Can i open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew

Probably many, having decided to drink wine on an unplanned basis, faced the problem of the absence of a corkscrew. As a result, the question arose how to open the bottle? Do not worry, because it is not such a difficult task, as it may seem at first glance. There are plenty of effective ways to resolve this issue.

How to open a bottle of wine?

Can I open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

You can use several effective methods:

  • Instead of a corkscrew, take a simple screw and screw it into the cork with a screwdriver. Next, take the pliers, and the cork is gradually pulled out by a screw. Of course, this method is suitable only if the house has the listed tools;
  • The corkscrew can be replaced with a simple penknife, which is driven as deeply as possible into the cork, after which the knife folds up strictly at a sharp angle, at the same time opening the bottle. We must act very carefully so as not to get hurt;
  • You can try to just push the cork inside, however, this will be far from the 1st time, you need a little practice. First you need to lightly pat on the bottom of the bottle with your palm or just scroll it several times around its axis (first 3 times clockwise and then 3 times in the opposite direction). You can also turn the container down the neck and leave in this position for about 10 seconds, after which the bottle returns to its normal position. As soon as one of the above manipulations is performed, it will become much easier to push the cork in through;
  • You can simply crush the cork, but you have to be prepared for the fact that the wine will turn out with crumbs and it will have to be filtered to remove all the garbage;
  • To push the cork inside the bottle, you can use a simple coin. It is placed directly on the neck and with the effort of a finger enters. However, this method requires the application of a fairly large force, therefore not suitable for everyone.

How much is open wine stored?

Can I open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

Often there are cases when the open wine remains, but you do not want to pour it. For such cases, it is important to know how much you can store an open drink so that it does not lose its taste.

Remember that for too long it will not be possible to store an open bottle of wine. The fact is that after it comes in contact with oxygen, the oxidation process begins and it cannot be prevented, you can only slow down a little.

Many different factors affect the rate of oxidation:

  1. The amount of sugar in wine;
  2. Air temperature at which an open bottle of wine will be stored;
  3. The amount of air that has managed to get into the bottle.

The less wine left in the bottle, and the warmer in the room where it is stored, the faster the oxidation will proceed.

Just a couple of hours, you can see that the drink has changed not only the flavor, but also the taste, and after a few days it will be impossible to drink it. Therefore, we must try to reduce the amount of wine in the bottle, that is, pour it into a container of a smaller volume, after which it closes as tightly as possible.

If it is white wine, then it is recommended to store it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, with no more than 2 days. A red wine can be stored for the same period, but not necessarily in the refrigerator. Much longer can maintain freshness strong wine (for example, sherry, port, etc.) - up to 3 weeks in the open.

What to do if not a corkscrew: video

To open a bottle without a cork, you can use several tricks:

Use a simple clip or a small piece of wire (only tough). The clip should be straightened and make a small hook, as for fishing. Then this hook is gently pushed between the neck of the bottle and the cork, and the cork is hooked to the bottom. Care must be taken not to crumb the wine;

It is necessary to take 2 hooks from a clip or wire and thread them from 2 sides between the cork and the neck of the bottle. Outside of each other, twist the remnants of the wire with a pencil or pen and remove the cork;

To solve the problem it is necessary to take a pump for the ball or a syringe. The cork is pierced with a tool, air is gradually pumped into the bottle. Due to the increased pressure of oxygen, a cork will be pushed out. If you use a syringe, then you need to take a thick needle so that it does not break. Care must be taken, because at high pressure the bottle may burst, so it must be wrapped with a towel;

A saucepan with water is placed on the stove and heated, after which a bottle of wine is placed in it. Due to the effects of heat, the cork will fly out, but it will happen rather slowly. However, there is one big minus - as a result, the wine will be warm, and maybe hot.

There are a large number of different methods to open a bottle of wine, if there was no corkscrew at hand. Thanks to this, you can easily choose a more suitable option for yourself. Knowledge of simple technologies and a little practice is all you need to solve this problem.

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