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Cap hat for a boy with knitting needles

The helmet has long ceased to be the prerogative of skiing exclusively. Today it is actively used as a hat for everyday wear, because in terms of warmth and comfort it has no equal. Modern mothers are increasingly buying helmets for their babies for a reason. In such a headdress, the ears and forehead, cheeks and neck will always be closed.

Unfortunately, the price of children's helmets is higher than regular hats. Often this is due to the fact that a larger amount of wool is always used for tying a helmet than for other hats. Often, manufacturers sin a high price because of the exclusive models of their hats. But all this does not play a big role, if you know how to tie a hat-helmet. There are many diagrams and descriptions of such products. They are a combination of a cap and a dummy, and may differ in a variety of designs.

How to tie a classic hat helmet?

How to tie a classic hat helmet?

It is a model with no frills or decor. Begin to knit the product should be measuring the girth of the head, selection of wool and knitting needles. For winter, you need to knit a headdress of warm thread, and wool is considered the warmest. Sheep wool can be pricked, so it is best to take merino wool or mix wool with acrylic. The size of the needles depends on the size of the knit, for the classic helmet fit circular needles at number 3.

If you need to knit a hat for a boy, the scheme will not be necessary, as knitting this headdress is quite simple. Such a helmet matches the type of "elastic", that is, every 2 loops the direction changes from the front to the wrong, and vice versa. The number of loops is dialed according to the circumference of the child’s head. So, for example, if the measurements showed 52 cm, you will need 100 more loops, that is, 152. Having collected the required amount, you can start to knit a rubber band. When the mating length reaches 14 cm, the first 54 loops should be closed, and a cutout will be formed there. Further mating does not go round, it needs to be sent forward and then back.

In this way, it is necessary to knit another 12 cm, after which replenish the loops in the same quantity in which they were withdrawn. Then knitting again moves in a circle. When after dialing will pass 8 cm, you need to reset the loop, leaving them only 78.

From the remaining amount, 10 equal parts should be formed, after which you can begin to knit the facial surface. In this process, each 2nd row must be reduced in the form of a single loop. When ten loops remain, they will have to be tied off with a pair of threads and hidden on the wrong side of the product. For beauty, the neckline of the helmet can be crocheted.

Double hat hat: knitting

Double hat hat: knitting

  • The hat-helmet for a double-knitted boy is made simply, and the headpiece is very warm. The inner part is most often knitted from acrylic threads, and the upper one - from wool. For mating will require circular needles of the 1.5th and 3rd numbers. Begin to knit with purl loops in a small amount, and in each facial row add no more than 12 loops. It is necessary to distinguish 5 main loops, next to which new ones will be added. On each side of the main loop, add 1 more, and knit 8 cm in this way.
  • Further mating turns into the front surface. It should consist of 52 rows. After that, you can begin to bind the ear and back. Starting from the back seam, 40 loops are tied on all sides, 60 are required for the forehead. Then a pair of loops is cut on each face row. This should be done about 6 times. Each stage of the addition or reduction of loops must be supported by fitting on the child, so as not to lose in size.
  • With the help of one and a half spokes dial loops for the face. First, on the front row is knitted a purl row, and then several rows of the usual "elastic". Approximately 10 rows will be needed, but if a double hat is intended, they do not need to be closed yet.
  • The next step is knitting the shirtfront. In the chin area, you need to collect 20 loops from the front area. They need to be tied with the rest of the loops and knit facial surface. This way you need to knit to the desired length.
  • Both parts of the cap knit the same only from different threads. When they are ready, an inner helmet is inserted into the middle and both parts are connected along raglan lines. The essence of the connection is knitting with an "elastic", when the first loop is knitted and the second loop is removed from the other needle.

The cap hat is a beautiful and unusual headdress. It is very warm in it, it does not move down and does not hold down movements. When knitting a helmet, you can decorate with a pattern of contrasting threads or decorate with pompoms. In such a hat your child will be irresistible, and you will be calm for his comfort and warmth.

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