Bracelets from beads the hands. how to weave beaded

Products from beads always attract attention. Small glass beads allow you to create accessories and jewelry of various shapes and colors. The needlewomen who are just mastering the skill of beadwork begin, as a rule, with the manufacture of costume jewelry and create bead bracelets with their own hands, gradually moving to more complex items.

Features of weaving beaded bracelets

Bead Bracelets

If you want to learn how to create jewelry from beads, it is best to start with bracelets. This decoration is woven quickly, and the calculation of the material is convenient to carry out, since the size of the product is not too miniature - unlike, for example, from rings. In this model, you can choose any - from thin, in one row, thread with small beads, to massive, with several rows of thick beads. The bracelet can be solid or with the inclusion of individual elements. As a material for weaving, several types of beads are used:

  • small beads of different shapes (square, round, oval);
  • bugle (transparent oblong sticks);
  • felling (small glass beads);
  • large beads.

Sequins and cabochons (smooth polished semi-precious or precious stones) are used to trim bead jewelery.

Necessary materials

Material for weaving

In order to make the jewelry attractive, it is important not only to choose a quality material for weaving, but also to prepare all the necessary tools:

  • monofilament or thin fishing line (it is sold in black and white colors and is used for very small beads, when it is difficult to choose a line in the color of beads);
  • yarns for weaving (beautiful silk, nylon, which is better to melt rather than tie in the finished product, rubber - preferred for bracelets);
  • needles (No. 10-16, the optimum needle thickness is No. 12);
  • wire for opaque beads (used №№ 12-34);
  • clips clasps;
  • scissors;
  • round nose pliers, nippers (allow you to quickly string the beads and adjust the length of the thread);
  • jars in which it is convenient to store beads;
  • velvet or linen napkin (so that the beads do not scatter on the table).

The scheme of weaving bracelet "flower"

Traditionally, relatively thin flower bead bracelets are considered to be the simplest ones. For beginners, the schemes of these models are clear, and the product turns out to be sweet and elegant.

Bracelet weaving scheme

To weave a bracelet pattern "flower" we need:

  • beads (can be multi-colored);
  • monofilament;
  • clasp.

The weaving scheme is as follows.

  1. Tighten the tip of the fishing line, make a bundle. The tail should be about 10 cm.
  2. We string 4 beads of one color and one other (this will be the core of our little flower).
  3. Pass the line through the first bead.
  4. Add 2 more beads for the stamen and skip the line through the fourth bead.
  5. Tightening the line - we get a flower.
  6. Knit the required number of elements.
  7. Tighten the tails of the fishing line into the clasp and melt them with a lighter.

How to make a beaded bracelet?

This bracelet is convenient because it stretches very well. Therefore, no need to weave the clasp. However, its production takes a lot of beads, as weaving is carried out in a circle.

How to make a beaded bracelet?

We need to cook:

  • beads;
  • monofilament.

Next, follow the instructions.

  1. Tightening the knot on the fishing line, do not forget to leave a long tail.
  2. We string the first 7 beads.
  3. We make a ringlet, stretching the line in the first bead.
  4. We put on the next bead on the line and together with it we stretch the thread into the third bead.
  5. Stringing 1 more bead and pass through the fifth one.
  6. Thus weave new beads with odd beads.
  7. Tie the ends of the fishing line and melt them.

To make this jewelry, you need a lot of time, but such a bead bracelet for beginners turns out to be original and bright.

Weave surround lace bracelet

If you like wide bracelets, then it makes sense to understand the simple scheme of how to weave beaded bracelets of more overall dimensions. It is from these small beads that volumetric and very cute baubles are obtained. In order to weave the bracelet with a lace pattern, we should prepare:

Weave surround lace bracelet

  • beads;
  • fastener;
  • silk thread with needle No. 12 or monofilament.

So, weaving a wide bracelet is as follows.

  1. Put on the thread 11 beads.
  2. Tighten the loop through the fifth bead.
  3. We string 3 beads and pass the thread through the first bead.
  4. To make the second cell of the pattern, we put on the fishing line 4 beads.
  5. Now we need to pass the line through the middle bead.
  6. The next step we put on 2 more beads and pass the line into the tenth bead.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6.
  8. When the bracelet of the desired length is ready, pass the fishing line tails into the clasp and tie them up. If a thread was used, then after tying, the ends are melted.

Bead weaving

Mastering the technology of beadwork is not too difficult. But to make the process of creating jewelry made of glass beads as simple and interesting as possible, it is useful to find out some nuances:

  • the original fishing line or thread should not be too long, otherwise you can get confused in them;
  • you need to control how the beads fall during weaving (too loose fit will make the product shapeless, and too dense, on the contrary, will twist);
  • it is better to complicate the weaving technology gradually, especially since sometimes simple models of bracelets look more original than "sophisticated" ones.

Original bracelet ideas

Master Classes

Do-it-yourself beaded bracelets are a wonderful way to spend your time distracting from the hustle and bustle. In addition, this is a great way to diversify your wardrobe with accessories, because openwork, voluminous or threadlike bracelets are bright, original and combined with almost any outfits. You only need to devote a little time to this activity and encourage perseverance to assistants.

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