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Cap for the newborn knitting

Perhaps the most memorable and exciting moment in the life of every woman is the period of pregnancy. The future mother is waiting for a small miracle that will turn her whole life. Of course, every woman dreams that the baby has all the best. Perhaps that is why, during pregnancy, many start to knit, wanting to create unique little things for their crumbs.

Knit for kids with their own hands

What could be better than a bonnet or a blanket, connected by caring mother's hands, because all the warmth and love that a woman is capable of is invested in their creation. In addition, in the last months of pregnancy there is a lot of free time: you can slowly knit, talking with your future baby. This is how, long before his birth, the baby will feel loved and very much awaited.

What should I do if I want to knit the product with my own hands? In this case, you can knit a cap for a newborn with knitting needles. This item of clothing is needed at any time of the year, regardless of when your baby is born. In addition, the process itself is quite quick and uncomplicated. And having mastered knitting a cap with knitting needles, the expectant mother may decide to create tiny booties, overalls and vests.

How to tie a cap for a newborn with needles?

Getting started, first of all, decide on the materials that will be needed.

How to tie a cap for a newborn with needles?

Materials required for work:

  • yarn - 50-70 g;
  • Knitting needles (№ 3 or № 4);
  • decorative elements of the finished product (optional).

How to choose threads?

Careful attention should be paid to the choice of thread: we knit for the most expensive. Their composition should be absolutely safe for the child, not cause allergic reactions and irritations on the skin of the baby.

One of the best options for knitting a light cap would be a natural cotton thread, which allows the skin to "breathe." Products intended for the cold season, it is recommended to knit from wool. Especially well proven merino wool. Products from it come out very soft, thornless, elastic. Practical are things made of children's acrylic with the addition of wool or cotton and viscose.

It should be mentioned about the natural yarn, which is better for knitting children's models of caps not to use at all. For example, you should not choose a mohair or an angora for knitting that contains a pile that can get into the airways of your baby. Also do not recommend the use of any type of yarn with the addition of Lurex.

Choose a color range of yarn

What color is the yarn for the future product - you choose. However, it is better not to stop your choice on dark and dark colors. Bright and juicy shades or gentle pastel tones are quite suitable for a baby. Of course, the gender of the unborn child also plays a big role. If the cap is knitted for discharge from the maternity hospital, then for the girl it is better to choose a pink shade of yarn, and for the boy - blue. The ideal option is to choose a yarn of neutral colors. Shades of white, green and yellow are considered universal.

You should also pay attention to the texture of the thread. It is chosen depending on the complexity of the pattern. In our case, the knitting technique is rather laconic, so blend yarn is well suited. In addition, products from it can be decorated with embroidery (for example, to embroider the baby's name).

So, with the choice of quality and color of the yarn decided - you can start knitting. If we don’t have much experience in this matter, then knitting needles with a facial surface is best.

The sequence of work:

We collect 79 loops and knit two rows with 1x1 elastic.

Further, according to the chosen scheme, we knit a cloth of 11 - 12 cm.

We divide our canvas into three parts: 25 - 29 - 25.

Knit a cap for a newborn with needles

Knit the first (side) part of 9 cm and close the loop in one row.

Turn the product to the other side and knit 25 more loops.

We knit the middle part (nape) until it reaches the same level with the side parts. In order for the cap to tightly fit the head of the newborn, we reduce the number of loops on the back of the head (on the right and on the left we make six such decreases).

We connect the product, knitting it from the back side.

Knit a cap for a newborn with needles

Separately, using a hook, you can make ropes and sew them to the cap. As ties for the bonnet, you can also use ready-made ribbons that are well matched in color with the product.

The finished product should be washed and steamed with an iron.

Knit a cap for a newborn with needles

The cap for the newborn is ready!

Tips experienced masters

Now you can decorate the cap. There are a lot of options here, it all depends on the imagination and preferences of the future mother. Beads, appliqué, embroidery, satin ribbons, lace or lace can be used for decoration. Many mothers love to decorate their kids' caps with funny animal figures or fairy-tale heroes, colorful pompons - they will not leave indifferent even the most gloomy person.

But here we must observe the rule of the "golden mean" and remember a few important points, namely:

  • The skin of a newborn is very delicate, so the cap should not contain any internal sutures;
  • at a minimum, use fasteners, rubber bands and zippers - the product should be as comfortable as possible for the child;
  • Do not choose for knitting too intricate patterns and complex styles.

Knit a cap for a newborn with needles

Cap for the newborn knitting

Cap for the newborn knitting

Of course, you can knit bonnets for newborns, using different patterns and patterns. Today we considered the easiest option. Over time, acquiring certain skills with the yarn, you can not only rely on the old schemes, but also try to create things of a higher level of complexity. After all, the special value of related things for newborns is that they retain the warmth of my mother's hands.

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