Camellia room

Currently, there are more than twenty-five thousand varieties and forms of camellia. Moreover, this number is constantly growing, thanks to the diligence of professional flower growers and breeders (new varieties are brought out). Camellia is highly recommended for landscaping bright, cool rooms. It is cultivated both at home, in winter gardens, and in offices.

Appearance of camellia

Camellias - evergreen trees or tree shrubs.

The leaves are dark green, dense, glossy, up to 10 cm in length. Camellias bloom in winter and early spring with beautiful and large flowers that can be painted white, pink or red. Sometimes in nature there are camellias with yellow flowers. The diameter of the flowers varies from 5 to 15 cm. Some species of camellias have a smell. On their basis were derived hybrid forms with fragrant flowers.

Camellia room: care and cultivation at home

Camellia blooms for about 1-3 months. One flower lives up to one month. In room camellia there are two periods of growth. The first period is in February: young shoots begin to grow and new leaves appear. The second period occurs in the summer, when buds are laid, reaching a height after flowering.

The location of the camellia in the house

You can place your green beauty in the bedroom, living room, nursery. In any of these rooms, she will delight you and your household.

Best for bright camellia diffused light. Western and eastern windows are suitable for its cultivation at home. On the southern windows, the plant should be shaded from direct sunlight. On the northern windows of the camellia may not have enough light. To the crown was not one-sided, the plant should be periodically turned to the light by different sides. But it is absolutely impossible to do this during and before flowering. After all, if you disturb the camellia during this period, it can throw off the buds.

In winter, she needs a relatively cold room. In the summer until late autumn it is recommended to keep the plant outdoors. You can carry a camellia on the balcony or in the garden. Better still, put a pot of camellia in the ground.

Camellia room: care and cultivation at home

Care Camellia

Camellia, as a young girl, becomes more beautiful with age. Therefore, it is necessary to provide her with optimal care. Flowering camellia can only be transferred to a heated room for a short time without harm to it, and here the main problem is to provide it with high humidity. It is very important to spray camellia every day. In addition to spraying it is useful to put the pots in wet peat or expanded clay.

  • Lighting. Camellia loves bright light.
  • Temperature. The optimum is 15-20 ° C. After flowering, the temperature is reduced to 10 ° C.
  • Air humidityhigh. You must also frequently spray your darling.
  • Wateringpretty plentiful. Water camellia with room temperature water and preferably soft water. Under no circumstances should the soil be dry. When the buds begin to tie (somewhere from the end of July), the plant is watered a little less.
  • Breedsapical cuttings. Cuttings take root in two months and land. The most viable are those that have a greenish-yellow hue.
  • Transplantedyoung camellias annually. Then every two years. The plant is transplanted only when it starts to let new shoots, at the latest in late July. For transplant use sandy soil mixture.

Camellia pests and diseases

Camellia can be affected by the shield, aphids, thrips. On how to prevent and get rid of these unpleasant cohabitants, read the articles Coleus or colorful nettle, Care for ficus at home.

Camellia room: care

The blooming camellia is extremely beautiful, and therefore it is grown mainly for the sake of beautiful flowers. But it is not only beautiful, but also a useful plant.

For example, wooden crafts are made of camellia wood in Japan. Old camellia trees serve as a good fuel. As an effective drug for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it uses the ground plant bark. Oil from camellia seeds is obtained. As well as the flowers of some species of camellias are added to tea to give a new exquisite aroma.

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