Breeding aquarium fish barbus and their compatibility with

Often, to make our home more lively and more pleasant, we have a pet. But it is not always possible to get a cat or a dog, as some family members are allergic or your home is not able to comfortably accommodate another inhabitant. In this case, you can get fish, such as barbs.

What is remarkable barbs?

They have a bright color

Aquarium fish barbus today distributed and loved by buyers. They have a bright color, for example, they are golden in color with a green back and orange fins or yellow-red with black stripes. From this, watching them becomes even more interesting. The undoubted advantages of this variety are also:

  • Barbs are small fish (usually 4-6 cm), but very mobile and nimble. They are always in dynamics, they like to study everything, to look for something and to swim after each other. This is an ideal find if you are looking for active fish;
  • They are not whimsical and can live in aquariums from 50 liters, at a temperature of 20-24C. The chemical composition of the water also does not matter to the barbs, it is desirable that the liquid be old, as the fish are accustomed to existence in running water;
  • It will be easy with the selection of plants, the main thing is to plant them not very tightly and leave space for swimming. You can use floating plants, usually, they like the barbs, as well as overgrown places where you can hide;
  • There is never a problem with feed, you can use almost any. It is better to take high-quality flakes as a basis, and in addition live food - Artemia, bloodworm, daphnia, and strawsmith. Remember, the nutrition of your pets should be varied, then they will be healthy and live as long as possible. It should also be borne in mind that adults need food in plant components. And if they are not added, the drums will begin to eat vegetation from the aquarium. Another little secret - these fish glutton, so sometimes limit them in the feed.

As you can see care for these fish is simple, does not take much time and does not take the lion's share of the forces. Today, in specialized stores you will find everything you need to ensure a wonderful life in your home for your pets.

Another advantage of this particular species of fish is the breeding of barbs, as it is simple. To do this, you need an aquarium of 10 liters with old water, which is also mixed with fresh. The soil is not needed, but the plants are the opposite. It is better to start a couple or group of fish to spawn from the evening, and after it is completed - remove the barbs from the aquarium so that they do not start to get rid of caviar. Offspring will appear in a day, and after four days the little barbs begin to swim and feed actively. Fish grow very quickly and, as a rule, puberty comes to 8-10 months.

Compatibility of drums with other fish

You will find everything you need

If pets do not live for you the first day, then the question is actual for you: are the barbs compatible with other fish?

You can often find information that the barbs are peaceful and calm, but this is far from true. They like to swim fast and stop not often, so inactive neighbors do not suit them. Barbusy will constantly bother them, try to move, creating a stressful situation. And this will lead to the death of the fish.

Often, the barbs are aggressive because they belong to semi-predators. Therefore, it is better to settle them in flocks, but if the other “company” of fish is smaller, then the barbs may begin to tear off their fins and even destroy them. Therefore, compatibility with such fish as scalar, lyalius, gourami, cockerels is not the best idea. Barbs can get along only with similar, fast fish: Congo, Tarakatum, Zebrafish, Tetra, Catfish corridor.

It can be concluded that the issue of compatibility is not so simple, but solvable. However, barbs are easy to maintain, unpretentious in feeding and easy to breed. And the joy that they will give you and your home more than compensates for all costs.

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