Breeding dracaena at home

Dracaena - original plants that look like palm trees. These plants are often grown at home, but there is one problem - dracaena are quite high. When the dracaena rests against the ceiling or the shoots from a lack of light become thin and long, only one thing comes to mind - the multiplication or rejuvenation of the dracaena.

Breeding dracaena at home

Not everyone can decide to reproduce dracaena at home, considering that this is a difficult task. But it is not so! Dracaena breed easily and simply. It is easiest to reproduce dracaena bordered, drama deremskie and fragrant dracenes.

The best time for breeding dracaena at home is the beginning of spring (March-April). At this time, growth processes are activated. Although it is not only spring that you can reproduce dracaena - summer, autumn, and even winter will be suitable for breeding, but during this period the growth process will be slower than in spring.

Breeding dragonfly cuttings

Reproduction dracaena cuttings - the most popular version of vegetative reproduction. For propagation by cuttings, it is recommended to take the upper part of the stem with leaves or the stem of the dracaena without leaves.

Breeding dragon tree top cuttings

  • Cut off the top of the stem with leaves with a sharp knife so that the dina of the cutting is about 15 cm. The cut can be made oblique or even - this does not matter much. If the cut is not smooth, it will quickly rot. After cutting the stalk can be podvilit at room temperature, leaving it for 2 hours.

Breeding dracaena at home

  • Root top cuttings can be performed in water or in inert materials - sand, perlite, hydrogel, in soil for cacti or palm trees. Rooting cuttings in each of the substrates has its positive and negative sides. During rooting in water it is necessary to ensure that the water was at room temperature. Water should be changed as turbidity - about 2 times a week. To keep the water fresh longer, add an activated charcoal tablet to it. To accelerate rooting, add to the water a constrictor drug, for example, Zircon. This drug speeds rooting for 1.5 weeks.
  • For rooting cuttings in an inert material used powder or liquid preparations. Moisten the base of the cutting with water and add a little powder. Mix the preparation with the substrate or use the preparation in a liquid form to water the soil during the rooting period.
  • Rotting dracaenum stalk can in any of the substrates. Especially often the cutting decay occurs in the soil, because in the soil there are microorganisms that eat the organic components of the soil, destroying the cutting. Ensure that the soil where the cutting grows is not wet for a long time., otherwise the stalk will soon rot. But it is also impossible to dry the soil so that the cutting does not dry out.
  • Rooting cuttings is recommended at a temperature of 20 degrees heat in greenhouse conditions (under plastic, bag or glass). At least five times a week, spray the leaves with separated water at room temperature. Once a week, spray leaves with fertilizer solution for palm trees. To remove excess moisture, air cuttings in the morning and evening for 20 minutes, removing the cover.

Reproduction dracaena stem cuttings

Breeding dracaena at home

If the tip of the dracaena has dried or rotted, you can propagate the dracaena at home with stem cuttings. To do this, cut the healthy stem into 10 cm long pieces. Cut the stalks over the leaf scars using a sharp knife.

Rooting dracaena stem cuttings carried out in one of the inert substrates or in soil soils.

There are 2 types of rooting stem cuttings - horizontal and vertical rooting.

  1. Vertical rooting. In this case, the lower part of the cutting is immersed in a wet substrate for about 3 cm. If rooting is carried out in the soil, pour a layer of sand over the soil (about 7 cm thick). The cutting will take root in the sand, and the roots will be able to penetrate the fertile soil.
  2. Horizontal rooting. In this case, the cuttings are placed on the surface of the wet substrate and the cutting is pressed a little into the substrate. The tips of the cuttings do not fall asleep substrate.

The breeding of dracaena with stem cuttings is recommended to be carried out at a temperature of 23 degrees heat in greenhouse conditions. Rooting of cuttings takes about 1.5 months, and shoots appear after 2 months. If the conditions were not suitable for rooting, this period may be doubled.

Breeding dracaena at home

The breeding dragonfly at home is not difficult. The main thing, as in any other business, follow the advice and recommendations. It is important to conduct rooting cuttings exactly as recommended by the experts, and then after 2 months you will have a full-fledged plant that can be transplanted into a pot and grown again!

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