Cat names for girls

Cats are mysterious animals. They were deified and feared, now they have become pets that please their owners. But before you bring a fluffy little lump, you need to find a name for it. In this case, do not forget that for cats the names should be soft and affectionate or, conversely, emphasize their playful and mysterious character.

What should I look for when choosing a name for a cat?

Take a closer look at your cat. Who does she remind you of? Maybe someone looks like their appearance or their habits? What associations do you have when looking at her? Or maybe she has some unique abilities? All this will help you remember many different names.

Remember that cats respond better to names consisting of one or two syllables. But if you want to call your darling a long name, try to shorten it. So it will be easier to perceive by ear. Cats that have a pedigree, almost always long names, but it is better to reduce it for ease of use every day.

Some features of choosing a name for catsgirls

When choosing a name for your cattery, you have no restrictions. There is a full flight of fancy. Feline names can be chosen depending on its physical characteristics, in honor of significant events or a favorite group. Take a piece of paper and write on it all the words that come to mind. After that, start to reduce the resulting list, leaving a few names. Before you choose one name, try them by ear. If you want your cat's name to be special, you can choose one name official, and the second - for daily use.

Rules for choosing a name for cats

  1. The name of the cat should be uncomplicated and sonorous.
  2. It should be convenient to pronounce. If you, as the mistress, stumble, pronouncing it with difficulty, your cat will not be able to take its name.
  3. The cat will respond to the call more easily if there are sizzling and whistling letters in her name. The letters W, W, C, F, F, Z will do.
  4. Names that have the letter "and" in their ending will be more easily remembered.
  5. To keep your cat safe, do not choose the names with the letters K and C or the names of Lika, Dusya, Murka.
  6. Try to choose Russian names if you have a Russian kitty.
  7. For cats that have a pedigree, for home use, come up with a pleasant and convenient abbreviation of the name for the house.

Choosing a name for a kitten

Cat names for girls

If you purchased a pedigree cat, she has a name that was given to him in the nursery and entered in the pedigree. Usually their nicknames consist of 2-3 words that sound in a foreign manner.

Oriental names are given for Siamese and Persian cats, and British names for British Shorthairs. But this does not mean that you must call them bulky and loud nicknames at home too.

For simple cats, you can choose a name, watching the behavior of the kitten, choose a name for it in accordance with its behavior. If the cat is a little slow and important, call the cat Trish, and the cat with a gray-blue color - Smoke. A kitten can be given the name of a favorite hero: Fiona, Bella.

Feline names for girls depending on their habits

For a playful kitty, the name Kusya or Masyanya is suitable, affectionate is Murochka, the proud kitty is Athena, and for the restless cats - Anfisa. Those who like to sleep can use the name Sonya.

The name may depend on the appearance of the pet, usually the color of the cat. Names like Haze, Snowball, Panther, Pinky and Sherry will do. For black cats, you can pick a strict name, and for white - gentle. Names for red cats can be called gentle names - Percy or Tutsi.

What can be used when choosing cat names?

When choosing a name for cats, you can focus on their zodiac signs. Here literary creations, numerology, geographical names, the names of gods of ancient religions, months and famous personalities can help. You can use the list of names from the Internet, which are quite a lot.

Cat names for girls depending on the place of residence

If you live outside the city, you can pick up the names of traditional and such native Masha, Pushechka, Murochka. For cats that live in the city, you can pick up the name of a more refined Glafira, Daphne, Nessie, Jenny, Bonny or Lizzy.

Exotic Feline Names for Girls

Siamese, Thai and Egyptian cats are usually classified as exotic breeds. It is quite difficult for them to choose names. For Sphynx girls, the names should not be too simple. Egyptian names are suitable for them. These may be the names of the goddesses Isis and Astarte, but try to find out what the ancient Egyptian name means before giving it to your cattery. For Thai and Siamese cats better choose names with oriental notes. This Musti, Aisha, and Saki.

Cat names for British girls

It can be Lily, Louise, Alison, Betty. The names of British cats are easy enough to transform into affectionate abbreviated names. Any female names such as Quincy and Mary are suitable for Scottish cats. For the lop-eared pet, pick long-drawn names that have twin consonants, for example: Bella, Stella and Millie.

Cat names for girls

How to choose a cat name for a Persian girl?

Persians - capricious cats, for which you need to carefully select names. They will suit names with an oriental bias, but simple names will be appropriate. Persian girls require in their name the presence of pet sounds. Masya, Darcy - are not bad names for Persian cats.

Good names can be Anfisa, Dusya, Jacqueline, Businka, Cleopatra, Las, Monica, Coco, Tasha and Sima.

To find a common language with your cattery, you must find the right name for it. This will help you the names of your favorite characters, the names of books, the use of coloring and behavior of cats. In order for your kitty to become accustomed to the name chosen for it, contact her at pleasant moments when you feed or pet her.

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To find a common language with your cattery, you must find the right name for it. This will help you the names of your favorite characters, the names of books, the use of color and behavior of the cat. In order for your kitty to become accustomed to the name chosen for it, contact her at pleasant moments when you feed or pet her.

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