Bunk pullout bed for two children

With what pleasure parents equip a nursery to their baby! They think over all the details, choose furniture, lighting ... But in the family there is a replenishment - and the room needs to be converted for two children. This is the first problem: how to place sleeping places in a rather small space? A pull out bed for two children comes to the rescue.

Children's room - a multifunctional space. After all, it should serve the children and the cabinet, and the game, and the bedroom. Accordingly, it is necessary to place a table, chairs, a wardrobe, beds in one room, and also leave room for games! Therefore, wardrobes with mirrored doors, written computer desks and pull-out beds have become so popular. This is a set of transformers: from one item by pushing parts, you can get an additional piece of furniture. This solution saves space.



When folded, the pull-out bed is almost the same as the standard bed option (perhaps a little higher in level). But with the help of special wheels, you can push the lower "floor", and then you will get a two-tier pull-out bed for two children. There are several models of such pieces of furniture:

  • a bed with a lower tier wardrobe (in this embodiment, the lower tier is a wardrobe for storing bedding);
  • a bed with an upper tier-desk (the back of the bed is so wide that its surface can be used as a desk, and there are book boxes in the sidewalls);
  • complex design with a special mechanism to align the surface levels in one line.

Advantages and disadvantages of a two-tier place to sleep and rest

Placing the bed on the long side of the room, you will free up a lot of space. In addition, retractable bed:

  • combines several pieces of furniture (wardrobe, table);
  • assumes the presence of removable sides for the upper and lower "floors" so that the child does not fall in a dream;
  • can be used as a sofa, if you push the lower tier;
  • he teaches the child to order, disciplines him (after all, the little tot must disassemble and cover his bed every evening).

The disadvantages of this bed include:

  • a fairly high upper level, which can be traumatic (especially if the children are small);
  • the need to constantly disassemble, clean the bed of the lower tier;
  • potential damage to the surface of the floor from retractable wheels, which can scratch the floor covering.

One more essential minus of a bunk bed which can declare itself in practice is disagreements between offspring because of the one who will sleep below, and who above.

Retractable beds for two children: reviews

Recently, models of sliding beds for children have become increasingly popular in the furniture market. Those who have made a choice in favor of a two-tier bed emphasize the multifunctionality of such an acquisition, especially if the construction assumes the presence of drawers hidden in the ladder. Toddlers who are afraid to fall asleep alone, sleep better if they know that a brother or sister is at arm's length.

There are negative reviews at the address of the bunk construction. They are associated with the use of low-quality materials by some manufacturers, which leads to breakdowns of sliding mechanisms. The width of the wheels is no less significant: if the rollers are narrow, the continuous operation of the mechanism pushes the floor. Another disadvantage is associated with the choice of models without protective sides: from such beds, children often fall in their sleep.

The nuances of choice

In order for this piece of furniture to serve for a long time, when choosing it, one should pay attention to the strength of the sliding mechanisms and the whole structure as a whole: the parts must fit snugly together, any bias is excluded. When choosing ready-made bunk furniture, be sure to note that:

  • all corners must be rounded, otherwise children may be injured;
  • the model with wide wheels creates less load on the floor;
  • the presence of a large number of built-in cabinets increases the weight of the bed and, as a result, complicates the rolling out of the lower tier.

A wide range of two-tier sliding models allows you to choose a bed for kids for every taste. But if you wish, you can order a bed according to an individual sketch or make this piece of furniture yourself.

Simple pullout bed for two children with their own hands

The main task in creating a pull-out bed is to make the structure strong. To do this, select the appropriate materials. These include wood or wood and good metal for the sliding mechanism. You can also make a bunk pull-out bed yourself - of course, if you have the right conditions and the necessary tools for working with wood (saw, plane, hand drill, etc.). It is equally important to correctly calculate the size of the bed. It should be taken into account that the furniture is not made for one year, which means that it is necessary to make substantial increases to the length of the resting place. Under the necessary parameters mattresses are selected, and after that you can proceed directly to creating a drawing and cutting out parts.

Simple pullout bed for two children with their own hands


chipboard in the required quantity;

furniture castors;

construction stapler;

self-adhesive edge; paper;



joinery tools;

varnish (optional).


  1. Starting at the top tier. We draw 4 rectangles: 2 parts for the headboard and legs, 2 parts for the bed.
  2. The same details are drawn for the lower tier. Only it is necessary to take into account that the sliding level should be a little shorter than the stationary one in order to leave room for the movement of the rollers.
  3. We cut the plates of the required size and with the help of iron we glue the self-adhesive edge - the cuts will be neat and will not crumble.
  4. Making holes for fasteners.
  5. We connect parts with special ties.
  6. At will we open a design a varnish.
  7. We fasten furniture wheels to the bottom frame.
  8. We put mattresses - the bed is ready.

A pull-out bed designed for two children is an ideal solution in the limited space of the room. The model can be chosen for the interior design, as well as equipped with the necessary additions in the form of cabinets or a desktop. It is also important when purchasing to take into account the nuances of the design, so that the furniture lasts as long as possible. And with the ability to handle carpentry tools, it makes sense to try to create a two-tier place to sleep with your own hands.

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