Bugs in the croup

You woke up one morning and wanted to treat yourself to a tasty and healthy breakfast. And what could be more useful than porridge? Go to the kitchen, open the locker, and there - not a single grain, which could realize your desire. Everything, the mood is spoiled, and another day ahead. Conclusion - you need to have at least small stocks of cereals. Taught by bitter experience, you made a little store. And here again is the morning, the same kitchen, the same locker, and there is cereal in it, but the trouble is that a certain parasite settled in it and ruined your mood again. A completely logical question arises: if there are bugs in the croup - how to get rid of them?

How to determine what bugs are in the croup, and what they are?

How to get rid of bugs in the croup?

To begin with, you need to calm down and discard all doubts about your own competence as the mistress of the kitchen or, even worse, in your cleanliness. Believe me, you will not find a single kitchen that would not survive the invasion of black bugs.

So, black bugs in the rump: how to get rid of them? Before you start to fight with aliens, it is important to study the enemy: learn about his habits, taste preferences and habitats. Enemy need to know in person.

Bugs in flour and cereals are usually represented by such tribes:

  • Grain grinders - the most voracious and tenacious, multiply well in captivity. They are red-brown oval shaped individuals up to 4 mm in size, covered with short silky fibers from above. Especially do not hide their presence: they can be found on window sills, walls and floor. Leave traces in the form of moves in the bindings of books. But in the cereal hiding quality, not outward protruding. The gastronomic tastes of bread grinders are cereals, grains, tea, coffee, flour products, dried fruits, nuts, medicinal herbs, and tobacco.
  • Red mukoedy - inhabitants of mills and bakeries. Coleoptera, have silky hair, with a long mustache, color - rusty yellow. Length - about 3 mm. They feed on what they live in - flour and cereals. A sign of the presence of a pest is gnawed sieves for flour.
  • Flour Khrushchaks - subjects of red-brown color up to 3 mm in size, round-shaped. Wear short antennae. There are wings, but do not know how to fly. The foods in which this tribe has settled become lumpy.

Why uninvited guests "settled" in the croup and flour?

All this living creature appears in our kitchens from the places of sale together with purchased bulk products, dried fruits or even spices, and the cause is the lack of good faith of manufacturers who do not always adhere to technology and violate sanitary control standards. Therefore, buy products of proven well-known brands and, if possible, already packaged in a sealed package. Try not to store long cereals in an open package.

Attention! Cereals in which pest bugs have started may have a negative effect on the body! The result of eating such foods can be an allergy, an upset stomach or poisoning. It all depends on the individual susceptibility of the organism. In addition, the nutritional value of such products is zero. It is a pity, of course, but they will have to be thrown away.

How to get rid of bugs?

Bugs in flour and cereals: how to get rid of?

Now that we have studied the enemy, it's time to proceed to its destruction. To solve the problem by simply throwing out croup, in which bugs are got, will not work. There is a possibility that the aliens have already laid eggs and after a while will reappear in your kitchen. It is necessary to act in a complex:

  1. Very carefully review all the bulk products in your closet, including even sugar, tea and cocoa. Throw away everything where there are bugs.
  2. The remaining products should be subjected to heat treatment (100-110 degrees Celsius), or freeze in the freezer for two days. Before cooking such cereals should be placed in salt water and rinsed well.
  3. All cabinets, where there were affected products, process disinfecting solution from household soap with the addition of soda or vinegar essence.
  4. Spread the cloves of garlic and bay leaf or a dry mixture of any milled cereals, boric acid and sugar on the shelves of the cabinet to be mixed in equal parts.
  5. Store cereals in metal and glass jars.
  6. Regularly carry out preventive cleaning in kitchen cabinets, update garlic and bay leaves periodically.

Hostess for a note: useful tips

Hostess for a note: useful tips

There are bugs in the rump - how to get rid of? No need to invent anything, because everything is already invented for you. Just read carefully and follow the tips:

  • If you bought cereal by weight, pour it on a baking sheet on arrival and send it to a preheated oven for half an hour.
  • Groats in retail packaging will be enough for a day to lie in the freezer.
  • Drain the fruits with boiling water, rinse well and after drying, store in the refrigerator.
  • If bugs are noticed in the purchased package, discard them immediately. Oh, and do not forget to contact the consumer protection society - you need to deal with careless manufacturers.
  • If you do not want to waste your time and money, before you buy cereal, well inspect the goods.
  • The optimal volume of purchased cereals - 1 kg: and will not lie for a long time, and a small stock will provide.
  • Observe the storage period of cereals: semolina, rice, flour, buckwheat are suitable for 6 months.
  • Oatmeal, millet, Zadrica stored 4 months.
  • Containers for storing cereals should be either of perforated polyethylene, or it can be sealed glass jars, metal boxes. You can use linen bags, pre-boiling them in a saline solution (5 tablespoons. 1 liter of water).
  • Keep the kitchen clean, do not forget to air.

And a few recommendations from my grandmother, and she knows a lot about it. At one time, groats and flour were bought with sacks, this is where the trouble was with storage:

  • you already know about garlic, but a pod of red bitter pepper will save your cereal from both musty smell and bugs;
  • from food they will protect ordinary chestnut or a couple of teaspoons of salt with bay leaf, wrapped in gauze and placed on the bottom of a bowl of cereal or flour;
  • all bugs on the spirit do not carry metal objects - using iron spoons or food foil in containers with flour and cereals, you will scare them away.

Perhaps there is already enough information to organize a successful "crusade" against bugs in flour and croup. After all, who informed, that is armed. But seriously, getting rid of unwanted guests in our products is quite real, but it will take some effort. By maintaining cleanliness, you do not leave any chance for pests to invade your kitchen. Inspect your stocks and ruthlessly dispose of contaminated products.

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