Callas - why death flowers

Perhaps the best intermediaries in communication between people are flowers. They accompany us everywhere: give minutes of joy, experiences, help to express something that is not always possible to say with words. For a long time, even in the Victorian era, the language of flowers was used to secretly express their feelings when it was forbidden to talk about them openly. Today, the language of flowers, of course, forgotten. And few people want to delve into its subtleties, considering it all silly prejudices.

However, there is a flower that causes many contradictions: some admire its elegance and grace, others do not even want to see in their home, regarding it as a harbinger of death. This flower is calla. Today, we will try to understand why many people believe that callas are flowers of death.

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Calla - Flowers

Callas have another name - calla, which they got for their resemblance to the wing of a swan. This flower came to us from distant South Africa, so it is not at all afraid of drought and quite unpretentious. Calla itself is distinguished by some special simplicity and luxury at the same time: a leaflet, wrapping a yellow candle and exuding a delicate aroma of vanilla.

Callas - flowers of death or a sign of happiness?

There is an opinion that calla is a flower of death. Let's try to figure out what it is connected with.

The fact is that in some European countries it is customary to bring white flowers for funerals, including callas. Such flowers are planted on the graves of deceased relatives, they are forbidden to present to older women (as if hinting at a quick demise). In addition, some opponents of these flowers believe that they look more like wax figurines than live plants.

However, many florists say that calla is a flower of purity and innocence, happiness, marital fidelity. And in the language of flowers forgotten by us, calla means adoration and respect. The donor seems to want to say to the woman: "You are gorgeous!".

Legends of the origin of calla

There are many legends about the origin of calla, which will help us with deciphering the secret meaning of this flower.


The Legend of the Immaculate Girl

Many centuries ago, a small settlement living deep in the forest was attacked by a strong and vicious tribe. The leader of this tribe was captivated by the beauty of a young rural girl with big beautiful eyes and white skin. He decided to by all means make her his wife and set a condition: either she would become his forever, or the whole village would be destroyed.

The poor girl had no choice. On the day of the upcoming marriage, she was dressed in a beautiful white outfit and led to the chief. On the way, the girl saw the fire that had been lit for the ceremony, and decided to rush into it. But as soon as she took only one step towards the fire, she froze and turned into a beautiful white flower - calla.

Since then, the girl who did not want to become the wife of the evil leader, is a symbol of purity and innocence. Perhaps it is for this reason that callas are so popular when composing a bridal bouquet.

Callas in the bride's bouquet: florists advice

It is believed that a bouquet made from these flowers can give the bride marital happiness and mutual love. For a long time, mono-bouquets, consisting exclusively of callas, were preferred. But florists recommend balancing energetically strong callas with other flowers: roses and orchids.

Callas in bridal bouquet

Callas in the bride's bouquet: florists advice

Callas in bridal bouquet

However, there are several limitations when creating a bridal bouquet of these flowers:

  • such bouquets are badly combined with fluffy, fancy dresses;
  • A bouquet of callas is not recommended to overload with decorations: the beauty and elegance of this flower speaks for itself.

By the way, the Feng Shui teaching also says that calla bears exclusively positive energy and helps to establish peace and harmony in the family. And if you look closely at the flower, you can see that its petals are heart-shaped.

In order to definitively debunk the myth that calla is the flower of death, I would like to recall one more beautiful belief.

Callas - the most amazing and controversial plant, which is a symbol of femininity and elegance, attracts love and enhances mutual attraction. In addition, this flower is universal: they are decorated with rooms for celebrations, offices, give it to the newlyweds, just grown in the garden or in a pot on the windowsill.

Do I need to fear these colors? Hardly. The statement that callas are the flowers of death is most likely baseless. But to decide whether to start a flower in the house, only you. After all, our thoughts are material, and if you are very afraid of something, then, apart from your will, you begin to attract unwanted events.

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