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A cat is a cute pet that turns into a real monster during estrus. At this time, she begins to release claws, meow loudly and protrudingly and just behave strangely. There are many useful tips that will help you calm the poor animal without harming him and ensuring peace and quiet.

The cat began to walk: signs

The cat began to walk: signs

The "mating season" in a cat may begin as early as six months. The flow of a non-sterilized cat can last from three days to a week and occurs several times a year. If during the first heat the cat does not become pregnant, in two weeks it can happen again. A few days before the beginning of the "mating season", the behavior of the animal changes: it begins to mourn plaintively, to rub against different objects, owners and other animals, if they exist. Sometimes a cat rolls on his back and tries in every way to attract the attention of his owners.

When estrus itself begins directly, the cat starts loudly and constantly meowing, thereby summoning the cat to itself. You can smell tags and find a puddle near the tray. Periodically, the cat may take poses for the upcoming mating. And of course, she will try to run out of the apartment with all her might.

The cat wants to walk: what to do?

The easiest way to calm a pet is to sterilize it. After this procedure, the cat will not know: she will be affectionate, obedient and calm. During estrus she will not have unexpected "concerts" and mood swings. From the cat will smell less, going to the toilet, it will only be in the pot and will not leave tags throughout the apartment and on things. Before you decide to sterilize your pet, choose a reliable clinic and a veterinarian. If possible, review customer reviews and characteristics of the institution.

The cat wants to walk: what to do?

If you do not want to resort to such cardinal measures, you can use the following tips:

  • During estrus, play with the cat as often as possible, because it is during this period that they receive additional energy that you need to urgently put somewhere. You can buy a pet new toys: balls, sticks, plush and rubber animals. Prefer those games that require more activity from the cat.
  • Start giving less cat food. During the "mating season" and so her appetite is reduced, so do not overfeed the animal. But at the same time, it is necessary to feed the pet regularly so that he does not starve.
  • It turns out that cats, as well as people, calm down when they hear classic relaxing music. Therefore, when the pet begins to be capricious, turn on Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Glinka or someone else.
  • Pheromones and homeopathic remedies can help calm a cat. True, they do not act on any cat, but still worth a try.
  • Not bad results give a sedative. You can buy the usual decoction at the pharmacy or special products for cats at the pet store. For effective drugs include "Cote-Bayun" and "Anti Stress." They act gently and completely harmless, but they must be applied strictly according to the instructions. You can also give the cat valerian.

give the cat valerian

  • There are also hormonal drugs aimed specifically at calming the pet during estrus. These include "Sex Barrier", "Contra-Sex", "Stop Intim", etc. But the harm of these drugs is not fully understood. Some owners give Suprastin in the form of drops to calm the cat. But it must be given strictly according to the instructions, otherwise, you can seriously harm the pet.
  • To calm the cat without mating, you can artificially cause her to ovulate. To do this, find her actively knitting castrato, but this is not easy to do. You can also put a stick with cotton wool on the end (about 2.5 cm) into the pet's vagina. Start by stroking the cat from behind, then rub the vulva with it, and only then insert the cotton swab to the desired depth. If the procedure is successful, the cat will begin to meow and play around. The procedure is recommended to be repeated every 20 minutes for an hour, and after 12 hours. This procedure is quite effective and safe.
  • You can also make a special massage. With one hand, press the cat by the withers, and with the other, press down around the start of the tail. Do this massage for several days, and your pet will calm down. 3 - 4 massages can be performed at a time.

It happens that even sterilized cats walk. There are certain reasons for this. Veterinarians say that after the procedure, some cats may have behavioral signs of estrus, and hormones may form for another year. In addition, during sterilization, not all ovaries could be cut out, leaving small pieces in the pet. To check this, do an ultrasound. If necessary, the veterinarian will perform a second operation.

A walking cat is a problem not only for the pet itself, but also for its owners. In order not to torture a pet and not listen to its complaints, you need to help the poor animal. To do this, use the tips or simply contact the veterinarian to sterilize the cat. Never ignore pet complaints, and if no method helps calm the cat, let her go for a walk.

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