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Calceolaria is a beautiful and very bright plant, which is popular among many gardeners due to its unusual and very interesting form of flowers that look like a tiny slipper. Although Calceolaria is a biennial plant, it is used as a one-year plant. The fact is that in the 2nd year of flowering the flowers lose their beauty and become not so attractive.

Calceolaria: growing from seeds, photo

Calceolaria: growing from seeds, photo

Calceolaria: photo

Calceolaria: growing from seed


  • For sowing seeds of hybrid calceolaria taken leaf or sod land, with a small amount of sand. The soil layer is leveled, slightly moistened, then the seeds are laid on top, but not covered with a layer of soil.
  • Further the container with seeds is covered with a film or glass and placed in a well-shaded room, the temperature in which should be about 18 degrees. Periodically it is necessary to moisten the soil, but not very much, it is also forbidden to allow strong drying of the substrate.
  • For seed planting, you can use a mixture of sand and peat. If you want Calceolaria to bloom in March, then you need to sow it in early July. If peat is used, it must first be scalded with boiling water.
  • Next box with seedlings covered with a transparent film or glass. Over time, condensation may appear on the inside of the film or glass. In this case, the film is turned over by the other side. It is necessary to try to prevent moisture from entering the plants.
  • Once the outlets are fully formed sockets, you can pick them. To do this, prepare individual pots, which need to be placed on a well-lit balcony or window.
  • Re-transplanting is performed in the initial days of September and now you need to take pots of a slightly larger diameter. Before re-transplant, you need to pinch the calceolaria, while leaving only 3 leaves, not more. It is from these leaves that new shoots will appear. After that, you need to place the pots with the plant in the room, the temperature in which not more than 5 degrees.
  • As you can see, homemade calceolaria requires quite simple care; it’s enough just to water it on time. Already in March, another transplant is carried out and now you need to try not to damage the earth bed. For transplanting need a substrate consisting of sand, turf and leafy land. You can use fresh humus, which is added in small quantities immediately to the ground.
  • With the help of pinching, beautiful flower bushes are formed. During this procedure, it is necessary to carefully remove all the side shoots, and then they will germinate from the leaf axils.
  • As soon as the flowering period is completed, it is necessary to cut the calceolaria, then place it in a shade and rather cool place. Periodically, you need to water the plant, and with the appearance of new shoots, watering increases, but not very much. Benefit brings and making feedings. Re-flowering plants will occur in the spring, but it will not be as abundant as the first time. It is quite easy to care for calceolaria at home, the main thing is to follow the above tips.

Features plant care

Calceolaria: cultivation

The beauty of the flowers, his bright photos in the gardening magazines make you wonder if there are any secrets of care so that the plant could be a decoration for the house longer. If you know a few secrets, you can grow a strong and strong calceolaria, the main thing is to provide the right care.

Attractive photos of Calceolaria flower will not leave anyone indifferent, but in order for the plant not to die in the cold season, when a short day comes, you need to provide additional sources of light. The ideal option would be to use fluorescent lamps, just turn them on for several hours every day.

For irrigation, only soft and separated water at room temperature should be used. It is strictly forbidden to use tap water, as it adversely affects health.

During watering, you need to make sure that there is no stagnation of water in the pan, you also can not allow strong drying out of the soil. As soon as the active flowering begins, watering should be reduced, with regrowing it will be necessary to gradually restore the former watering mode.

With proper and constant care, Calceolaria will delight you with its beauty for a long time. This amazing flower will be a wonderful decoration for any home. In the summer, plants in pots can be carried out not only on the balcony, but also in the garden, to make bright compositions in combination with other flowers.

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