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Pumpkin - amber delicacy with a mass of nutrients, known throughout the world. Some gardeners grow vegetables for cooking various dishes and blanks, others for livestock feed, and others as decorative crops. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most common varieties of pumpkin, with their description and photo, so that you can choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Varieties of pumpkin varieties

Pumpkin varieties

Currently, breeders bred about 1000 varieties and hybrids of pumpkin. But only about 30 species are adapted for country cultivation. All of them are divided into 3 main groups:

  • solid;
  • large-fruited;
  • nutmeg

Hardcore varieties

Bush Orange Pumpkin

Among the hard rock varieties there are climbing and bush species. The latter are most popular among gardeners, because they take up little space. Hard-bodied pumpkins have fruits of very bright color, with fibrous pulp and hard, like wooden, skinned

Vegetables of this variety ripen quickly (you can shoot a rich harvest in early September), but they absolutely can not stand the heat. During a drought, their fruits become small and tough.

Description of climbing grades

Almond variety - bred in Russia with all the features of the climate. The length of the lashes reaches 5 m. 120 days pass from the appearance of shoots to harvesting of fruits. They are slightly flattened, resemble the shape of almonds, the skin is smooth, red-orange color. The flesh of vegetables is quite dense, crispy and very sweet. Seeds are small, girdled with a bright rim.

Mozolievsky variety - the length of the main scourge can reach 9 m. Fruits ripen 120 days after seed germination. Oval fruits weighing 6-8 kg have a ribbed surface of bright orange color. The flesh is thin, loose, weakly fibrous, moderately sweet. Seeds are medium, girdled by a double bright border.

Freckle variety - early, with small fruits of light green color weighing up to 3 kg. Over the entire growth period, the variety forms about 5 not very long lashes. Pumpkin of this variety is valued for its tender sugar pulp with a slight taste and flavor of pear.

What are the bush varieties?

Sort Lel - early. It will take only 90 days after the seeds have risen - and you can harvest small pumpkins of a pale orange color. With proper care, it is possible to grow vegetables weighing up to 4 kg. The fruits of this variety, rounded in shape, do not have a very sweet flesh, but have a pleasant orange color.

Variety Acorn or Acorn - two names of the same variety. Fruit ripening earlier - 90-100 days from the moment of emergence of shoots. Small vegetables are shaped like acorns, have a dark green color and a ribbed surface. The weight of pumpkins is small - 1.5-2 kg. The flesh is slightly sweet, but dense. It tastes like zucchini.

Grade Spaghetti - early. The full maturity of the fruits occurs 100 days after the seeds are planted in the soil. The shape of a mature pumpkin resembles torpedoes of a bright yellow color. The variety is valued for taste. Reached maturity fruit with fibrous pulp, have a slight sour and lemon flavor.

Variety Bush Orange - early. The rich harvest is usually taken 90 days after seed germination. The fruits of this variety are very beautiful: they have the correct round shape, rich orange color. The average weight of mature pumpkins reaches 6-7 kg. Under the smooth and dense skin lies juicy, sugar pulp.

Large pumpkins

Pumpkin Sweetie

Only in these species, it is possible to grow huge “heavyweight” vegetables in ordinary summer conditions, up to 60-70 kg. They are characterized by climbing varieties with very sweet fruits and tasty large seeds. With one pumpkin you can collect up to 600-800 seeds. Varieties are mostly late ripening. Fruits are stored for a long time even in a normal apartment.

The most common varieties

Variety Marble - has an unusual dark green color of the fruit. Pumpkins are small in weight (3.5 kg), but have very sweet and tender flesh. The variety is late ripening, but it has high yields. After the ovary before harvesting takes 130-140 days.

Variety Sweetie - the average length of the whips is 1.5-2 m. From the moment of the ovary to harvest, 100 days are needed. The variety is distinguished by small round fruits of bright orange color with longitudinal stripes of rich dark green hue. The weight of pumpkins, as a rule, does not exceed 2 kg. For a grade very sweet and dense pulp of a dark shade is characteristic.

Variety Atlanta - productive, mid-season appearance. It has very large fruits, the mass of which may exceed 70 kg (with constant organic plant nutrition). The pulp of ripe pumpkins is a bit oily, but very sweet.

Variety Winter sweet - late. From the moment of germination of seedlings to harvest, it takes about 140 days. The variety is valued for its unusually tasty fruits, gorgeous crops.

Nutmeg Pumpkins

Butternut Pumpkin

Muscat species are considered elite. They have the most delicious pulp: it is sweet, very juicy and tender. The "content" of some varieties is much sweeter than watermelon. Plants of this group are very thermophilic and fruit well only in the lighted areas. In the conditions of the climate of Russia they are grown by seedling method.

Popular varieties

The variety Muskatnaya is late ripening, harvesting occurs 130 days after seed germination. The flesh of the fruit is tender, it has no fibers, it is very fragrant and sweet. These pumpkins are most often used for the production of baby food.

Variety Muscat De Provence - mid. The species is characterized by very large yields, resistance to adverse growing conditions. The flesh is very sweet and tender. In addition to the valuable taste, the vegetable is very decorative.

Variety Vitamin gourd - late. The species has oblong fruits of irregular shape, thickening at the stem. Fruits contain very rich red pulp, sweet and crunchy.

Variety Pearl pumpkin - late. The only variety that demonstrates good frost resistance. Fruits have a pale orange color and a cylindrical shape. Their flesh is loose, tender, very fragrant. Vegetable can be stored for a long time.

Reviews of experienced gardeners with photos and descriptions

Varieties of pumpkins

What sort of pumpkin to choose for planting depends entirely on your preferences. Judging by the reviews of gardeners and experienced gardeners, all varieties can be divided into several groups:

  • The best flavoring characteristics are the Muskatnaya, Muscat De Provence, Gribovskaya, Spaghetti, Spray Orange, Winter Sweet, Atlas. They are ideal for use in cooking - for making salads, juices, jams. With regard to stewing, frying, additives to vegetable stews, it is best to use less sweet types of vegetables: Mozolievsky, Golosemyanka, Lel, Acorn, Vitamin pumpkin;
  • The most unpretentious in growing and giving abundant harvests are Marble, Sweetie, Atlant, Winter Sweet;
  • The most popular varieties whose fruits are distinguished by particularly good keeping quality are considered to be the Winter Sweet, the Pearl Pumpkin;
  • If you like the seeds of the "Queen of Autumn", then choose hard-grain varieties.

The selection of pumpkin varieties is huge. Among the great diversity, you will definitely find "your" plant. Choose, plant, collect rich harvests - and prepare healthy and vitamin-rich dishes from this amazing vegetable.

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