Buttercups garden

Buttercups are usually herbaceous perennials, but some species are annual or biennial. They are found in nature in Europe, Australia, Asia, North and Central America, as well as in North Africa.

Buttercups are single and terry. In most species, traditional bright yellow or white, but with yellow in the center. The leaves are light green, jagged at the edges. Some species in large quantities are found in forests, gardens, meadows.

Buttercups garden: planting and care

Asian buttercups (ranunculus buttercups) are very sensitive to frost, so they are grown in pots.

What family does a buttercup belong to?

Buttercup belongs to the buttercup family. The name comes from the Latin word for "rana", which means toad, perhaps due to the fact that these plants are often found in swampy areas. In the language of flowers, buttercup, presented to a woman, means the phrase “you are beautiful”.

Seasonality. Flowering period

Buttercups garden family buttercups

Buttercups usually bloom in late spring and early summer, from April to June. In the wild, especially those that are considered garden weeds, can bloom even in the summer months.

Some buttercup flowers have 6 petals. They are usually yellow or white, but some of them bloom orange or red. Depending on the type of plant reaches a height of 5 to 100 cm.


Buttercups garden bloom

Buttercup blooms from May to late June. Buttercup bloom is suitable for spring compositions, so the beginning of spring is a good time to put them on a balcony or terrace.

Growing garden buttercups

Buttercups love clay and sandy soils rich in organic matter. They may need fertilizer. The soil should be moist, fertile, but not too wet. Planted plant recommended in diffused sunlight.

Buttercups are usually planted in early spring (even in February), but it all depends on the variety, region and climatic conditions.

These are very fragile plants that should be planted with the utmost care. The root is placed at a depth of 10 cm. The distance between the bushes should not be less than 10 cm.

Ranunculus buttercups prefer scattered sun, water and windless space, cool temperatures, fertile and permeable soils. A suitable temperature for Asian buttercups ranges between 12-18 degrees, then they bloom profusely and for a long time. At home, prefer bright rooms, next to the windows. On the windowsill, but without a heater and air conditioning.

An important issue is watering. It should be moderate, the soil should not be too wet, because the flower begins to rot.

Growing garden buttercups


A multicomponent fertilizer is suitable for flowering plants, better slowly acting, which makes buttercup care much easier.

After flowering, remove dried flowers and leave the plant until the leaves dry. Then take the bulbs out of the pot, peel and leave until spring in a frost-protected, but cool room, covered, for example, with peat.

Reproduction of buttercups

Reproduction does not cause much difficulty. Plants can grow from tubers, roots or seeds. The easiest way is to divide the root. Planting in late autumn, guaranteed flowering in spring.

It is important to remember that buttercup is a poisonous plant. Eating it causes intense nausea. So, if you have children, try not to allow them to flower beds with these flowers.

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