Cedar elfin wood

Elfin cedar is a tree or shrub plant, reaching a height of eight meters. The smallest specimens can grow only up to thirty centimeters and have a creeping growth.

The plant is characterized by the flexibility of shoots. Young branches have a green color, and in the second year of growth and development on cedar elfin appear short grayish-brownish shoots with a red fuzz. Needles collected in a bun. In one such bundle there are five needles up to ten centimeters long.

Cones have a very interesting red-purple hue at the beginning, and eventually turn brown. The location of the cones - the tips of the branches. In the nutria, they ripen seeds that fall to the ground along with the cone.

Cedar elfin wood has good winter hardiness. Frost, even the strongest, well tolerate.

In appearance, cedar elfin is very diverse. However, this becomes clear already on the basis of the wide variation of the possible size of the plant.

Cedar elfin wood can have a neat crown in the form of a cup, have a tree-like character or move along the ground.

Bark on the branches in almost all cases, a smooth dark color with gray spots.

In those cedar elfin trees that have a creeping character, the branches are pressed to the ground, and the tips rise up to a distance of up to fifty centimeters.

The root is very interesting. In the first years of life, a strong taproot with small lateral roots develops. Then the lateral root system starts up in active growth, and the taproot dies.

For creeping plant species, the appearance of adventitious roots is a characteristic feature.

Cedar elfin wood has a wide distribution in the expanses of the Far East and Siberia.

Growth is not very active. Plant lives up to two hundred - two hundred and fifty years.

The use of cedar elfin

Cedar elfin is a fairly valuable breed of plants. It is also appreciated for healthy nuts, which in their composition are not inferior to pine nuts, and for good wood.

It serves as an excellent element of decor in group plantings, and can also make a good hedge in appearance and a very durable in its properties.

If you plant a whole paradise of cedar elfin in the form of a fence, it will also use its meliorative properties, that is, strengthen the soil and prevent it from landslides, talus, and if there is a pond, water reservoir or river on the border with your site, then erosion cedar elfin too will help.

Use in design

Cedar elfin wood will perfectly harmonize with both hardwood and coniferous trees.

With deciduous trees or shrubs you get even more interesting tree groups. Landscape designers often use such a move in their projects.

However, as planting stock, cedar elfin wood is no different cheap. It belongs to those breeds that are quite expensive. Therefore, it is worthwhile to first calculate how much it will cost you to plant, for example, a hedge, and then decide on the need to purchase this particular species for your site.

Planting cedar elfin

Cedar elfin wood does not require a special composition of the soil. Of course, certain nutrient enrichment should still be present, however, the plant can calmly carry on vital activities on poor and heavy soils, as well as on loamy and sandy-clay soils, on sands and on stony sites.

Will well transfer a penumbra.

Reproduction occurs by grafting or seed. The second method is good for preserving the distinctive properties of the species.

If you use the vaccine as a method of breeding cedar elfin, then we should not forget that the percentage of what survival is successful, is not very large.

Seeds for planting can be bought at the store, since even if you have mature plants on the site, you are unlikely to get ripe seeds. They ripen only once in twenty - thirty years, and this is possible with good access of light, moisture and nutrients.

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