Buddleya david

Buddley David is a beautiful deciduous shrub that belongs to the Norichkov family. The people of the plant may be called the flower of David or the autumn lilac, sometimes, butterfly bush. These names appeared due to the fact that Buddley is showered with beautiful flowers with a delicious aroma, which attracts many butterflies to itself.

Buddley David: growing from seed

Buddley David - butterfly shrub

The simplest method of growing Buddley David Black Knight is by sowing seeds. Planting is done in late winter or early spring, depending on when you want the plant to bloom.

  • For sowing, it is necessary to take not too big peat pots, which are filled with purchased soil for plants or garden soil (if there is a garden plot near the house).
  • It is important that the used substrate has a slightly acid or neutral reaction. The soil is well leveled, then watered, but not too plentiful. The seeds of the plant are very small and can germinate directly in the light. Therefore, they can simply be placed on the ground surface and not buried in the ground.
  • From above, the pot is covered with a transparent film or glass to create a greenhouse effect, and is placed on a well-lit window sill. Until the first shoots appear, the seeds need to be aired periodically and water should not be forgotten (a weak solution of potassium permanganate should be used).
  • Care must be taken to avoid direct sunlight on the sprouts. As soon as the first shoots appear, the glass is removed and the pots are covered with polyethylene on top. It should be located on a pre-made wire frame. Due to this, seedlings will not suffer from condensate droplets.
  • Saplings are not recommended to be watered directly under the root, as this may provoke the development of such a disease as “black leg”. Soil moistening is performed through a tray; only soft and warm water should be used, it is recommended to periodically spray the plants.
  • As soon as 4-5 full leaflets appear, the seedlings can be swooped down. Before the seedlings are planted in the ground, you need to pour them several times with a solution of micronutrient fertilizers.

Planting in open ground

Buddleya david landing

Planting of seedlings is carried out in June on a well-lit and elevated place, which must be protected from cold drafts, otherwise the plant will die. It is important that the soil was not only fertilized, but also had a drainage for excess water. A recess is made in the soil, then a layer of rotted manure, wood ash, potash-phosphorus fertilizer is laid out.

Buddleya David is very difficult to tolerate the transplant, so at first the plant will look slightly depressed. If there is a need to transplant a bush, there must be a large clod of earth on the vine that will protect it from damage. Seedlings must be well watered, you need to make sure that the soil does not dry out.

Planting and caring for Buddley David is very simple, so this plant is often chosen by novice gardeners who want to replenish their garden with beautiful shrubs with bright flowers and incredible fragrance.

Plant Care

Buddleya david care

  1. Watering. Performed regularly. The plant has a shallow root system, therefore it needs abundant, but not excessive watering, otherwise the roots will begin to rot.
  2. Top dressing. Watering with a solution of nitrogen fertilizers is performed in May, when the plant wakes up, after winter. Due to this, it is not only food, but also the restoration of Buddley. Re-feeding is done in mid-summer, so that the flowering is abundant, it is necessary to use phosphorus and potassium.
  3. Pruning shrubs. Thanks to this procedure, new flower buds appear, there is abundant and prolonged flowering. It is necessary to regularly remove wilted plants, as they reduce the decorative beauty of the Buddley.
  4. Preparing for the winter. At the end of the season, the shrub needs to be cut short, the root collar is covered with a mixture of leaves and peat.

Buddley David: photo

Buddleya david purple

Buddley david light color photo

Buddley david purple photo

Buddley David beautiful photo

Buddleya David is a beautiful ornamental plant, which blooms until the end of summer. Having planted this delightful shrub, you will fill your garden with amazing flowers with amazing aroma.

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