the size of the nursery will be 60 by 25 by 11 cm, respectively. Sewing chairs for children is no different from the technology of making a large object. It is important to think about the decor of the baby product. The best decoration will be multi-colored applications.

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Armchair bag do it yourself: how to make?

Bag chairs are comfortable and practical. For ease of carrying to the top, you can sew a handle. Such furniture will fit in a small apartment, it is not heavy and it can be easily moved around the house. The original part will fit into any interior, and it will not cost you much, especially if you make it yourself.

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