Campanula, or indoor bell, is a very ancient plant. It is difficult to say when it appeared. But it has long been the favorite indoor plant of women. Our ancestors grew it both at home and in front gardens and on balconies.

Campanula is very good for growing on balconies. She is pretty miniature. Her shoots hanging down the street are the decoration of the balcony. So for many generations you can find these flowers in boxes attached to the outside of the balcony. They look great in this case!

The appearance of the campanula

Very few people know the type of bell. The room form of it, or campanula, is a wonderful plant. It belongs to the group of ornamental flowering houseplants. Read about the peculiarities of this group of plants in the article Varieties of indoor plants.

Campanula has light green hanging shoots reaching half a meter in length. Shoots are covered with small (up to 4 cm in diameter) flowers. The flowers are star-shaped in various colors: blue, lilac, lilac-blue, white, pink, lilac.

The secret to the extension of the flowering period is the timely removal from the campaign camp of faded flowers.

Campanula types

At present, the following types of campaign are grown in indoor conditions:

  • Campanula is ravnolistnaya - its leaves are small, light green and differ only in size from the old young. It reaches a little more than 20 cm in height. The color of the flowers of the original form of the campanula is equally blue. However, the form derived from the white color of flowers, pink and purple.
  • Campanula is fragile - has more fleshy leaves than the previous species. In height, it also reaches a large size (up to 35 cm). Flowers lilac-blue color.

Campanula location in the house

As noted above, since ancient times, Campanula has been grown on open balconies so that their shoots hang out. And now many flower growers use this plant for decorating balconies. You can decorate the Campanula balcony from the inside, especially if you like to spend time there.

It is good to keep the campanula in the house on the windowsills if they are tall. It is not good if flowering shoots of plants will hang down the floor and move along it. In this case, put the plants on the shelves located near the window. Remember that the hot climate of the room can damage the campanula, because it prefers coolness.

The kitchen is better not to place it, but the living room, bedroom and children's room are perfect for the campanula.

Campanula care

Campanula unpretentious in the care. All she needs is relative coolness, good watering and lighting. Let's consider the conditions for keeping a campanula at home.

  • Lighting - bright sunlight. The hot summer sun damages the campanula, so try to keep the light scattered.
  • The temperature is moderate, in winter not lower than 12 ° C.
  • Humidity is moderately high. It is necessary to periodically spray the leaves with warm water.
  • Watering is abundant during the growing season, extremely mild in winter. But the ground should not dry out.

  • Campanula propagates vegetatively (by cutting) and generatively (by seed).
  • Repot Campanula in the spring, if necessary.
  • At the end of the flowering period, it is necessary to trim the withered shoots and place the plant pot in a cool place. Watering at this time should be very moderate.

Many families love to preserve and maintain traditions. Therefore, if you have a tradition to have in each room of your family a wonderful little campanula, this will be one of the most touching traditions.

Campanula simply cannot fail to arouse admiration for her flowering dangling shoots, wherever she is!

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