Breed cats with short legs

Few know that there is a special breed of cats with short legs. Such a unique breed of pets appeared relatively recently. What do these amazing creatures look like? What are the names and differences between different breeds? The most interesting facts and photos of animals you can find in our article.

What is the name of the cat breed with short legs?

cat breed with short legs

In 1991, a new cat breed was introduced at the New York exhibition. A distinctive feature of this species from its fellows was the exotic appearance of the animal: short legs and too long body. Without thinking, this breed was called dachshund or basset.

Subsequently, it was found out that for the first time a breed of cats with short legs appeared in England in the 1930s as a result of a gene mutation. But during the Second World War, this species was almost exterminated. Only one animal in 1953 was observed in Stalingrad.

The progenitor of the current short-haired pets has become an American cat named Blackberry. A local resident of the state of Louisiana rescued a small pregnant cat from under the wheels of a truck. The animal had unusually short legs, which its offspring inherited.

Despite the rich history of the short-haired breed, the World Organization of Cat Lovers TICA recognized this species after years. Only in 1995, cats with short legs were publicly standardized, and the breed was named munchkin.

The only difference in the current situation is that breeders have learned to derive this feature by experience and have received a new series of feline breeds.

Dwarf cats: photo description

Dwarf cat breeds are directly descended from the munchkins and were designed specifically for sale. Bringing such animals at home with one hundred percent result is almost impossible. Although many pet lovers consider such breeding an inadmissible mockery of cats, these breeds are very popular all over the world. Today, there are 6 official breeds of short-footed cats:

  • munchkin;
  • Minskskin;
  • minuet;
  • skukum;
  • kinkowl;
  • Dwalf

Each species is unique and requires more detailed consideration.



Short legs, long torso and various colors - this is how you can describe this breed of cats. The weight of an adult individual rarely exceeds 4 kilograms. Despite its diminutiveness, the Munchkins are quite mobile cats and can easily jump even to the highest shelf in the house. Contrary to the amazing appearance, a characteristic feature of this breed is that animals retain the kitten's playfulness even at an old age. The Munchkins have a rather affectionate and friendly character, so they easily find common language with children and other pets, including dogs.



The Minsk breed of cats, developed by Paul Maxorley, is a peculiar combination of short paws from the Munchkin and wool from the Canadian Sphynx. For the first time this breed was bred in the 90s in Boston, but they started selling kittens only in 2005. The average price of a breed of cats with short legs in Europe comes to 2,500 thousand dollars.

Minskin is completely devoid of fur and therefore requires careful maintenance. Regular bathing, protection from cold weather and direct sunlight is the main guarantee of the health and well-being of such a cat. Pets of this breed are very playful, so they need a lot of free space in the apartment. These cats are smart and affectionate, get along well with people and young children.



This breed of cats, formerly called Napoleon, was first bred in 2002 and is a hybrid of Munchkin and Persian. Napoleons belong to the category of very rare and expensive cat breeds, because the offspring is bred only by selection. The average price of a tiny kitten of this breed in Russia comes to 80 thousand rubles.

An adult individual weighs no more than 2 kilograms and is very tiny in appearance: the long hair covers the short legs almost completely, and the cute little face with large gullible eyes evokes trepidation. Napoleons have a sweet and affectionate character, they are ready to cuddle with their master almost all day.



Comparatively recently, in 2006, a new breed of dwarf cats, the skukum, was bred. It is a combination of two completely outwardly different species: manchkina and laperm. Skukum inherited from its parents short legs, long and curly hair, as well as a pronounced collar. Wool color can be absolutely anything, but here is a curling mustache and eyebrows - a mandatory attribute.

Character skukum fully consistent with their appearance: gentle, affectionate, playful. Such cats are very attached to their owner and remain loyal to him until the end of life.



Kincalou is a cross between a munchkin and an American curl. The breed was first put up for sale only in 2008, but has already managed to acquire great demand. This cat inherited the characteristics of both breeds: short paws, like those of the Munchkins, and beautiful folded ears, like those of a Curl. But the main thing is that Kinkalow inherited excellent health from the curl. The only thing such a cat is afraid of is fleas.

Although kinkowl are very small in size, they are quite playful, active and inquisitive. In addition, a cat of this breed can be taught commands "Sit", "Bring" and "Ko me."


Probably the most amazing species is the breed dwarf cats dwarf. This completely hairless cat with short paws and sweetly curved ears descended from the munchkin, the Canadian curl and the sphinx. Officially on sale the first kitten appeared in 2009.

Dwölf is truly a mini-cat, because the weight of even an adult practically does not exceed two kilograms. By nature, they are affectionate and soft, but not as playful as their relatives, they prefer peace and comfort more. And if such a cat is inadvertently offended, it will hide in a secluded corner and will not go out for a very long time.

Care features

Home care for the breed of munchkins and all species of cats derived from it does not require any special efforts. The only condition that must be strictly observed is regular combing:

  • for short-haired breeds - once a week;
  • for long-haired breeds - 2 times a week;
  • Bald breeds require daily swimming.

In addition, regularly check your eyes and ears, bring them in order as they become dirty. Proper care for short-footed - the key to health and longevity of the cat.

Various breeds of dwarf cats appeared in Russia relatively recently. Such kittens are considered elite and rather rare, therefore they often cost a lot of money. If you have decided to purchase one of the breeds of cats with short legs, then you should buy it from a trusted breeder. So you will receive a guarantee that the animal will be completely healthy.

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